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A nighttime view of the Main Street, U.S.A, station of the Walt Disney World Railroad in Magic Kingdom

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  1. We were stuck at Rise of the Resistance for 3 and a half hours. My family kept being hopeful it would restart. It broke down 3 times while we were in line. Disney refunded our genie plus purchase, because we didn’t get to use it at all. They gave us no lightnings for anything. It was my worst experience at Studios.

  2. Zilma A Osle

    I can totally understand why this family turned down free lightning lane access. They had a child that probably under 4 years old that doesn’t have to patience to wait more then x amount of time to get on the ride. I totally get it. Still, if I were to be given a free lightning lane pass/access I would totally accept it. The Genie Plus/Lightning Lane can be pretty pricey. I totally wish that Disney would have never gotten rid of Fast Pass. That system was easy to use, the lines were shorter, and it was FREE!!!!! Now, you have to pay twice. Once to be able to use the Lightning Lane and again to be able to go on the ride. Some rides costs $15.00’s or more (depending on the time of the year you go, the actual ride, and the time of day.)

  3. Smitty

    The guest was upset over 15 minutes? Wow… maybe Disney isn’t the place for you.

    Rides go down. It happens.

    I understand the peeps that were stuck in Small World for HOURS. But 15 minutes? Really?

    That was your breaking point?

  4. Love the Disney resort Orlando my first visit 1972 was 10 been there so many times as parks added then I was able to take my daughter when she was child a few times always had great experience and stayed on the property I would have taken them and if I needed to leave would have gave them to a family with small children attractionvbreakdownn periodically to be expected I would love if Disney would gift me a vacation had a kidney transplant and unfortunately I’m not able to work but would love to visit one more time before

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