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MCU characters with the Disney+ logo

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  1. Yocraig

    Ain’t nobody got time for this.
    $3500 to watch one program and play around with an Apple Vision Pro until the novelty wears out?!?

  2. Daryl-Rhys

    Not really the same thing is it? How do you sleep at night lying to the reader.

  3. Chris

    A huge Marvel fan but at that price DC is going to be where I’ll be turning to and abandoning marvel like they will be abandoning their loyal Marvel fans 😢

    1. A Bailey

      Hard pass. You gonna stick it to you loyal fans, shame on you.

  4. Rene'

    I’m with the previous comments ain’t NOOO way that’s one reason why I cancelled my subscription and I was going to start it back up. I’m glad I didn’t. They need to get rid of Bob . I did like him I was glad he was back but!! When the strike happens and he didn’t care about the PPLS that worked for Disney and others co. I was done with him . As long as his bank account is full that’s all that matters He’s a selfish human being he doesn’t care about how expensive things cost he won’t get a red cent from me and others. I’m sure Walt Disney didn’t meant for his co. To be run this way.Where is his Brother and Niece his two living relatives fired this bastard.for he ruined this beautiful co.

    1. Nero

      CEOs as a rule are greedy scum with little incentive to actually care about the product as long as their pockets are lined with platinum. Until they are brought to their knees by consumers of increasingly poor quality product, prices will continue to go up, quality will continue to decline, and employees will be exploited.

      I’m off to play my fiddle.

      1. Sora

        Well you’re not wrong with this. They’d charge everything you own for just a second if they could.

  5. Bryan

    It is a mixed reality vr interactive experience. No duh it isn’t going to be on Disney+
    If they made a video game of the MCU version of Marvel would that mean that they are ditching Disney+ for Steam/Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo

  6. Isak Zachariasen

    No, the MCU is not leaving disney plus. There, just saved everyone the time reading this vacuous pile of crap

  7. Eric

    If marvel leaves, so do I.

  8. Saad

    Completely disagree here that they one of their biggest rivals. Disney/Pixar have been tied to the hip with apple since it became a thing. Steve jobs was crucial in Pixar’s birth and their close relationship with Disney over the years makes this deal or potential deal not only obvious but great for both parties. Apple TV+ is a failure by most accounts so this is a win win and mutually needed.

    1. Apple Sucks

      Screw Apple
      I love the MCU but it’s too much to keep up with now.
      And now they’re taking new experimental choice your own adventure to an overpriced first gen apple product that is surely not worth the money. Freaking greed, the death spiral of capitalism

  9. Adam

    Disney are spending a lot of money making tv shows at a time when less and less people can afford to go to the movies and subscribe to streaming apps.

    So they hike up the prices, putting it out of affordability for even more people.

    They should lower the subscription fee to just $1 per month, per device. At that price, it’s affordable to everyone and you can almost guarantee that you would sell one subscription per household. In North America alone, that’s $131.43million in streaming revenue per month.

  10. If it works out then yeah but it I would create my own app just for marvel lovers. Just Sayin

  11. Ragori

    People are canceling their subscription because it is getting to be to expensive for the lackluster shows and movies that are more political than entertaining. So their brilliant idea is to put it on an even more expensive service with the supposed promise of making your own MCU story? Yeah I am going to give that a hard pass and stick with the free streaming services.

  12. Nero

    I’m old enough to remember 3D TV and ESPN 3D.

    Disney is going to regret this almost as quickly as the above came and went.

  13. StrongCloud13

    Disney has already messed with character origins. Look what they did to Namor. He went from Atlantian to Mayan. They also tied him to Mayan mythological characters/gods. Am I the only Namor fan that feels this way?

  14. Nick

    No you are not, but this is what happens when you have not thought of any new ideas of your own…you start messing up other people creations and not caring about the fan following…remember Namor is to Marvel what Superman is to DC the first

    1. André B. Thomas

      Actually, The Human Torch, an android, was Timely/Atlas/Marvel superhero.

  15. John W. Jones

    Given the fact Disney owns Marvel, don’t think so! 🙄

  16. SteveFox

    Pass! I wouldn’t take up a subscription to the most expensive platform just to watch superhero flicks. I’d understand taking it to Netflix but nah…huge pass for me. Bye bye MCU

  17. If this is true I’ll be ditching Disney+. Never purchasing the Apple Vision Pro either, it’s way over priced for what it does.

  18. SuckerBerg

    Yep, I could see people just spending that much money to play around with something they’re gonna eventually get tired of.

  19. umopapisdn

    It’s intentional deception like this, which is only perpetuated by the worst sociopaths that millions of years of evolution can produce, that’s making lose viewers.

  20. Beege

    Just say y’all broke and be done.

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