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Riley in 'Inside Out'

Credit: Disney Pixar


  1. EhCanadian

    As a parent, I do not want my daughters to feel ashamed of the natural biological functions of their bodies. Therefore, I do not want the media to hide puberty or periods, because that sends the message that puberty and periods are a secret, and therefore something to feel ashamed of.

    1. Nick

      Was really looking forward to taking the kids to see this.. puberty park and puberty type stuff is fine….the kids will be going thru that soon enough and there’s plenty to laugh about with thr awkwardness of puberty. If done the right way it could be great. I sure hope disney doesn’t try and force any woke agenda messaging into this. It’s not necessary and is unwanted and I am actually wondering if I should wait until it comes to disney plus so I can watch first just because I no longer trust disney to stick to entertainment no matter what they say.

  2. Tim

    C’mon. It’s the “New” Disney (meaning not Walt’s Disney) they are going to continue to push their Woke agenda wherever they can. It’s a real shame that they think they are responsible for teaching our kids about life instead of letting the parents teach their own children and don’t just worry about entertaining us. Go Woke go Broke and while they are far from broke the returns on their last animated features are far from what they were before wokeness. I always wait until the movie is released and read reviews from individuals, not critics, before I take my granddaughters to any movies.

  3. M.Kulak

    I am sure most of you have seen Elemental and as far as I could see their was no “Woke” agenda being pushed in it. It was a great Rom/Com with many old fashioned values being shown in it.(Probably why Bob Iger hated the Movie)Sorry to say he might be banking on the wrong horse(Inside Out) to be his savior film and to replace Toy Story but only time will tell?

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