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A crowd of people gather around the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World. The castle is adorned in blue and gold spires, while the people wear various casual outfits, enjoying the lively atmosphere of the park.

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  1. Cheryl C


    1. Mark Ashwaite

      I actually told Disney that I won’t be going there on my next trip, going to universal as I already have an IBCESS card. They had sent me a link telling guests how to prepare for waiting in line, ‘practice waiting in line at home; bring a stress ball and make sure you have games on your phone’, sorry but that’s not going to stop me having a meltdown.

    2. Ju

      Quick, anyone going to Disney World or Disneyland, build a steam room and invite 50 of your nearest and dearest so that you can practice standing in line.
      Iger stated recently that they’re expecting fewer guests over the summer. I’d like to tell him that the parks will receive even fewer than anticipated.
      Universal seems more inclusive than the rat kingdom. Our grandchildren are 8-10 and are so excited about Epic Universe.

      1. Joe

        I definitely won’t be returning. It’s unfortunate, I shoukd be creating memories with my grandkids.

  2. jwewew

    Disney about to be sued yet again this time by the ADA.

    1. Carolann M

      This is surely going to happen. Most that are truly disabled have a disability card to carry with them. Your lines are just way too long.

    2. Part of the problem is that so many things now are considered disabilities and not all of them affect someone’s ability to wait in line. Coming up with a system that works and is fair is difficult. Sounds like this new system will flop.

    3. Andrea

      I hope they do and that ADA wins.

    4. JustMe

      Um, the ADA is a law, not an entity that can sue.

      Individuals may sue, but good luck. Disney has the data, the lawyers, and the will to fight it out and win when it comes to disability access.

      They have no legal obligation to provide accommodations that negatively impact their business operations, and DAS as it was previously definitely does just that.

  3. Carolann M

    Whoever came up with this new policy obviously don’t know anything about those with disabilities! Sure there have always been cheaters faking disabilities, doctors making out false claims, but that is very easy to project. I, for one, don’t have a bit of developmental disability, but have been unable to work, stand in lines, pain since around 2005 after being in a serious motorcycle accident with bad back injuries and then a fractured and reconstructed tibial plateau of the knee. I AM documented disabled along with hospital records to prove the injuries. Guess now I will have to go to one of the less populated parks when attending Florida. How about limiting the attendance instead of overcrowding the parks. That surely would limit the length of waiting lines like the other parks due. Greed will get you guys nowhere but a move to bankruptcy due to lower and lower attendance. It’s a shame ’cause you are only hurting the children by your stupid changes ever since the new regime came in. Universal and Sea World will be the beneficiaries going forward us.

    1. Debbie

      Yes, Carolann, limiting attendance instead of overcrowding the parks is a GREAT idea! Sadly, it’s the almighty dollar Disney seems to be wanting and less handicap people mucking up everything with their “challenges”. Shameful. Walt is probably rolling over in his grave right about now.

  4. Barry

    I expect to be denied as I have severe neuropathy caused by chemo. I have to keep moving. I can sit for about 20 minutes or lie down for about 2 hours. Standing still is unbearable after about 15 minutes. So, I will probably be ending my annual passes. If that’s what they want then okay. I really don’t ride much of anything anyway and it’s usually just my wife and me so I’m sure they don’t care.

  5. John

    I probably won’t get the new DAS unfortunately. I was a fireman for 40 years and had ceiling fall on me trapped me underneath it. Fell through a floor and trapped in tight space and was trapped in a maze training just a few cases. I now suffer from PTSD when I am in close spaces and can’t move for extended periods of time. The previous DAS worked well for me cause The line was always moving and didn’t feel like I was being crowded. It kept my anxiety down.

    1. Mark

      Please update us.

  6. Connie

    It is odd that Disney is offering alternatives to DAS for those considered neurodivergent yet state the DAS is for those with autism or similar disabilities. They must not be aware that Autism Spectral Disorder is considered a neurodivergent disability!

