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A "Breaking News" graphic featuring an image of Mickey Mouse, proudly pointing at construction plans alongside a construction worker in a hard hat and orange safety vest, signaling a potential Disney-related announcement concerning a new construction project.

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  1. Donald Task

    Encanto and Indiana Jones are sooooo Animal themed…. lol.

  2. Jan

    Not a fan

  3. Marie

    So…..Animal Kingdom is totally out the window now. Wonder when they will take the animals out to totally destroy it.

    Hey Disney…..ever heard of the saying…”if it ain’t broke…..”?

  4. Encanto in Indiana Jones have nothing to do with Animal and Animal Kingdom.

  5. Walt

    So in the most steamy and tropical area of our country – they are going to put in a tropical Americas themed area?

  6. Lori

    Wonderful stories, Encanto, Coco and Indian Jones, BUT… will there be any ANIMALS or animal themed elements? Or is WDW simply going to turn into Magic Kingdom A, Magic Kingdom B (Studios with the removal of the “Making Movies” elements in favor of characters), Magic Kingdom C (EPCOT with the removal of actual information about the countries in favor of characters and make believe places – Looking at you Norway) and now Magic Kingdom D (Animal Kingdom phasing out actual animals)?
    The 4 parks used to each be so wonderfully unique and while still “fun” I’m sure, to me it looks like they’re all morphing into basically the same park with 4 different gates. Especially with the idea coming out recently that the plan is to stop making attractions that are their own story and only create new ones based on existing IP.

  7. Teresa

    I Agree with this

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