Margot Robbie Officially Taking Over Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise From Johnny Depp

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Photo of Johnny Depp next to photo of Margot Robbie.

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Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is officially back, this time with Margot Robbie set to star.

Johnny Depp looking shocked as Jack Sparrow
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The Walt Disney Company has struggled when it comes to reviving its legendary Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, with the last entry released in 2017. The film series features exciting, swashbuckling adventures and thrilling setpieces but has undeniably been carried by Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, who has become one of the most recognizable and famous characters in modern fiction.

However, the highly publicized suit between Depp and his former partner Amber Heard caused significant damage to both individuals’ reputations and careers, and Disney cut ties with Depp as a result.

This landed Pirates of the Caribbean in troubled waters, with no definitive plans for the the future of the series. However, it was eventually announced Disney was looking to diversify and branch out, announcing that Margot Robbie would be helming the ship in a new spinoff.

Margot Robbie as Barbie wearing sunglasses
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Robbie herself is a certified superstar, starring and producing last year’s Barbie, which turned out to be one of the biggest theatrical releases in recent memory. Robbie also has experience with DC, starring as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016), Birds of Prey (2020), and The Suicide Squad (2021).

The new film was set to be written by her Birds of Prey (2020) screenwriter Christina Hodson. Unfortunately, Robbie’s Pirates film hit a snag behind the scenes. The actress claimed her spinoff Pirates film had been canceled back in 2022, telling Variety that production had halted unexpectedly.

“We had an idea, and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led—not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story—which we thought would’ve been really cool,” Robbie explained, “But I guess they don’t want to do it.”

However, longtime Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer is setting the record straight, revealing that not one but two feature films are in the works for Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean series, with Margot Robbie still expected to lead her own spinoff.

Margot robbie as barbie in barbie movie cowboy outfit
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Per Entertainment WeeklyBruckheimer is confident in both projects, saying Disney is excited about Robbie joining the franchise.

“It’s two different movies,” Bruckheimer says. The first is the reboot he’s planning to produce with his Young Woman and the Sea scribe Jeff Nathanson writing the script, and the second is the one from Robbie’s camp that was penned by Christina Hodson from Birds of Prey. “We hope to get ’em both made, and I think Disney agrees they really want to make the Margot one, too.”

Disney’s blockbusting Pirates series had humble beginnings, with the franchise originating from the classic Disneyland dark ride of the same name. Over the years, Pirate of the Caribbean has become synonymous with the theme park industry, with the ride featuring incredible effects and a ton of animatronics.

The first Pirates film was released in 2003, and Disney managed to capture “lightning in a bottle” multiple times with subsequent releases.

Disney’s Pirates film series grossed $1.5 billion domestically and $3.07 billion internationally.

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