Guests Throw “Pitiful” Cast Members to Wolves: “This is America”

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A group of Disneyland cast members, dressed in red and blue plaid vests and blue face masks, line both sides of a street, waving to guests who are walking towards the camera.

Credit: Disney

Some Disney fans believe that cast members’ “pitiful” complaints are not particularly valid since they choose to work at Disney.

For many years now, it’s been well-documented that Disney cast member working conditions are less than ideal. Cast members have spoken out time and again about how they are not paid enough and how often, because of their wages, they can’t afford proper food and housing and have to live in their cars.

Not only this, many have even spoken out about the toxic and racist work environment in which they have to create magic for guests.

A picturesque view of a fairy tale Cinderella Castle with spires, under a clear blue sky with the sun setting behind, casting a warm glow over the scene at Walt Disney World Resort.
Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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This topic came up once again recently when Disneyland Resort cast members decided to speak out about the reality of their jobs.

To put it succinctly, cast members shared, “The magic starts to fade away and you’re just left with not being able to pay rent, permanent injuries, and management who doesn’t value or respect you.”

As a consequence, many Disneyland employees are now working to form a union to bring the magic back to their own jobs. A group of 1,700 character and parade performers at Disneyland are voting to be unionized under the Actors’ Equity Association.

Theme park insider Scott Gustin shared that “Voting ends tomorrow, and results are expected to be announced tomorrow night.”

However, while many would be sympathetic to the plight of cast members, and many Disney Park guests have spoken out in favor of bettering their lives in the past, some fans are not on the same page.

One commented“These people knew what the job entailed when they took it. They knew those costumes were Heavy. They knew Florida got hot and clammy. They’re complaints are pitiful. You don’t like the job you don’t like working for Disney. Go somewhere else, this is America You’re not shackled.” 

Another agreed with this sentiment, although they were a tad more sympathetic, “While I think they should unionize, especially for safety, it doesn’t seem like Disney has a lot of incentive here. The cast members say their ‘trapped’ yet they work in the town that has all the show business opportunites in the world. They don’t have to work at Disneyland.”

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort
Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Disney

While some might wonder if this is a new development, one fan actually shed some light on the reality. They wrote“In the late 60’s & early ’70’s I had friends who worked at Disneyland. They called it the ‘tragic kingdom’ and all, at best, found the job problematic. None of them respected the company. Times haven’t changed.” 

It’s most definitely a tragic reality that the vacation destinations known for being “The Most Magical Place on Earth” and “The Happiest Place on Earth” are not so happy for the people who work hard to make that magic for the rest of us at our favorite Disney Resort.

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