Maroon 5 Taking Over Disney World for Exclusive Concert, Entire Theme Park to Close Early

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A split image shows the Hollywood Tower Hotel attraction at Disney World on the left, illuminated at night with "The Hollywood Tower Hotel" sign visible. On the right, a shirtless man from Maroon 5, wearing black pants and showcasing tattoos, performs on stage under bright lights.

Credit: Disney (Left), ABC (Right)

World-renowned rock band Marron 5 is set to take over the Walt Disney World Resort soon.

An image of the Tower of Terror, a gloomy, haunted-looking building, illuminated by a neon sign under a stormy sky with a lightning bolt striking.
Credit: Disney

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Disney World is home to one of the largest collections of theme park rides and attractions in the world. Disney doesn’t just bring quantity to the table; it offers guests some of the highest-quality entertainment experiences they can find. From swashbuckling adventures on Pirates of the Caribbean to exhilarating encounters with the Yeti on Expedition Everest, the fun and magic never end.

However, Disney often extends and adds to the magic found within its theme parks by offering guests special, limited-time events and experiences that are only offered on select days. Some of Disney’s most popular exclusive events are Disney’s Christmas and Halloween parties, which bring in thousands of guests annually.

Now, Disney is shaking things up, this time offering special guests the chance to watch a private concert from Maroon 5.

Streetscape at Hollywood Studios
Credit: Disney

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On Wednesday, June 5, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will close early to host the SAP Saphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando. The entire park was bought out to accommodate this event, with Maroon 5 set to headline the conference. The concert will last from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m., with a new stage being constructed in anticipation of the event later this summer.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios will still open at 9 a.m. for regular guests, and early entry will be offered at 8:30 a.m. Disney closes early from time to time, but it’s not common for a band like Maroon 5 to headline an event inside an actual Disney theme park.
Aside from Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is arguably the most popular Disney theme park, featuring a wide selection of thrilling and immersive attractions for guests to enjoy. The park is full of adrenaline-pushing rides like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but it is also home to one of Disney’s most immersive lands to date: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
At Galaxy’s Edge, guests are encouraged to live out their own Star Wars adventure. Along the way, guests will encounter various iconic Star Wars characters and have the opportunity to ride some of Walt Disney Imagineering’s most innovative and immersive attractions to date.
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