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Have you ever lost your Minnie ears or something else you bought after visiting Walt Disney World Resort? Your time is limited to head to the Lost and Found and get it because, after a specific time, all your belongings lost get sold to this one specific location.

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Disney World Shocks Guests With Startling Confession About Lost and Found Items

According to an article from Florida Today, Walt Disney World retains lost and found items for roughly three months before donating them to local charities, such as the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida. These charities often sell the items in their thrift stores. Unclaimed items, including Mickey ears, stuffed animals, and clothing, are available to the public at a fraction of the original cost.

The Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida Thrift Store, located at 2054 State Road 436 in Winter Park, regularly receives these items. Approximately every three months, a new shipment of lost and found items arrives from Walt Disney World. These shipments typically include a variety of Disney-branded merchandise and other items left behind by park visitors, such as brand-new purchases from Disney Springs stores.

“A lot of items are brand new things people purchased in Disney parks, they leave them somewhere in a bag and they don’t claim them,” said Betsy Owens, Vice President of Marketing & Community Relations for Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida. “We’ve gotten brand new Oakley sunglasses with the tags on them.” Disney-themed items tend to sell out quickly once they reach the thrift store.

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The store’s employees frequently update their Facebook page with news of incoming shipments and special sales. The proceeds from the thrift store help support 12,000 children in the area, including those from Brevard, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, and Orange counties. “Disney is a huge supporter of the Boys & Girls Club,” Owens said. “We are fortunate to be one of the local charities they are extremely generous to. This is just a small fraction of their overall support.”

This news highlights the positive community impact of Walt Disney World Resort, showcasing their commitment to philanthropy and support for local charities. By donating unclaimed lost and found items, Disney helps provide valuable resources to organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida. This generosity not only aids in funding programs that support 12,000 children in the region but also reflects Disney’s dedication to social responsibility and community engagement.

The thrift stores benefit from a steady influx of high-quality, often brand-new merchandise. This allows shoppers to purchase Disney-themed items at a fraction of the original cost, making Disney magic more accessible to a broader audience. However, some guests might feel frustrated or upset upon learning that their lost items are sold if not reclaimed within a few months. Those who lose valuable or sentimental items may be particularly distressed to discover their belongings are not indefinitely stored and may be sold.

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This policy might also lead to concerns about inadequate efforts to reunite guests with their lost property, potentially giving the impression that Disney prioritizes the turnover of items over diligent efforts to return them to their owners. For some, the time limit of three months may seem too short, especially for guests who do not realize immediately that they have lost something or who cannot promptly retrieve their items due to logistical reasons.

Disney World guests can take several proactive steps to minimize the risk of losing their belongings and increase the likelihood of recovery if something goes missing. Encourage guests to keep track of their belongings throughout their visit. Using backpacks, purses, or fanny packs with secure closures can help prevent items from falling out. Labeling personal items with contact information, such as a phone number or email address, can facilitate easier identification and return if lost.

Guests should follow up with Disney’s Lost and Found service regularly to check if their lost items have been found or turned in by other guests. Persistence and frequent communication can increase the chances of recovering lost belongings. Travel insurance policies may cover lost or stolen belongings, providing guests additional financial protection and peace of mind during their Disney World vacation. By taking these proactive measures, Disney World guests can help safeguard their belongings and mitigate the risk of loss. Speaking of merchandise, check out Inside The Magic’s online store, where you can find some unique and cost-effective Disney swagger.

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