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Billy Dee Williams, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill outside the Millennium Falcon

Credit: Disney


  1. Akos92

    You’ll give them that one? What about the literally hundreds of other times and things star wars that Disney has completely dropped the ball on

    1. MarkuS AlleN

      What ‘exactly’ is it that Disney “dropped the ball” on? The ‘fact’ is this- Disney did what ANY production company would have done if ‘they’ had the opportunity to buy Star Wars. And that’s the problem with all of the so-called Star Wars fans who refuse to ask about why Lucas sold Star Wars in the first place. It was because people complained about about how Lucas handled the Prequels. People ‘hated’ Jar Jar Binks. People didn’t understand what ‘Mediclorians’ were. People claimed that Hayden Christiansen’s acting was flat. Lucas went from a simple story of a farm boy who dreamed of adventure, dreamed of a beautiful princess, then learned about how his father a great Jedi Knight who was murdered by another Jedi named ‘Darth Vader’. In the first film, Luke saves the woman of his dreams and becomes a hero. The perfect way to end a movie. And then, he did ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, and then suddenly, Vader is Luke’s father. One of the reasons why Harrison Ford wanted Lucas to kill off Han was because he believed Lucas was creating a love story for Luke and Leia, which leads to the next big change in his story- Luke and Leia are brother and sister. The fact is, many of the plot holes that many have pointed out over the years, are plot holes created by George Lucas.

      Maybe the best course of action is to simply have George Lucas ‘reboot’ the entire story, eliminate all of the problems that were made by both Lucas and Disney, and then, we will have the perfect Star Wars story.

      1. Donovan Peters

        That’s totally not the reason he sold it. The only reason he may return is not to please fans. He is possibly returning because Star Wars is serious trouble. Disney thought their ideas would be universely accepted they were wrong. And if it was the fans that caused Lucas to sell why is he supposedly coming back? Those same fans are still around what could his plans be. Certainly not to please those “toxic fans” maybe he is returning because Disneys decisions are hurting his profit margins and Iger needs help with some creative ideas. Unfortunately it may be too late!!

        1. MarkuS AlleN

          Actually, a huge part of why Lucas sold Star Wars was because many of the so called fans told him that he did a terrible job on the prequels. When Lucas revealed that he was going to bring in the Backstreet Boys in Episode 2 as a holographic band, several fans said that they would protest against the movie. People HATED Jar Jar Binks. People HATED Lucas trying to appeal to kids by having Anakin Skywalker a little boy instead of a older Jedi who, originally, began his training under Yoda. The fact is, Lucas sold his story when he should have had more faith that it was the ‘story’ that sold Star Wars just as much as the special effects did.

  2. GregRZ

    Disney should have had George help with the Sequel Trilogy which killed the episodic movies and lost a lot of fans. I’m still not over it.

    1. Paul Jenkins

      There was too much ego and money involved. Disney had a multi-billion dollar franchise. They figured whatever they came up with would sell just fine.

    2. Ahmad Izham

      Agree… easy to see – the good director that don’t work together in one direction… bad on disney…

  3. Paul Jenkins

    Kathleen Kennedy was NEVER qualified. Sure, she is a good executive producer in that she makes the trains run on time, but creatively she is lacking. J.J. Abrams is nothing but a Hollywood has-been. Zac Snyder at least is interested in actually creating something, whereas J.J. Abrams is only interested in exploiting existing IPO’s.

  4. Bob

    If George Lucas does return, best thing to happen would be to follow all the Star War books that he authorized. Each book is as good as a the original Trilogy!!!! Marketing rights with new characters and ships would bring in billions of dollars and all the disgruntled Star Wars fans would return!!!!

    1. Jos schmoe

      Even if George comes back, he won’t have much creative control. Disney will hand cuff him and put a chick in it and make it gay.

      1. Kyle

        I think Disney has done an excellent job putting content out. Some great some not so much, but when you work on a major project you gotta have Lucas involved, also Lucas need to put some of his ideas down for when he is gone there is someone to pick that vision up

  5. George

    The moment Star Wars Theory was mentioned I knew this piece had zero credibility. He is a hack, a merchant of lies and fomenter of unease.

