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  1. Jeff Hebb

    I can see why, with all the controversial rumors about whether Costner would return. It’s definitely a sad day, hearing it’s been cancelled.

    1. sam smith

      0ne of best western type shows ever

      1. Jeff Vowell

        Who’s to say that Costner and Sheridan aren’t in kahoots,create a buzz about the show and have no intention of stopping it. Such a juggernaut the show could just keep turning out episodes even if costners gone or not.

  2. Scott

    Nobody cares about this show anymore. Old news go pound sand .

  3. LindaB

    It’s been too long between season 5 part 1 and season 5 part 2 that I’ve lost interest. I won’t be tuning into the second part and as far as I’m concerned the series ended after part one.

    1. Amy

      I am in agreement with you!

      1. Chuck D


    2. Richard

      As long as they allow Beth to tell Rip why she cannot have his child and to see the hell Rip unleashes on that snake Jamie. Then we can atleast have that closer.

    3. Jeff Vowell

      There are so many twists and turns in the show they could certainly kill off John Dutton and keep the show running for years . With no Kevin Costner it would save tons of money.

  4. Boo

    Patiently waiting to see how it pans out.

  5. Edward Schumacher

    If the writers reach a consensus among themselves and with the rest of the project team, then I’d be willing to watch.

  6. Toni

    The show could go on without the John dutton character. The characters have all grown into their own since the beginning of the show, I do believe it could continue without John dutton s character. Jamie disinherited Beth and Casey taking over starting a beef processing plant at the ranch. Beth running the new business Casey the ranch and Jamie doing all his nasty to get back part of the ranch. It could go on another year or 2.

    1. James

      It could but it won’t.

    2. Sylvia

      I agree with you. I certainly hope they continue with the series for another year or two.

  7. Gayle E

    Solving the problem is simple. Taylor, stop cutting off your nose to spite your face. Just have John Dutton (Kevin Costner) back to reprise his role and all of your loyal fanscwill be thrilled. Good luck.

    1. Elizabeth Satterwhite


    2. Brooster

      There it is!!!! Do that, problem solved! I’m shocked that Costner maintained silence as long as he did, but his recent tale of what really happened is much more believable. We deserve better than another rushed “Game of Thrones” ending that leaves tears of plots hanging. Costner is not the one who’s been too busy, he’s honored his contract. Sheridan needs to put up or shut up!

  8. Marge

    Why ruin an awesome show with all great characters because of one man’s ego!! Stop giving Taylor Sheridan another show, using his cattle, his demands ect until he finishes the show he’s already started!!! You just end up blowing out your fan base!

    1. Jeff Vowell

      I’d say two men’s egos

  9. Gail

    I’m looking so forward to the finishing of season 5. The filming needs to start again soon. We the fans want to see a great conclusion to Yellowstone. I could used a few more seasons personally.

  10. Sooooo reminiscent of the disappointing last season of Game of Thrones….
    Years of promising build ups/ character development, fan loyalty, only to rush (in this case not finish) the exit strategy leaving the fans unfulfilled…
    The ones who pay the bills (not in ticket sales but buying advertising products)and develop loyalty to productions for future spin offs…

  11. Sam

    I hate to see the show go. One of the best westerns in a long time. I wish Costner and Sheridan would put their egos in check and finish the series. I would love to see the Beth/Rip and Kayce/Monica stories continue…even if it’s in another state. With daddy Dutton gone, maybe someone will take Jamie to the Train Station, somethong that should have happened a lo-o-o-ong time ago. I’m not much into sequels (unless it’s the Beth & Kayce stories), but I’ll watch one to see if it’s worth my time. What a shame and loss for fans.

  12. Teddy

    Costner is totally to blame for the Yellowstone fiasco. He left the program to film his Horizon project which left the remaining episodes in limbo. He was under contract to complete the series.

    1. Rebecca

      I completely agree with you! Finally someone who makes sense to me! I think Costners ego is the problem here NOT Sheridan’s fault at all! When you have an actor with such a big ego, how do you carry on with all of his demands? I, for one will never watch anything with Kevin Costner again! Boycott Costner in my opinion!!

  13. Felicia

    I think that Kevin Costner needs to take Taylor Sheridan to the train station! I watched every new episode of Yellowstone every week and also watched a lot of the reruns too. After Taylor sank the Yellowstone ship to move along with too many other different stories, I gave up! I will never ever watch another episode of any show that Taylor has his hands on and that also includes the rest of whatever is left of Yellowstone! I would rather remember how it was than try to watch a bunch of episodes that have been thrown together to explain the demise of one of the best shows ever on TV! Who cares now? It has been too long. Thanks Taylor! Maybe you need to just stick to riding horses!

