Disney World Guests Are Ditching “Chaotic EPCOT” for This Park Instead

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Chaos – a state of utter confusion, according to Merriam-Webster. Although clearly defined, chaos is not the same for everyone; unless we’re talking about Walt Disney World, we can sum up the definition of chaos with one word: change. And nowhere else has seen as much change lately as EPCOT, so much so that guests are ditching the popular park for other offerings!

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Guests ditching EPCOT or other parks when things get tough is nothing new for the Disney family. As soon as Walt Disney World announces changes or construction, be honest; some of you will choose to forgo that Disney Park until the literal dust settles, and we don’t blame you, it can be stressful!

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EPCOT, home to Spaceship Earth, Remys Ratatouille Adventure, Figment, and the World Showcase, has been in a state of flux for what feels like an eternity. When Walt Disney insisted that his parks (specifically speaking about Disneyland) would always be changing, it’s hard to think that he had the current state of EPCOT in mind.

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Although still a massive draw, I mean it is EPCOT after all; the park, which plays home to the International Flower and Garden Festival and International Food and Wine Festival, among others, has been undergoing a facelift for literal years, presenting guests with an awkward uphill march around the centerpiece of the Disney Park.

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Although we’ve already seen the inclusion of Cosmic Rewind and Journey of Water, as work continues on CommuniCore Hall and other soon-to-be openings at EPCOT, the stress and fluster of bouncing around the park are starting to turn many guests off.

All the parks at Walt Disney World have undergone serious renovation and expansion, but EPCOT seems to be taking an eternity to finish. Magic Kingdom saw the expansion of New Fantasy Land a few years back, Animal Kingdom will soon undergo a serious transformation, and Hollywood Studios, of course, got Star Wars!

The sun sets over the Millennium Falcon at Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge
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Walt Disney World Resort is a place of change, but what’s going on at EPCOT is contributable to a snail’s pace, and for some, it really throws off the balance of the park, forcing them to ditch EPCOT for other places like Hollywood Studios.

We know, we know, it’s debatable when discussing which theme park at Walt Disney World is the most unhinged in terms of conformity to Disney’s high standards of theming. However, according to a recent Reddit post, there are some who feel that the “chaotic” vibes around EPCOT are too much, forcing the one beloved park out of its number 1 spot.

Posted originally by user @DisneyPinFiend, the question was posed if Hollywood Studios was anyone else’s favorite park. The answers were a bit surprising as a few respondents suggested that EPCOT was once their favorite but has been replaced by the home of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance due to the continued construction and upheaval at the park. One particular respondent, user @RepublicBuilder, cited this specifically in their response.

Is Hollywood Studios anyone else’s favorite?
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“I think especially after my last trip, Epcot dropped from my #1 to #2 behind HS. The redevelopment of Future World and slowly slipping cohesiveness (to me) is making it more disappointing, while I am enjoying the individual areas of HS.”

Others compared EPCOT to a “shopping mall with a steep entry fee.” Still, there are those faithful out there who feel that EPCOT, even in its disheveled state, remains supreme in the battle for Disney World theme park superiority. Many still regard EPCOT as “god-level” or “number 1,” but the number of people replacing the once technologically advanced marvel for Hollywood Studios is worth noting, even if there are questions about the park’s cohesiveness.

Although EPCOT is working to wrap-up its endless renovations, it’s still a tough spot to navigate for many. However, we’d be willing to be that once all of the construction walls come down, there will be plenty out there who place EPCOT back at the top of their Disney Park pedestal.

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