    The rest of the comments here are imbecilic, as well. Are y’all STILL butt-hurt over Star Wars?

    1. Vince

      Lucas coming back would be great if he ditched all the junk we have been fed. There were so many stories they threw away. They even made Ben Leia’s son not Luke’s.

  6. Jay

    As long as its not Jar Jar vs the Ewoks.

    If he did. Id love him to do something with Harrison and Mark and have them as the centrepoint of the movie. Use deep fake and extras to tell backstories

  7. Disney is dead and doesn't realize it

    None of this matters. Star Wars has gone so far off the tracks from what it was and is full speed ahead to Agendaville that there is no stopping or saving it. When your upcoming directors publicly say that they just wanted to tell their story under the umbrella of the Star Wars theme at the expense of your core fan base, or they say that they love making things that piss off the largest ticket buying demographic they’re flat out telling you that they don’t care how financially unsuccessful their products are as long as it pushes their narrative. And Lucas has shown that he’s happily sitting on board this train to disappoint when he backed Iger ahead of the recent April 16th vote. I’m just waiting to see how they screw up X-Men before completely writing off the MCU as well.

  8. Andy

    Let’s have a revision of Anakin and Obi Wan! Thats what kick started the whole fun element of Star Wars

  9. Shelly

    Can we have Han Christensen back? That guy is drool worthy

  10. Jesse

    How date you not mention who conducted this interview? It was @StarWarsTheory on YouTube
    Instead you just sneak a hyperlink to YT short. This is sleezy. You should have mentioned the channel by name at least once. Instead of just calling it a “report”


      Ya big Jesse.

  11. George Lucas, in spite of his sale of Star Wars to Disney, should have been involved still. Disney has all but ruined the franchise. And killing Han Solo, especially by Kyle Ren, one of the worst decisions made regarding Star Wars. It took Star Wars to a dark place that it didn’t need to go.

  12. Mike Fields

    Well with the misfires Disney’s been having with the Star Wars franchise, it would make sense that they need all the help they can get, and who better than the source? I hope George Lucas has a magic wand and can undo the Gordian knot Disney’s twisted the franchise into.

  13. Jeff

    I would love for Lucas to return. Mickey Wars has been unwatchable to a true fan as myself. We might even get to see a 7th movie.

  14. Dan

    I wouldn’t mind if George came back. As long as he doesn’t try to fill every inch with f/x.
    Sometimes I think he only did the prequels to showcase ILM’s capabilities.


    Let’s see George Lucas in charge of it all again, what is the big loss there? Disney has destroyed it and lost big money on it, like Warner Bros and CBS/Discovery has lost their asses and all the fans with the last several catastrophes of DC Studios movies. Joker 2 may be the only good thing to come that might be a decent showing in 2025. After that, who knows? Not much on the plate coming besides that. They have no idea what they are doing at all. Look at all of the flops and poor planning, Disney, too! 😄😄😄😄

  16. Milly

    Let’s be honest guys I don’t really think lucas knew how big his story of space battles and dreaming big would get hell theirs even a documented religious group called “jedi” peoples have build their lives on these stories so of course lucas would have to adapt and change aspects of it, I love ALL the old stories and the plot twists and turns, it certainly kept our interests peaked…
    However I think it’s safe to say that to have the creator of the biggest thing to ever hit the cinema or us is better that to have some man hating wokist feminist polluting the star wars legacy and poisoning it with her misogynistic veiw point….(sigh)

    So yes please bring him back and let them return star wars to is original intentions,

  17. Chris

    Are you kidding? God yes, definitely

  18. Geraldo Irizarry


  19. Phillip

    The first two “Star Wars” were great. The third was “ so so”. After that I never bothered with the franchise.

  20. JoeNYWF64

    I honestly can’t believe how popular these Star Wars attractions are today(or why they were even built), considering the poor attendance & flops the movies were rly after the fantastic 1st 3 movies with young Mark Hamill – last one in 1983 – this was even before the 1st Back to the Future movie!
    I had to wait HOURS in line outside to just get INTO the theater lobby to see Star Wars in 1977. Yet the theaters were almost empty for several of the recent star wars movies i went to see.

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