‘Family Guy’ Confirms Unexpected Shutdown, Turned Off Worldwide

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Cartoon character Stewie Griffin from the show "Family Guy," wearing a yellow shirt and red overalls with a blue backpack. He stands outdoors with a forest and mountains in the background, looking off to the side with a serious expression.

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The popular TV series Family Guy quickly went viral this past weekend following an unexpected shutdown of epic proportions.

In the ever-shifting world of television, few shows have had the resilience and impact of Family Guy. Created by Seth MacFarlane, this animated series made its debut in 1999, eventually becoming a cornerstone of adult animated TV.

An animated family poses excitedly in front of a yellow house with orange-framed windows and brown shutters. The family includes a large man, a woman with glasses, a teenager, a dog, and a baby with a football-shaped head. They all have exaggerated expressions.
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Known for its irreverent humor, sharp satire, and a cast of memorable characters, Family Guy has etched its name into the annals of television history, often drawing comparisons to The Simpsons for its enduring popularity and cultural influence.

Family Guy first faced cancellation in 2002 after just three seasons. However, a passionate fanbase and impressive DVD sales led to the show’s revival in 2005.

Since then, the series has enjoyed a remarkable run, navigating changes in the TV landscape while retaining its signature brand of humor. This year, as the show celebrates its 25th anniversary, Seth MacFarlane has been reflecting on its journey and teasing fans with hints about its future.

The "Family Guy" family, including Brian the dog, Peter, Stewie, Lois, and Meg in their usual attire, sitting on a purple sofa.
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In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, MacFarlane discussed the show’s longevity and the possibility of bringing it to an end. Despite moments of doubt over the years, he expressed a commitment to continuing Family Guy as long as audiences remain engaged. MacFarlane’s pragmatic approach underscores a delicate balance between creative fulfillment and audience expectations.

While MacFarlane’s contemplations about the show’s future have stirred discussions among fans, a recent social media post added an unexpected twist to the ongoing narrative, this time in hilarious fashion.

The official Family Guy Twitter replied to an image of Peter Griffin standing confused in a virtual portal, with the caption “sorry Dublin” in response to a tweet that said “this is why they shut down the portal.” This tweet, while purely humorous, cleverly played on both the real-life technology issues surrounding a popular art installation and the speculation about the show’s fate.

The live video portal, a modern art installation created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys, links Dublin, Ireland, and New York City. These portals feature 24/7 live streams that allow people in both cities to see and interact with each other in real-time.

Illustration of Stewie and Brian from "Family Guy." Stewie, in a tuxedo, is falling with a surprised look, while Brian, wearing a collar, looks shocked against
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Located in the Flatiron District of New York and on Dublin’s O’Connell Street, the installations became temporary tourist attractions. However, the portals were shut down due to inappropriate behavior by some individuals. Organizers have since implemented measures to prevent such incidents, including additional fencing and spacing decals, which was confirmed by BBC.

“The overwhelming majority of people who have visited the portal sculptures have experienced the sense of joy and connectedness that these works of public art invite people to have,” a statement from the Dublin City Council said.

The cast of Family Guy is a significant part of its charm. Seth MacFarlane himself voices several primary characters, including Peter Griffin, the erudite dog Brian, and the diabolical baby Stewie.

The ensemble also features Alex Borstein as the sharp-tongued Lois Griffin, Seth Green as the naïve Chris Griffin, and Mila Kunis as the perpetually beleaguered Meg Griffin. Their vocal performances have breathed life into these animated characters, making them household names.

The future of Family Guy revealed

The interplay between Family Guy and other animated stalwarts like The Simpsons has been a fascinating aspect of its history. Both shows found themselves under the Disney umbrella after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox. This shift has led to crossovers and a shared universe that further cements Family Guy’s place in pop culture.

Homer with 'Michael Jackson' in 'The Simpsons'
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As Family Guy wrapped up its 22nd season this year, fans have been eager to see what’s next for the Griffin family. The season finale, now available on Hulu and Disney+, continues to deliver the outrageous antics and sharp humor that have become the show’s trademarks.

While there remain rumors that the show could be canceled—and it has seen significant changes, particularly with Disney’s purchase of Hulu—MacFarlane does not indicate that this will happen anytime soon.

The show’s future, while not definitively outlined by MacFarlane, seems secure for the time being. He has often cited the continued enthusiasm of the fanbase as a driving force behind the show’s longevity. “As long as people are enjoying it and we’re still having fun making it, there’s no reason to stop,” MacFarlane said in a recent interview.

Cartoon image of Stewie Griffin with a bald head, wearing a yellow shirt and red overalls, standing between two swings in a playground, looking slightly sad or thoughtful.
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In a world where television shows often come and go, Family Guy stands out for its resilience and its ability to remain relevant. The show’s humor, rooted in a mix of the absurd and the topical, ensures that it continues to resonate with audiences across generations. Whether through its episodes or its social media presence, Family Guy consistently finds new ways to entertain and surprise its fans.

At this time, no more updates have been given on the future of Family Guy.

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