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Star of Disney's live-action Snow White remake Rachel Zegler in front of the seven dwarfs.

Credit: Rachel Zegler Instagram


  1. ilovedisney

    I’d say yes still release it cause I’m interested in this movie and I will definitely watch I love the live action remakes

    1. h

      Read the article…Snow White is not the franchise she dropped out of

    2. Jeff

      You’re probably rachel ziglar’s mother.

    3. NotAWokefanofDisney

      Are you stupid? Have you lost your sanity of what Rachel Ziegler has done? The backlash and damage to Snow White has been done. It is now irreversible. For the sake of Disney, cancel the whole thing.

      1. Steamboat Wokey

        What’s the point of canceling the whole thing if the damage is now irreversible? We might as well make permanent changes to the 1937 original now also, just to stay consistent.

        1. Jimbo Jones

          Tax write-off and less embarrassment

    4. Grizz

      You’re a fool

  2. Todd

    I have no intention to watch this film. Disney has ruined enough movies with their agenda driven politics to sour me on anything attached to the Disney name. Stop destroying people’s memories and concentrate on new content. There is nothing wrong with a classic remaining a classic.

  3. Kungaloosh

    Rachel has a lot of projects in the works, and she keeps going strong! I’m so here for all of it!

  4. Sco

    She needs to do more films focusing on her Polish ancestry as well. She hardly ever mentions it.

    1. Do nit like Rachel and will not watch her in any movie she is in. A diva and narcissist. She has ruined the idea of snow white and am glad she in not in oaddington bevause she would ruin the film.

  5. Glen

    This is why this Snow White movie will flop. Daily Wire is releasing a better version. Let’s all watch that one instead.

  6. Barbara Rea

    If she didn’t want to play Snow White than she shouldn’t have taken the job in the first place.No it’s not 1937 anymore that’s how the story was written.If they are going to change it just to please her I’m not interested in seeing it.

  7. Do not like Rachel and will not watch her in any movie she is in. A diva and narcissist. She has ruined the idea of snow white and am glad she in not in paddington because she would ruin the film. A mediocre actress at best not worth watching.

  8. Rox

    Rebooted classics are lazy and insulting. Come up with something new.

  9. John

    That’s Hollywood baby!

  10. Jacob Allen

    I sure hope they fix the live action so that it stays true to the original, and that Rachel Zegler can either make it stay true to the original or have somebody replace her.

  11. R. M.

    Petulant Rachel Zugly crapped on Disney’s Genius!
    Peter Dinky sabotaged employment opportunities for 7 Little People!
    I will continue watching the 1937 Classic!
    And avoid this sickening dumpster fire at all costs!

  12. Klsmat

    There’s nothing she can do to fix what she said. Disney ruined their most iconic princess by keeping her in this film. Pitiful. Both of them.

  13. Lisa

    They need to scrap SW and move on.

  14. Kungaloosh

    I support any movie that updates and reimagines an earlier version, because a remake that brings nothing new to the story is a pointless endeavor. A shot-for-shot remake would be a lazy money-grab.

  15. Donovan

    Zegler was a terrible casting choice in the first place

  16. Sarah

    She has ruined any chance this movie has a success. She’s woke but has put my interest in seeing anything from her to sleep. She made this movie about her and her narrative, not about the story.

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