Bob Iger’s Shocking Confession: Secret Disney Succession Plan Revealed as CEO Discloses Future Transition

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Disney CEO Bob Iger has revealed some pretty shocking revelations during a recent interview, giving everyone an insight into what the House of Mouse is doing to find the next person to take the Mickey Mouse thrown.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Steps in After Chapek Controversy

Bob Iger returned as the CEO of Disney in 2020, when he resumed the role temporarily in February following the departure of his successor, Bob Chapek, due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Disney’s business. However, this return was temporary, as Chapek officially assumed the CEO role in February 2020. The Walt Disney Company has been hush since Iger returned, but it seems his fairy tale might end after all as Disney fans demand answers.

Iger returned to the House of Mouse after former successor Bob Chapek was dealt heavy controversy. Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek stepped down after a challenging period marked by significant controversy. His tenure was marred by a highly publicized clash with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis concerning the contentious ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, which led to internal and external strife for the company and its employees.

According to sources familiar with the matter, longstanding high-level executives who had previously served under Bob Iger expressed dissatisfaction with Chapek’s leadership. Allegedly, they urged Iger to return from retirement to steer the company through turbulent times – a call to which he ultimately responded.

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A Succession Plan All Along?

In a recent video interview with CNBC, Bob Iger revealed shocking truths about how things went when Chapek left the company and Iger took over. Furthermore, Iger also revealed the truth behind the plan to find his replacement.

The Disney CEO admitted that there was a succession plan in place from the moment he walked through those doors at Disney, which shocked many who were listening to the interview. When asked about whether or not the succession plan has been accelerated in any way, Mr. Iger had this to say:

The [Disney] Board engaged in a succession process the moment I came back…and they are taking it very, very seriously. They established this as their number one priority from the moment I came back.

They formed a committee right away; they’re meeting regularly and they’re going to meet even more regularly going forward because I’m not going to be here forever…”

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CNBC did confirm with Iger during the interview that his departure from the House of Mouse would not take place for at least another two and a half years, to which Mr. Iger gently asserted but not before stating the following:

But I think it’s really important to name the right person at the right time and to create a transition process that is healthy…

When asked how long Iger would see the transition process taking, he did not comment and stated that nothing could be said about those plans that remain under wraps at this time. CNBC commented on the failure of the last Disney CEO transition process and asked Mr. Iger how those actions informed his actions this time as things moved forward:

Well, look, the transition the last time around could not have happened at a worst moment for the company and the world.

Obviously we all have learned from the past and we are eager for this process to be successful not just in the choice of my successor, but ultimately how that person takes over.

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