  14. Laurie Amaral

    If ppl have been keeping updated to the News, this certainly isn’t Kevin’s fault. Although he does have ideas on how he’d like to see his character played out he’s stated publicly & to T.Sheridan that that’s his call. Kevin’s more then happy to do the 7 seasons with a great storyline going frwd. The darn strike is what put S5p2 behind a yr, not Costner’s Horizon’s ( which was 40 yrs of his dream coming true & his own fortune & property he sunk into the venture- let’s be clear). The problem seems 2b Taylor’s attitude & he’s bitten off way more than he can chew! Remember how he also bought the 6666 ranch & was g2d THAT spin off – – well that never happened. He also has Mayor of Kingstown back filming with Jeremy Renner which is Great! We only wound up getting 1 season of 1923 & so far 1 season of 1876 was it? I’m dying for that one to come back too & I would have LOVED more with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliot & the wonderful actress that narrated & played Elsa. That was so very disappointing. I had no idea he was g2 rush thru that series so hurriedly! Sheridan spent 5 yrs developing these complex characters & their relationships with each other in Yellowstone & if he just scurries & flies thru a cpl episodes to wrap it up with all sorts of loose ends & unanswered questions then he’s not only g2b a huge disappointment as a storyteller ( which is an art form) but he’ll be doing a HUGE disservice to his millions of LOYAL fans & doing that, I have a strong feeling he will be losing a good chunk permanently that have stuck with him. This is an art form & a craft & I believe it’s his passion so let’s all hope he keeps his EGO & difference of opinion with Kevin out of this & just focuses on what a fine Actor Kevin is & giving US the Fans that are making him filthy Rich & keeping him writing & directing- & gives Us 2.5 more seasons of wonderful twists & turns that keep Us on the edge of Our seats & take Us for the ride of Our lives & leave Us satiated at the End!!! Cheers 🇨🇦😉🙏

  15. Kay

    Honesty, I lost all interest in the show when they brought in Piper Perabo as a new love interest for John Dutton. Too much of an age gap to be successful.
    The year-long wait for new seasons was too much of a delay. My attention went to other shows.
    I would’ve loved to have seen how Wes Bentley’s character ended up. His story was never given enough coverage, which could’ve been stronger.
    I wish all of the actors the best of luck in the future, but this horse has died. Don’t beat a dead horse.

  16. Helene

    I would like to see it continue to all 7 seasons. Plz make it happen. This is a great show & I look forward to watching. Great acting & love the characters.
    Taylor & Kevin, keep Yellowstone going.

  17. Rebecca

    I’m in disbelief that so many are blaming Sheridan over this! From everything I’ve read ALL along, it’s sounds like Costner’s ego has certainly gotten in the way her! Clearly stated, ” he had his own ideas (fantasies?)” how his character should continue on.
    In my opinion, when that didn’t align with the rest of things and the entire story, he’s thrown a fit, as many mega actors do and caused an epic show to be canceled! Rather than playing nice in the sandbox with the rest of the characters. I’m guessing they’re not thrilled to be canceled either because of a stubborn old actor! I say boycott Costner! I’ll never watch anything he’s in again!

  18. Elizabeth Satterwhite

    If you remember when time cane to start production the script had not been written. Sheridan was busy writing spinoffs and then the writer’s guild on strike. I think it’s pretty unfair that actors have to wait to resume their roles because Sheridan wants to keep writing spinoffs. Costner had a movie he wanted to do but waited for filming to start until he waited long enough and started his movie but was willing to film Yellowstone while pausing his movie. Sheridan’s ego is a BIG problem when thinking others need to wait on him to decide when he wants to resume.
    The man has too many irons in the fire. Besides Costner, Sheridan has/had a problem with another actor in a spinoff.
    Costner wants/will honor his contract but Sheridan needs to do the same.

  19. Susan

    To be honest I’m tired and disappointed how they’re dragging out part two of season 5. I’m to the point that I could care less if it ever comes back on now and I sure won’t be watching any of the other spinoffs. Season 5 part 2 does not come back on in November 2024 I’m washing my hands of the whole series.

  20. Jeff Vowell

    Who’s to say that Costner and Sheridan aren’t in kahoots,create a buzz about the show and have no intention of stopping it. Such a juggernaut the show could just keep turning out episodes even if costners gone or not.

    1. Ruth


      I just wish the show would come back. But I’m tired of waiting to. I’ve given up hope as neither Sheeran or Costner can come to a final decision and follow through with it.

  21. Jeff Vowell

    It was ridiculous how much the 2 young kids(Kasey’s son & the boy Beth took under her wing) aged last season. They’ll have grey beards in the next season.Will it be called 2025?

  22. Ruth

    Sheridan, not Sharan

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