Report: Fire Department Floods Disneyland, All Children Called Forward

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A crowded amusement park, reminiscent of Disneyland, bustling with numerous visitors wearing casual clothing and headgear. Inset within a red circle is an image of two firefighters in uniform and helmets from the Fire Department, standing close to each other with one gently touching the other's chest.

Credit: Inside the Magic

If you visit Disneyland today, you may notice many more firetrucks than usual.

Disney characters in front of a fire truck
Credit: Inside the Magic

When guests visit the happiest place on earth, Disneyland Resort, they expect to see Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty Castle, perhaps eat a churro, and hop on a ride. When it comes to fire and fire safety, the closest guests get is the firehouse.

The firehouse at Disneyland, located on Main Street, U.S.A., is one of the park’s most iconic landmarks, rich in historical significance. Since Disneyland’s opening on July 17, 1955, the firehouse has embodied the nostalgic theme of early 20th-century small-town America, complete with an authentic antique fire engine.

Above the firehouse is Walt Disney’s private apartment, a cherished but private retreat where Walt entertained special guests. The lamp in the window of the apartment is always kept lit as a tribute to Walt Disney, symbolizing his enduring presence and legacy at the park.

Credit: Inside the Magic

The Disneyland Firehouse is more than a thematic structure; it represents Walt Disney’s vision and personal connection to the park. While visitors cannot access the apartment, the firehouse remains a popular photo spot and historical landmark.

Occasionally, special tours offer rare visits to Walt’s apartment, providing guests with a deeper appreciation of Disneyland’s history. The firehouse often serves as a focal point for tributes, especially during significant anniversaries, and continues to honor Walt Disney’s enduring legacy.

While it looks like a firehouse, it is not a real one.

Disney has taken it upon themselves, however, to instruct children visiting Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Disneyland guest Matt DH shared video footage on X of the Disneyland Fire Department giving lessons to children on fire safety.

“The Disneyland Fire Department is parked outside security at the Mickey and Friends parking structure teaching kids how to use fire extinguishers this morning. In the 100+ days I’ve come here this year this is the first time I’ve seen them do something like this and I hope they do stuff like this more often.”

Many fans of Disney are loving that these lessons are being taugh to children, as everyone should be aware of how to use a fire extinguisher, and this is a good way to excite kids on fire safety. One guest did throw out a funny joke, however, “Preparing the audience for Fantasmic’s return”.

As we know, Maleficent’s dragon burned down during a performance months ago, shuttering the show. It will soon return to Disneyland Park, on May 24.

Luckily, fire’s are not at all common at Disneyland Resort, as one of the other fire reports that we have covered was years ago, in 2020.

We have seen firetrucks blaze down Main Street, U.S.A. in Disney World as Cinderella Castle caught on a small fire, but in the end, no damage was done and the fire was quickly contained and put out.

While fires may not be taking place on Mickey’s property, they are taking place in his backyard, as forest fires have proven to be a massive issue in California.

With state officials and climatologists indicating that hotter-than-average temperatures in Southern California could result in an active wildfire season, CalFire is urging residents to be prepared for the upcoming wildfire season.

“Fires are mostly caused by the human factor,” Cal Fire Battalion Chief Robert Carvalho said. “For example, if a fire starts in someone’s backyard, it’s likely their lawn mower blade hit a rock and struck a spark.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently reported that 2023 was the hottest year ever documented, exceeding the 20th-century average by 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit.

California, however, experienced a different trend. In 2023, the state’s average temperature remained relatively stable, registering only 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit above the 1991-2020 baseline. Some regions within California even reported near- or below-average temperatures.

Looking ahead, NOAA forecasts a one-in-three chance of global temperatures in 2024 surpassing even those of 2023. There is a 99% probability that 2024 will rank among the five warmest years on record. This projection aligns with expectations for California, suggesting a high likelihood of increased wildfire activity.

“Wildfires can erupt unexpectedly and spread rapidly, leaving limited time for evacuation,” cautioned Joselito Garcia-Ruiz, Regional Disaster Program Officer for the Red Cross Los Angeles Region. “Discussing wildfire prevention and preparedness with your family is crucial. Assemble a disaster kit for your household, establish a plan, and practice it regularly.”

So, learning fire safety at Disney is a great way for kids to stay safe as temperatures begin to creep up.

Speaking of fires, a figurative fire was recently put out at Disneyland after the Disneyland performers voted to unionize and succeeded.

Disneyland incident - A wide shot of the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park in California.
Credit: Disney

“This is an incredible victory, and we appreciate all the support over the past several weeks,” said Kate Shindle, AEA President, in a statement. “These cast members are both pro-union and pro-Disney, and they’re looking forward to meeting with their employer across the bargaining table.”

While a union will be created, there are many more steps for the performers to achieve their demands, which Disney acknowledged. 

“While voting is complete, there are still steps in the process prior to the election being certified, so it’s premature for the company to comment on the results,” the company stated. “Whatever the outcome, we respect that our cast members had the opportunity to have their voices heard.”

Have you ever seen fire prevention being taught at Disneyland? 

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