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  1. Dionysius

    Ever since Armor Wars was anounved I have had great expectations, because I love Cheadle and because the Iron Man trilogy is one of my favourites in the franchise and, also because it would be a way to follow on from the Iron Man Trilogy in a more direct way than IronHeart

    1. Azza

      Iron heart is a horrific woke destruction of the Iron Man legacy. Soon every iconic male Marvel hero will a replaced by a girl.
      It should tell the studio something that ‘The Marvels’ bombed so badly.

      1. Fring

        The Marvels bombed because the script was terrible. It had nothing to do with them being females because they were all great especially Khan being the best one and I can’t wait for her TV show or movie to continue but Disney problem is they continue to hire horrible writers like the paying customers wouldn’t notice…

      2. Russ

        Stop trying the feminization and keep Don Cheadle. Give the women their on well developed characters vs trying to convert beloved male characters or keep on being woke and go broke. There are a lot of great female characters that could be awesome on the big screen.

  2. Mitch

    Yes scrap it played out character

  3. Aaron

    They e probably seen how popular XMEN 97 is and are gonna milk that for as much as they can

  4. Hank

    Don has been part of the mcu every since iron 2.
    He’s litterly the 7th avenger on the roster.
    Also he’s stick with marvel an disney through all the turn around with his character getting a movie or series.
    After 1 an half decades in the mcu the character an more importantly respected black American actor deserves a movie.
    It’s like they keep pushing the black man further an further back to make room for other stuff.
    In my personal opinion that’s not very woke of disney…
    Enough said.

  5. Danielle

    Yeah, scrap it, there doesn’t seem to be a groundswell of fan support for the project, better to spend time and money on a Midnight Sons adaptation that fans really do want to see, also, keep going with the gritty street level heroes like Daredevil

    1. John Paul Howard Logan

      Time to scrap the mcu. Fire the people currently involved, have no marvel releases till at least 2030 and then we can float having NMCU with no direct ties to the first MCU whatsoever

  6. So now we’ll get 2 badly written, badly directed shows & movies , instead of 6 or 8.

  7. SMDRN66

    It was never about superhero fatigue. Infinity Wars and Endgame set the bar so high that movies that would have been good before them were let downs after them. Spiderman No Way Home had a fantastic story. Dr Strange’s next story could have been so much better, but most didn’t care for America and jumping through multiverses, nor did they like Wanda/Scarlett Witch becoming evil. Quantumania was so so. Love the actors but thought the story was a snooze. Thor Love and Thunder had so much potential. It had good moments, but the humor was pushed from funny just over the edge into stupid. Could have better used the GoG so much better. Speaking of GoG, 3 was fantastic. Another great story to tell. I agree to quality over quantity. Since we have the Avengers now, the audience expects to see more of the superheroes in each movie now.

  8. Acme Mugs

    If they gave up the woke garbage they keep putting out they might see it all turn around. Most people are sick of they wokeness that has become Disney. This all started when they fired that lady from the Mando show for having her own opinion. Give up the woke all female movies and shows. Sure have strong female actresses as leads, but it doesn’t need to be an all female show or movie. Disney knows this, they are just playacting to the small amount of woke people.

  9. Chris

    Its too bad the screenwriters and other hacks have tarnished the original source material from the 80’s and 90’s in the mcu. If they could stick to it and not force a dated story to an ignorant audience simply concerned with FX. Scrap the writers and execs in charge. Put something worthwhile on the screen

  10. Dave

    Keep it

  11. Bradan

    Figures. You have a solid and popular black character but hey, let’s scrap that and make some race or gender swapped crap. Great idea Disney.

  12. FooManJu

    Absolutely! Right away. No more lame sidekicks getting their own series…or, god help us, movies…(those two extras in Brie’s last movie, im talking to you!)

  13. Cal

    Disney and company put together zany, off the wall ideas, then blame it on superhero fatigue when they fail. How does Captain Marvel breathe in space? Thor’s hammers have personalities? A ridiculous fantasy land of God’s? A world where you sing to speak? Wanda-vision sit-com.

    I am actually desperate for something palatable like what Iron-Wars could be, so Disney – stop trying to check the boxes with special interest groups, or reinvent something that worked and make movies like you used to, with some degree of realistic-ness

  14. Chris


  15. BShreve

    Before anything else, scrap Kang and the Multiverse. Hardcore fans will be angry but too much effort is needed to understand it than average film goers want to give.

    Don Cheadle is a brilliant actor who’s not been interesting since he joined the MCU. You’ve got to give him something to work with and it’s too late imo. He been given a few moments to shine but most of his presence has been as Tony’s sidekick or a yes man to the powers that be. Add in he’s been devoid of personality, moving on is an obvious decision.

  16. TerribleTwos

    “Marvels trio, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel” .
    You lost me right there.😂😂
    I am a bit relieved. I was afraid Iger’s new policy was requiring at least 17 of the 47 genders to be represented in all new movies.
    (of course they Didn’t preclude that either).
    So, they’re going to make 3 movies a year like they have been doing. Got it.
    I’m confused about how only 2 will make it to D+?? Does the 3rd one go to Netflix (or HBO)?
    Why would I continue to pay for D+ when they don’t show the movies?? Duh.
    Sounds like the heading should have been “Disney steps in it again”
    I could have saved them a lot of money by telling them to cancel Thunderbolts. But they’ll have to learn the hard way.

  17. Matt

    Disney lost their way. The are killing franchise after franchise. It’s like they don’t care anymore.

  18. Randolph Miller

    Maybe Disney should scrap DEI like everbody else that has had their company, school, business ruined by it. Return to entertainment and not politics.

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