Chris Hemsworth Accuses ‘Thor’ Co-Stars of Bailing on MCU After Negative Reviews

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Thor, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, stands dramatically in his armor wielding an electrified axe against a glowing, misty blue background.

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Chris Hemsworth has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since nearly the beginning, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger supporter of the superhero mega-franchise. If there’s one thing Thor can’t stand, it’s co-stars who sign up for the MCU and then bail when a movie flops or gets negative reviews.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' (2022)
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‘Thor’ vs. MCU Rotten Tomatoes

Chris Hemsworth has become a fan-favorite actor in the pantheon of the MCU, and his Thor stands alongside Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) as the “Big Three” of the Avengers, but it hasn’t always been that way.

The first Thor (2011) movie was released to decent reviews and praise for Chris Hemsworth himself as the Norse God of Thunder, but was largely treated (arguably justifiably) as a necessary stepping stone to The Avengers (2012). Although Hemsworth displayed hints of the future balance of comedy and tragedy that would come to define the character, Thor was initially viewed as a somewhat one-dimensional character.

Chris Hemsworth Thor in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Thor: The Dark World (2013) did little to dispel that, with the first Chris Hemsworth sequel being widely regarded as one of the most disposable entries in the MCU. As of 2024, Hemsworth has two different movies in the bottom six of MCU Rotten Tomatoes scores: The Dark World (#28) and Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) (#30). The first Thor doesn’t even crack the top half at #24.

Clearly, not a good ratio. On the other hand, the critically beloved Taika Waititi film Thor: Ragnarok (2017) is all the way up at #4, so Chris Hemsworth has seen all ends of the spectrum when it comes to MCU successes. That may be what makes him so upset when one of his fellow MCU co-stars ditches the franchise after a single failure.

“’Oh, Mine Didn’t Work? I’ll Bash Them’”

In a recent interview with The UK Times, Chris Hemsworth expressed his displeasure with actors who entered the MCU after it was successful and then later badmouthed the franchise after a flop or negative reviews.

Christian Bale as Gorr
Credit: Marvel Studios

Although Chris Hemsworth did not explicitly mention his Love and Thunder co-star Christian Bale or Idris Elba (who appeared in the first three Thor movies), the UK Times certainly did. In response to an implicit question about actors who abandoned the franchise, Hemsworth said, “Nah. It’s, like, ‘They’re films that are successful — put me in one. Oh, mine didn’t work? I’ll bash them.’”

Interestingly, he does not seem to be dismissing longtime co-stars like Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson, who have expressed their exhaustion with the MCU since leaving. Instead, Chris Hemsworth primarily seems irritated with actors who, it can be inferred, he feels tried to jump aboard a successful series and then criticized it as lightweight once they received negative reviews.

Chris Evans as Captain America (right) and Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow (left)
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That has to do with his acting background, apparently. Chris Hemsworth continued, “Look, I grew up on a soap opera, and it used to bother me when actors would later talk about the show with guilt or shame. Humility goes a long way. One of the older actors on [popular Australian soap opera] Home and Away said, ‘We don’t get paid to make the good, but to make the bad ones work.’ That stuck with me.”

Notably, in recent interviews, Chris Hemsworth has openly admitted that Love and Thunder was not a particularly good film and that he is disappointed in his performance in it. But does he bash the MCU itself? That’s not what Thor would do.

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