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The image shows two signs related to dollywood. on the left is an ornamental golden "dollywood" sign and on the right, a digital roadside sign announcing that dollywood is closed, asking visitors to check their website for more information.

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  1. Dollywood’s policy, on their website, is if the park closes early for rain — or even if the park stays open but due to adverse weather you were unable to enjoy your visit — you may visit any ticket gate on the day of your visit and receive a free rain check ticket good for admission any day during the current year.

  2. Mitch

    As a former ticket worker, if the park closes early, just visit the ticket window. They will take care of you. If that’s unacceptable for your case, they will issue you a refund.

  3. Rebekah M

    Most parks that close early will either allow you to reenter the next day depending on the time it closes. If the ticket wasn’t used they will either refund or give a rain check unlike I believe Disney does but someone would have to confirm that for me.

    1. RES

      Careful what you say about the Disney people. FEDS will come down on you

  4. Dianna

    Get good earphones to block out the noise.They are so short.He is 1 person and millions love the fire works.Please don’t let 1 kid ruin it for everyone else.

  5. Joyce Kent

    Dollywood made the right decision to close down due to the storms. The priority in making a decision to close is the safety of employees and park visitors. East Tennessee got hit hard with storms.

  6. Alfred Hilton

    Was that just for one day

  7. Peter

    Knotts Bweey Farm is not in Anaheim. It’s in Buena Park.

  8. Popsy

    Dolly and Dollywood sucks anyway. Who cares! Lol 🤮

    1. Angbii

      You cared enough to respond!

  9. Stephanie

    Weird that you’re worried about where she makes love at mind your business very about yourself

  10. Larry Chowning

    I agree!!

    1. Marilyn

      Think about the lost jobs. I hope that the people are all OK there

      1. No lost jobs. They only closed for an afternoon. Severe thunderstorms, possible tornadoes were in the weather forecast. There was also potential for flash flooding.

      2. Amy

        No, think about the lives that could have been lost if they didn’t close. Jobs are just jobs, there are plenty more out there. Losing a job is NOTHING in comparison to your life.

  11. dolly parton i sing your songs and i love you dolly parton

  12. Oh the damage this last storm caused.. even at our place , had a life changing incident !Safty first !! Always especially a business ijs

  13. Full-time RV traveler here and I have to say Dollywood is probably one of the most hospitable parks that I visited, very tranquil and guests seem to enjoy themselves as the atmosphere doesn’t feel as if you’re being rushed, as far as refunds for inclement weather they are very generous and will most likely offer this word of mouth to the customers as they are leaving the park and or by the PA announcement system they take really good care of their customers!

  14. Sarah

    It’s pretty normal for a theme park to close without warning due to weather. I mean would you really want to be on a roller coaster in the sky when it’s struck by lightning, I wouldn’t.

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