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Gaston pushes Belle against a door in 'Beauty and the Beast.'

Credit: Disney


  1. Kurtis Goodrich

    In my opinion, copyright shouldn’t be this strict. Yes, they can totally do this, but it can be rather illogical, because it will likely lead people to be less interested in whatever song it was because no one is allowed to sing it in public (or the voice actors, at least). Wizards of the coast did something similar with DND, putting heavy restrictions on a game that is supposed to be somewhat customizable, which caused a lot of anger among fans. I expect no lesser for this topic.

    1. LER

      IMO Disney probably wouldn’t care unless he was putting on full performances. It may be that Mr. White doesn’t sing as is his character because he simply doesn’t want to, but he doesn’t want to be rude or disappoint fans, so an extremely broad interpretation about music licensing works as a convenient excuse.

  2. Jade VR

    I love how the voice actor spoke on a panel that hasn’t even happened yet. August of 2024 huh? I had no idea that a voice actor has the ability to travel into the future! Hey, then maybe I can as well, since I’m a part time VA. Hmmm.. the mind boggles…
    Anyways, that’s not what this is about, that was just a little jab. I personally think Disney is being a little too over-protective with this music business. Sure, it’s a sudden event when a fan asks for a portion of a movie’s song, but it’s not going to cause any damage, save for the company not getting PAID for it. Omg, no freebie music! Chill Disney. It’s not that big a deal,.and it brings more exposure to the music and possibly interest for the film(s).

    1. Dominique

      August 2024?

      1. Christina Danielle

        I have heard Jody Benson sing part of your world at four different Comic-Cons. So unless Disney gave her specific permission to sing that song, I do not believe she is bound by these same rules.

        1. Scott

          I saw a video of her singing Part of Your World at a wedding as q surprise appearance. It doesn’t make sense that he isn’t allowed to sing his characters songs from B&B but she can sing hers from the LM.

      2. BT

        Came here to comment exactly this, glad I’m not the only one who caught it

    2. S

      Lmao I came here to say this same thing. How the heck was this Voice Actor on a Panel on August 28th of 2024 when it’s only May of 2024. Weird.

    3. Kay

      I was going to say the same thing, I read the date like 5 times making sure I was reading it correctly. They should update it with the accurate date.

    4. Dana

      Legit just came here to say the same thing lol!

  3. Angelia

    They should be allowed bto sing Disney songs anytime if you go on years ago back way before this story non here Jodi Benson who did the voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaid that is she was at a wedding that was not her own wedding that is n sang part of your world song from the movie. That is so there for no Disney music should be ban let everyone sing it .

    1. You need to brush up on your writing skills! Did you read your own comment before you let it go? Rough !

      1. Dawn In VB

        I wanted to upvote your comment, but there’s no way to do it so … 👍👊💞😃

  4. Cydney

    Benson regularly performs at the end of her panels. I’ve been lucky enough to see her twice– once at GalaxyCon in Columbus, Ohio in December 2022, the other at Fan Expo Chicago August 2023. She sang “Part of Your World” in Ohio, and “In Harmony” in Chicago.

  5. Carle k

    The. Music belongs to Disney. Therefore it’s their choice of when and how it’s used. Think about it if it was yours would you want everyone using your product with recompense? I don’t think k you would.

    1. DH

      When it’s the person who literally sings the song doing it then yes they can, it’s their voice. Besides he’s not being paid to perform it which is what Disney really cares about.

  6. Deb R

    As long as they aren’t getting paid to sing the song, why not!!!

  7. Dani

    Disney is greedy. Everything to them is money. Shame on them.

  8. Jacob Allen

    Disney shouldn’t be strict with anything, let alone their music. Disney should definitely permit voice talent to perform their music.

  9. Robin

    As someone who makes content, visual art. I say let the people enjoy it. It gets people interested and excited to see more. Even if sometimes your stuff sucks letting people talk about it and enjoy it how they feel, without making money is of no harm. That’s how you get an audience and how your content grows.

  10. Chris Whitley

    Even though it has its proper place, in the bigger stage of the creative arts, this copyright thing has gotten out of hand. While yes, if you create something such as a song, and money starts flying around you should be getting at least some of it. But getting lawyers involved to prevent or punish any time time someone other than directly -‘you’- controls the shots, is actually you crapping in your own bed in my. The performing arts suffer as a whole and hardships and grievances are created where inspiration and joy were intended. Keep on using the universal gift of music and performance (that we all share, connect with, belong to) and partake in, to keep getting what you can get out of it for yourself and see how long you stay relevant.

  11. Aimee Cope

    Sorry to say this, but August 28th of this year is not on Sunday, it’s on Wednesday. And why is the music being banned?

  12. Lindsay B

    Please do not change! You deserve to have your autonomy!

  13. Em

    Although, it is a very strict policy, I can understand why they may have placed this restriction. Many times in musicals, the person who suits the role as an actor does not necessarily perform the songs that character sings. For instance, Ming Na voiced the speaking role for Mulan, however another person performed the singing role. By placing this restriction, it helps to keep the magic alive, and not put the non-singing actor on the spot.


    It is easy to license the music for public performance and not expensive at all. That’s how cover bands do the songs they cover. If he chose to get a public performance license, then he could do it anytime he wanted.

    Disney owns two things: recordings they made of his performances (including the movie itself) and the composition rights itself. Once the performance rights are obtained, derivative performances are fine. There is even a means of getting recording rights based on how the recording will be used.

  15. Norman G

    So he travel in time ???
    He answers questions on August 2024!!!!

  16. Tory

    Yes they should be allowed to perform their own parts & music they did from the movies…. after all, they did it. They brought the characters to life. Let them do their well known & well loved (or possibly well hated) characters & songs. But that’s just my opinion.

  17. David

    Censoring content is a good way to kill public interest. The content will just be forgotten in time, like a lot of previous content from decades ago, that isn’t available anymore.This is why dvd is better than streaming.

  18. Charlie

    Why is it banned. Probably some ridiculous reason.
    Truly don’t understand why good stuff is being destroyed by stupid people

  19. Mg

    I looked it up, August 28th was on a Sunday in 2022

  20. M

    August is 3 months away

  21. Heather

    When you put on a musical or play for monetary value, you have to apply to Broadway Licensing to be permitted to perform in public. The official owner, which in this case Disney, can deny the rights of they’re going to launch a new production. Sometimes exceptions are made for high school productions as it’s monies are going towards the schools performing arts program. It’s rare for a Disney production.

  22. Terrance

    I actually thought that the real life version of Beauty and
    the Beast was well done. Why it didn’t get more acclaim is probably due to what ever was happening in the world at the time.

  23. Gary Payne

    The live action version took 1.2 billion which makes it a massive hit, a bigger hit than the cartoon version.

  24. Of course every actor should be allowed since sure Disney may have created the films but they did not create the music or the performances ir was the actors because restricting them when it was thier performances that helped make there Disney films popular so if they or there fans want to hear them perform live they should have thar right not to be restricted because of Disney also my reason for saying this because having this performances without any restrictions will help make not only make Disney more popular but so will the actors who brought there famous characters that there helped careers to life even it will bring untold joy to fans & the actors as well.

  25. Amber rae

    Leave everything alone. Enough Enough its a classic for all the kids love and share with children and after that. If you trust in God then you will let everyone continue watching it with your family

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