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A man dressed as a pirate with a red bandana and dreadlocks stands in front of a background featuring palm trees and a sunset. Overlaid behind him is another man with blonde hair wearing a dark blazer and an open white shirt. The beach and sea are visible.

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  1. Sandra VanCleve

    Disney did Johnny Depp wrong. They basically convicted him before the trial. What happened to your innocent until proven guilty? Johnny Depp put his own twist to Captain Jack Sparrow. They might try but they will never replace him. Fans will be so disappointed. First of all they need to issue him an apology..

    1. Ladyredrider

      I agree!! Thank you

  2. Jon

    I will not be going if johnny Depp is not in this one……..

    1. Agree we will not go and watch the movie if Johnny Depp is not in it

      1. Jonny Depp is Sparrow no one even Elvis can take his place. Never…Boycott Disney they not only should apologise they should pay for defanayion

    2. Ladyredrider

      I support you, I try my best to avoid woke disney with their judgemental behavior and unfair persecution of others. Walt did not build disney for political or liberal indoctrination!! There is no movie without Depp! He is the movie.

      1. Brennie

        I enjoyed Austin Butler in Elvis, but, i won’t go to Pirates if Jofnny Depp isn’t in it!

    3. Dr. M

      Agree. No Johnny, no Pirates for me.

    4. Deb

      That makes about 30 million of us!!
      Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow!!

  3. Joyce

    Johnny is the only one who can play Captain Jack Sparrow. He invented Jack. No one else can replace him.

    1. Butler better refuse bc will flop without Johnny
      No Johnny no Pirates

      1. Yes exactly

      2. J. Long

        There is NO Pirates without Johnny Depp and Disney is making a HUGE mistake if they think they can make a movie with someone else. Watch it Disney, you’re going to make too many people angry and then the House of Mouse will be empty 😞

      3. Donna

        Not watching it without Johnny Depp in it Disney just lost us and my granddaughter will not watch a Disney movie either she will Know what Disney did to a brilent actor. She will watch the pirates of the Caribbean movies we own and that’s it. No more NEW Disney movies in our house

    2. Rita

      Johnny Depp permanently removed as Captain Jack Sparrow would be equal to Mickey mouse leaving Disney. Makes ZERO sense. Will NEVER see another Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Depp as CJS.

      1. Barbara

        Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney you need to get over yourself. Issue the apology and cast the only true Captain Jack Sparrow, or see another movie tank.

        1. Debbie

          Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. It’s really sad this is even going on. Disney, don’t ruin this series like you ruined Star Wars. Not focusing the story on Mark Hamill as Luke was the biggest and saddest thing to me. I am 72 and was at the first movie in ’77. I watch the original ones most every week. LUKE is the man!

  4. Big D

    Disney must need a tax write off. A pirate movie without Johnny Depp will lose millions. I really thought Disney wS smarter then this !

    1. H

      Will not waste my money on seeing this movie. Will not be good without Johnny Depp.

  5. L

    Won’t spend a penny on seeing this movie if Johnny Depp doesn’t star in it no one else is captain Jack Sparrow so just get it done Disney, so what ever it takes to get him back damn.

    1. If Johnny Depp is not playing Jack Sparrow we will not watch it and we are not the only ones ! I think Austin Butler should refused to play this role !

  6. Sherry

    If Johnny isn’t in the movie I won’t watch shame on Disney

  7. Connie

    I will NOT nor will my family support Any DISNEY movie if they DO NOT reinstate the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

  8. Lori

    No one but Johnny Depp can fill the shoes of Jack Sparrow. If Disney won’t keep him then there should be no Pirate’s of the Caribbean 6.

    1. Brennie

      Johnny Depp!!!

  9. Terry

    Disney messed up big time.
    No one will ever be Jack Sparrow but Johnny Depp. What do think of a new name and a new title a new storyline and just forget about Pirates of the Caribbean 6 it cannot be done.


    I WIĹL NOT GO SEE THE MOVIE THERE IS NO MOVIE WITHOUT Johnny Depp He is what made the movie so great

  11. Laura

    Good luck getting enough people to pander to your bs WDW. You need to pay attention, Johnny Depp is POTC. I will not pay for a POTC without JD period. Seriously tired of movies being labeled reimagined or prequel because .. “Oppsie we FU”. Admit you screwed up, get over it and move on because POC w/o Depp is idiocy, and you know it.

  12. Mary

    I will refuse to see this!!! No one, and I repeat, no one can ever replace Johnny Depp in these movies. Disney, you done him wrong on so many levels…and made so much money off his, Jack Sparrow brand. Shame on you for what you have done to him.
    You should be ashamed!
    Done with Disney. Period

  13. Kiona

    No! I wouldn’t go to see if Johnnys replaced by anyone!😡😡😡

  14. Chris

    The magic of Disney dried up long ago.Thier executive’s care more about pushing the radical liberal agenda than they do bringing their core audience the product that got them where they are.Bye bye Disney

  15. Lisa

    Johnny Depp is the only pirate for me. I love the series. I watched them all but if he’s not in it, I’m not I’m not watching it although AuStin is good but not for this part. Disney convicted somebody before he was even judged by a judge not a big fan of Disney anymore either they’ve gone way over the top far left

  16. Truth Seeker

    The article makes it sound that Johnny Depp was mutually ab@sive. The court found that AH was the only ab@sive one. Disney decided to believe the allegations and help try to destroy a good man. Disney will continue to be remembered for that and the only resolution would be to apologize to Johnny Depp and give him the role in POTC. I won’t watch anything Disney until that happens and have been thrilled to see movies failing.

  17. Nancy Alvaro

    Austin Butler is a great actor but doesn’t make sense to make him imitate Johnny Depp who is still alive and quite capable.
    That is not the real thing, and we want Johnny Depp.

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