‘Haunted Mansion’ Star Reveals She Investigated, Called Her Trolls

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Tiffany Haddish, Rosario Dawson, and LaKeith Stanfield in Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney

In 2023, Disney released its new live-action film, Haunted Mansion, which brought one of its most iconic theme park attractions to life in a new way. The film starred Rosario Dawson as Gabbie, a single mother who moves to a New Orleans mansion with her young son, Travis (Chase Dillon). As you might have guessed, the mansion is haunted, and Gabbie enlists the help of a priest, a history professor, a psychic, and a paranormal investigator to help her rid her house of the spooky spirits.

Disney's 'Haunted Mansion' (2023)
Credit: Disney

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In the film, the role of the psychic, Harriet, was played by Girls Trip star, Tiffany Haddish. Nearly one year before Haunted Mansion was released, Haddish made headlines when a lawsuit was filed against her. The lawsuit accused Haddish and fellow comedian Aries Spears of coercing two minors into performing sexually suggestive acts on the show, Funny or Die!.

Haddish apologized for the skits but said that this was not the first time that the people who filed the lawsuit had tried to “extort” money from her. Just a couple of months later, the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, meaning that another lawsuit could not be filed for the same claims.

Tiffany Haddish in Disney's Haunted Mansion
Credit: Disney

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Despite the lawsuit dismissal, Haddish still received a lot of hate online. However, Haddish did not take the attacks lying down. Instead of blocking the online trolls, she decided to go a step further. Haddish was receiving death threats and revealed that she hired a digital forensics analyst to find out where they were coming from.

Tiffany Haddish, Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield, Danny Devito, and Owen Wilson in Disney's Haunted Mansion 2023
Credit: Disney

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Haddish spoke more about her deep dive into finding her trolls. She admitted that she created a fake Instagram account, under the name “Sarah”.

“I’ve learned how to find people’s information — like I pull up the credit report, police records. You can do that for $1.99. Sometimes, I get so mad that I’ll get they phone number and I’ll just call them.”

“Oh, I have called people, honey. They be shocked that I called. They’ll be like, ‘I can’t believe you even saw that.’ You did a whole video, bitch! You made a full, five-minute video! On the internet, people think they can just say whatever and you not gonna say anything. I try my best not to, but I’m a human being.”

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Credit: Disney

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Haddish had a very rough time both before and after Haunted Mansion was released. The sexual abuse lawsuit was filed less than a year before the movie was released. Then, four months after the movie came out, Haddish was arrested on suspicion of DUI after she was found asleep at the wheel in Beverly Hills.

The DUI charges against Haddish were dropped in February 2024, when the actress agreed to a plea deal.

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