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Animated characters woody and buzz lightyear from toy story, standing side by side, woody wearing a cowboy hat and buzz in his space ranger suit.

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Mike K

    Where is ELEMENTAL 2!!

  2. M. Kulak

    Disney and Bob Iger are missing out on a billion dollar baby with Elemental. No sequel has been announced and no information on the Disney+ has been mentioned. Yes it was not a billion dollar film and I put blame on the advertising department which really did not give us the actual story. Thankfully Elemental rebounded to become a great movie as well as being number one streaming sensation. It could and should be the replacement for Toy Story with the right writer coming up with story lines. We want Elemental 2 or the Disney+ series. So put away your crying towels and give us information already on what the future holds for Elemental!

  3. M. Kulak

    Where the he** is the announcement for Elemental 2 or Elemental the series that has been spoken of as well. This was an excellent movie and while it did not make a billion it was still profitable. Disney, Pixar, or anyone else how about some info on when it is planned to be made! while I am a realist and I know the animation will take some time but any info would be appreciated!

  4. Kim

    Regarding ALL of Disney and Pixar films recently over the years, including the one about Buzz Light-year origin story, a reason why majority is failing to make money is because of them all containing gay/homosexual content. Majority of parents who grew up on this franchise didn’t believe in homosexuality, therefore the movies having it in there, these parents are refusing to let their kids see these movies, even if it’s a sequel to the original that didn’t have anything to do with homosexuality. Even though it seems to be a very popular thing to do or be, doesn’t make it right. That’s all I have to say.

    1. Mary

      I could not agree more. Disney needs to go back to Family Values and they will see a return of the family.

  5. M. Kulak

    Just do what I do with all thier “WOKE” Agenda. Ignore it and blank it out and try and enjoy the movie. Thankfully Elemental had little to none of this in the movie.

    1. William

      Woke is an adjective that means being aware of and attentive to important social issues, particularly racial and social justice issues. Now woke means anything don’t like is woke waaa!waaa! What a lil b

      1. jal11180

        Yes, you are one, Billie. Remember, a German guy that had a funny little mustache tried tactics like yours once, and he was found in a bunker. His friends did not fare too well themselves.

  6. Mawfan07

    Bruh just watch the movie and don’t worry about the lovey dove parts it’s mostly funny parts and u can just skip the parts

  7. jal11180

    Silence, polititards!

  8. matty

    bring back a bigs life, give toy story a spin off and make some more original storys a out what kids are into nowadays or least give the world something to hope for again

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