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Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) with shoulder-length blonde hair and wearing a dark suit with red and gold details stands in dramatic lighting. The background features a metallic setting with bright horizontal lights, giving a futuristic ambiance, reminiscent of an MCU film scene.

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Garry

    I think brie should be caption always no matter what was said or done

    1. Pat

      I second that.

      1. Tim

        The only reason the first captain marvel made money was it was between the 2 biggest MCU movies ever and it was required viewing to understand those 2 films

  2. Pat

    All movies are suffering. If it only cost $20 to see a movie still, you would see better results. It cost me $75 for 2 tickets and a few snacks to see guardians 3

    1. Bring back captain America and iron man for one last ride or maybe more! Giving the shield away was wrong and keep bri .

  3. Angel Ibarra

    I don’t think the Marvels series is any good critically to the continuation of the marvel universe and it’s just pandering

  4. Randi B

    It wasn’t Brie Larson that was the problem. The movie was terrible! The plot sucked, and most of it was just plain stupid. I am sorry she isn’t going to be Captain Marvel anymore.

  5. Richard Lindsey

    Brie Larson is an excellent actor so if there was a problem with her portrayal of Danvers it was the directions given to her. She should not be replaced as I enjoyed her performance and the farce that was “The Marvels” was not her fault. Although, I did like the kittens/baby flurkins.

  6. JBoy

    In an era of streaming, who’s spending at the movies?

  7. Tj

    I think disney and Marvel and DC should stop rewriting movies based on internet reviews before the movie is released. Maybe Aquaman 2 and Captain Marvel 2 wouldn’t have changed stars and titles based on minor public opinion.

  8. Abbi

    This is such bull! They make up whatever they want to get rid of people. I enjoyed the Captain Marvel movie. What’s interesting to me is that since End Game, just about all of the Marvel movies have been horrible. I don’t think it has anything to do with the actors but more with the writers and film editing.
    These people always blame the actors instead of the crappy content they put out. There was a reason the first ten years of Marvel movies were successful. The actors are fine. Stop blaming the actors because most of your scripts are trash.

  9. Brody

    On the Comics, Rogue “stole” Captain Marvel’s powers during a fight. Hence the flight and super strength..

  10. Scott

    Disney is so bloody stupid 🙄
    Who cares bring back Deadpool morons

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