  7. Sarah

    Disgusted with Disney right now and their verbal abuse of people living with disabilities, their lack of empathy for their situations, and their complete lack of inclusion and access. We have been going to Disney (both coasts US) over 15 years, are DVC members, annual pass holders, etc. With this new change we will be cancelling our planned trips, selling our DVC points, etc. Disney obviously doesn’t need or want our money or support . Greatly disappointed with the leadership that thought this would be the best choice going forward. Walt would be so disappointed in where this company has gone. I feel for the cast members that are having to turn people away as many of them live with disabilities themselves. Please don’t take it out on the cast members as they not responsible for Disney’s bad policies.

  8. Kendra S

    They need to change the name from Disability Access Service to something else if they are going to limit what disabilities are accepted.

    Sounds like they are hoping everyone will fork over the money for Genie+ instead when their park tickets and hotels are outrageous.

    I have an IBCCES card for Universal that requires medical documentation to obtain, but with Disney’s new system, I likely will not qualify.

    1. Matt

      Time for a class action suit anyone interested in joining me and my sister? Getting a lawyer this week

  9. Matt

    Disgraceful and a clear violation of the ADAMy sister who has severe nerve damage and balance issues and cannot sit for hours without severe pain was trying to get signed up as we usually do and was made to go on a virtual call with sow rude lady who would not listen and kept interjecting the company line with ZERO consideration. Never will we go again and we were regular guests. SUE them

  10. We just returned from dw. Had requested das but were denied. My spouse has a new physical disability that affects his ability to stand for long times such as in line, or walk for extended time. It saddens us both Disney does not care about the physically disabled, and we and our family will not return. Universal was amazingly kind, courteous and very helpful. We will absolutely return to Universal.

    1. JustMe

      The proper accommodation would be a wheelchair or ECV…that’s been the policy for years.

  11. Sue

    It’s great that they’re cutting down on cheaters. Unfortunately, guests with Significant disabilities will be turned down. I believe they should have rolled this out over a four month process using their medical Professionals to determine specific accommodations that can be offered to people With a variety of disabilities, including Developmental disabilities and disabilities due to health conditions. I think people with emotional or psychological disabilities should fall under a different category Example, if you have a developmental disability, you get x accommodation if you have a disability caused by a health condition you get z accommodation And if you have a disability caused by psychological or emotional conditions, then you get y Accommodations. Would make the whole process a lot easier

  12. Matt

    We just returned from a five-day DW trip. My wife is a person who is visually impaired. We were denied DAS and told to talk to each “cast member” at each ride to get an accommodation. We had almost no accommodations. The poor teenagers working the rides were not concerned at all with disabilities. I am a disability researcher, and I was SHOCKED that this company has chosen this path. We were disturbed, sometimes disgusted, and often insulted. Disney has made individuals with disabilities second-class citizens. The Denver airport provides more accommodations. Cast members don’t have the knowledge to accommodate; though medical doctors can identity a disability, they may not have the expertise to understand the unique accessibility needs of everyone. This DAS system isn’t just bad, it’s ableist in the extreme. If you want it changed, ACT. Call the company, but the hell out of them. Don’t let up – deliver your message loud and clear. I have a doctorate in this stuff, and I had countless 20-year olds lecturing me about what accommodations would be needed in the park. Disgusting.

    1. Bucho

      I was just denied also after using the service for 30+ times in the past. Will sell DVC after this mess. Didn’t help I was denied by a person with a beard and long painted fingernails.

    2. JustMe

      How does vision affect her ability to wait in a line?

  13. Freya

    I have two autistic children and when I tried to get the DAS I was initially denied. My 13 year old is mostly nonverbal and they really did not care. So even if your kids have autism it is not guaranteed you will get the pass! What’s worse is I did not learn this till after I had bought the tickets. You have to have the tickets to talk to a cast member and I had so many friends with autistic kids tell me about the DAS and I went in expecting it would be easy to get. Instead it was one more fight I had to wager for my kids. I had to go up a level and talk to a mental health specialist (whose qualifications I do not know) and break down and cry before they gave me the DAS. I’m rather upset and disillusioned about the whole thing. This is not the magical, supportive experience I was promised when I shelled out a lot of money for it.

  14. Debbie

    Are you certain about having to do only a online video interview to register for the new DAS? I was told by a Disneyland cast member that an assigned ticket booth outside the park was the new location to request DAS. That was just last weekend.

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