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Disney CEO Bob Iger looking worried in front of the Walt Disney Company building.

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  1. Gary

    With the current Disney getting away from what Disney is known best for, Walt’s Disney no longer exists and a different Disney is now in place. Disney badly needs to go back to Walt’s vision and the groups that are trying to keep Disney from going back should be kicked out including some of leadership never to return. Then maybe Disney will get back to family values !!!

    1. Nia

      Disney hasn’t lost its family values

  2. Disney is lost, they wanted to look cool while alienating their main targeted audience, big mistake, and the way things are going, I doubt that they will get back up at all.

    1. Nia

      Disney isn’t lost

      1. Elroy

        No, but they are on life support.

      2. Wolfman

        They are lost. They are the perfect example of the phrase “go woke, go broke”. WD is an international conglomerate and cannot afford to lose markets in the Pacific rim and Middle East that will mever accept these woke ideals. If they continue down this path, they will be absorbed by a Chinese conglomerate and the landscape will change greatly.

  3. JB

    Wolfman, please define “woke”. I’m pretty sure it’s a fill in for something that scares you, you don’t understand, or don’t like. My guess is you aren’t an investor, so feel free to not go…you aren’t missed.

    1. Gary

      JB that is because you are part of WOKE and trying to mislead loyal Walter Elias Disney FANS !!!

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