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Split image featuring Johnny Depp as a pirate with long hair and a bandana on the left, and Taylor Swift performing on stage in a sequined outfit on the right.

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Rae Ann

    While the connection between Johnny and Taylor is interesting. Disney is sinking it’s own ship.

  2. Dearldean

    Without Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean is another franchise I will cross off my watch list.

  3. Maritza

    I will continue to watch my old pirate’s of the Caribbean with our beloved Jonny Depp, hope your new one Sink’s and you lost many of fans behind your stupidity!!

  4. Dearldean Hall

    Disney sux!!!! They have lost my support and killed or retired all my heros. So I’m letting them go canceling subscriptions and saying goodbye.

  5. Mary

    What does their connection have to do with Anything!! I Agree With The Other Person, Disney has Runened All the Great Characters!!! They Have Really Gone Crazy!!! Walt Is Probably Turning In His Grave… Disney Has Really Come Unhinged!!!!

  6. What a disappointment, I too will cross Disney off my list. So sorry Walt, I love the mouse. Sad to see such a departure from Disney’s core values. 😢

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