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  1. Oh really?

    If this is what people find offensive, then there really is no hope for the world. Stop the nonsense.

    1. Sunshine

      Just leave it alone! They already took so much out because “it was offensive “!
      Just stop! If you don’t like it- don’t go in it!! Because there is a lot of us that do!!


        AMEN!! Too many crybabies want it their way. Just don’t ride it if you don,t like it.

    2. Jorge Hernandez

      Too many snowflakes get offended easily. Why should anyone else be deprived of any ride? This ride is historical and should be left alone. Walt loved it the way it was.

  2. Mark

    Leave it alone. Going on it is a tradition for our family. If you don’t like it, don’t go on it.


    1. Vicki Garland

      If they took off splash mountain because of song in the South in the slavery which is wrong, children need to learn it. Why didn’t they have it in carousel? So your family Can learn about slavery. It is a part of history. Are they gonna take away the Indians too? Ready Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Well, in my lifetime, that’s what I was taught and that’s what I believe christopher columbus Did discover America and we did have a slave movement that needs to be taught.

    2. Joe

      A Girl was killed on this ride. They probably should replace it out of respect for the family and the tragedy of that day.

  3. Offended people need to start a go fund me page to give Disney millions of dollars to change attraction. It’s expensive and takes time. It would save money for Disney if the offended just visit their psychologist and work it out.

  4. If you are offended then don’t go to the park.

    This is history and history does not change. If you ignore it or what it erased then you are akin to others. If you ignore historic events or erase them you are doomed to repeat

    Pick up your hurt feelings butter cup and return to your home.

    1. Tony k.

      Bingo, you nailed it. The only thing I would do is update the last section to keep it somewhat current. With technology moving so fast these days, that’ll be outdated in a couple of years as well. So every 3 years they should just update the last section.


    DON’t ride it if you don’T LIKE IT!!!!!

  6. Mike

    What we have here is part of the generation does not appreciate the past the history, and what it took to make that ride work with robotics and everything else, people are just stingy, non-patient and plain rude. Stop the nonsense movement it’s so ridiculous. Entitled sad boring people need to find problems to make themselves feel better. Stop wasting everybody’s time and grow up and wake up decades we had no problem until now in this very soft society we live in.

  7. G

    The ending needs a tech upgrade but leave it alone since it’s the only ride at WDW that Walt touched and worked on.
    Do like the original days and get a sponsor for the ride that will keep it updated. Apple.

  8. No$

    Nobody but a minority of woke Karen’s are offended by this ride , or splash mountain, or pirates etc. Disney should grow some balls and stop catering to these losers.

  9. Steve

    And this is why I after I seize Disney in a hostile takeover, I will put my foot down and refuse to cater to these freaks, treat them as undesirables, while giving only the purists what they want, while preaching “Make Disney Great Again!” and bringing back the “What would Walt do?” way of thinking that handcuffed Disney after his death for decades. I won’t care in the slightest if keeping things the same, bringing back old things, and running on nostalgia makes those freaks scream how Disney is “stuck in the 1950s and lacks empathy for certain groups.” I’ll know I’ve done my job when the perpetually offended boycott all things Disney in response. They won’t be missed. There are plenty of Disney purists who can replace them and new purists to be made . Cut off one head and two more take its place.

  10. Steve

    This is why after my takeover of Disney, I’m putting my foot down and telling these freaks to beat it and treat them as undesirables. I will only give the purists what they want to Make Disney Great Again. I’ll know Ive done my job when I trigger these offended wimps into boycotting all things Disney for “lack of empathy” and being “stuck in the 1950s.”

  11. Susan

    Leave it alone f you are offended by it don’t go in it.

  12. Smumdax

    Removing CoP would also hurt MY feelings… so, whose feelings should win over? Accept it for what it is, or move along.

  13. Sue

    I saw it at the New York World’s Fair. I consider it a part of history, a part of Walt’s vision, classic Disney! Keep it as is!

  14. Lisa

    Loved it. We were there on May 1 at Disney World MK. I had seen when I was a child thought was a good ride still.If you do not want to know how America progressed-don’t ride.

  15. Karen Marshall'

    This is a great attraction and part of history. I have seen it every time that I go to Disney World. Just update some of the animatronics and include some newer technology. It is sad when people don’t appreciate history. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

  16. Jeff

    Disney has been taken over by a bunch of no talent imposters! My 6 year old can write better plots and make better plans for running the parks. Sad sad very sad. Walt Disney entertainment is no more.

  17. MorngConqr13

    It needs to be left alone it is one of the few original rides that Walt created for the parks . Like others have said above history needs to be taught history needs to be remembered because if we don’t remember it then we’re going to repeat things that we shouldn’t repeat and we’re going to be worst off

  18. AG

    Get over it people!! If it offends you don’t go on the ride. Everyone feels entitled now a days.
    Stop your whining you bunch of little “give what I want” babies

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