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Comments for Johnny Depp Spotted on Disney Set, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Confirmed

Johnny Depp looking shocked as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. No Johnny Depp, no Disney, period!!!

  2. Sherry

    No Johnny Depp…..NO POTC. I absolutely, no matter what will NOT watch a POTC movie without the amazing Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow

  3. Cynthia Johnson

    No johnny no us, me and my family and friends as I’ve said and posted a ton of times he is pirates of the caribbean period and Jerry b. Needs to realize it and quit trying to find replacements!

  4. Margo

    The only way these films will be successful is with Captn Jack Sparrow at the helm of the Black Pearl. Johnny IS POTC! No one else will do! If Disney wants success the need Johnny! It’s not the other way round. No woke nonsense and no cameo. A full on Captn Jack storyline!

    1. No Johnny Depp ! No Pirates of the Caribbeans

  5. Maggie

    Disney needs to make the correct move here to bring faith back to the American People! They made a mistake, imagine the Company going on the Air and saying they were sorry for their judgment of Johnny Depp, and ask him to come back!!! Maybe I will have faith in them again.

  6. Disney had just best face the truth that Depp made the series the success it is. No one else could play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. And there is no Pirates without him. Revamping the series is a death sentence because of all the die hard fans both young and old. Im sure there are a lot of true fans that feel the same way. But sorry Disney, put a all new cast and a all new storyline and maybe
    I will watch it on Disney+/Netflix.

  7. SumGal

    No Johnny = No
    pirates from this household. Simple!

  8. Sue

    Walt Disney’s head is already spinning in his grave because of the broken rainbow. The Drags.., etc..Now No Captain Jack Sparrow…, No Johnny Depp. Big mistake Disney.., but as I said. It’s not their first mistake .

  9. Alicia Hall

    I will not see the POTC if there is no Johny Depp! Full Stop

    This is the Way!

    I have spoken!

  10. Brad Hall

    No Johnny Depp, No Pirates of the Caribbean!

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