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Bob Iger stands in the foreground with a thoughtful expression, with an artistic, vibrant depiction of a fairy tale castle seen through an arched stone doorway in the background.

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  1. Misty

    Grossly overpaid. Granted it is a major corporation, but doesn’t look like he’s turning things around to well. Like alot of corporations let’s do more with less people, maybe they can use AI robots they don’t have to pay

  2. Tom

    I agree way over paid. The stock is down almost 50% and his plan is to raise prices in the future. He needs to have his salary fixed at 6M and if he thinks he’s doing such a great job buy the stock with his own money.
    Trying making the ticket price reasonable so more kids can attend. Hey Bob are you going to pick up the bill for the Star Wars Hotel failure?

    1. DavZell

      The stock is up slightly from when he took over again – about 92 to 105.

      That’s not great performance, but the fall from 197 to 92 was under Chapek.

  3. William C

    As a former Cast Member we were told that he has to take all his money so it wouldn’t upset the Stockholders. As a former Stock Holder I can assure you that I wouldn’t have been upset if it would have saved the jobs of my friends who were laid off. Since the show I worked was closed and never reopened I haven’t been back to witness what has happened to the Disney I loved. It’s so sad but as long as I get can afford a fifth house….

  4. EmeraldFox

    It’s the same story over and over again. The more layoffs there are the more big cats get payed. Do I think he’s being over payed for poor results? Hell yeah. If your looking quality and saveing money cut your salary put it back in the company in quality control for the studios that should into be closed and listen to the fans and shareholders more instead of your fat wallet

  5. Shirley

    no person is worth that salary

  6. Nancy Hathcock

    I am a former cast member from the 1960’s and as long as Disney overpays their executives, lays people off and continues down the woke road I will not set foot in Disneyland. My first visit to the park was 2 weeks after it opened. I fell in love with it and my greatest joy was actually meeting and speaking with Walt. Where are his grandchildren? Why don’t they care about their grandfathers legacy? It is being ruined!

  7. Bruce

    Given his embrace of the woke movement he should be totally ashamed of himself

  8. Philip Camden

    Go woke ,go broke applied then and still applies

  9. Erik

    You do realize stock options are not pay, it is compensation directly tied to a stocks price. Never written as x$ always shares.
    Igers compensation is roughly 1/8 of what Eisners was in the early 90’s. Eisner was at the time the highest paid CEO in the country, ever.
    Igers base salary is actually quite low for a CEO of a major company. The options and bonuses are incentives.

  10. David

    Since Reagan’s “corporate deregulation” there has been a severe “disconnect” between the average of the employee’s wages and the rising egregiously exorbitant CEO “compensations . . . and “to add insult to injuries” stock options are NOT TAXABLE INCOME.

    EXORBITANT CEO “compensations” are obscene ethically and morally.

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