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A woman dressed as snow white poses with a smile, while the inset image shows her serving food to guests in a themed restaurant.

Credit: Disney (background), Sophia Dottir (circle image)


  1. Byron

    Disney thinks they own the world. I hope that epic universe puts them out of business.

    1. D

      Technically they do own DisneyWorld. It is their private property

      1. RAH

        No, it is owned by the people of Anaheim.

    2. DJT luvsputin

      Who cares what you think… MAKING AMERICA STUPID

    3. KEn

      If you had your own company and you had rules regarding your business that your intellectual property and one of your employees went and blabbed those secrets to someone on social media would you just let your business be damaged? I don’t think you would let it go. You would take immediate action…

    4. DJT luvsputin

      Sure kill fun for millions of kids… douche

      1. KenzieL

        How is firing one Snow White actor ruining the fun for millions of children? Did you even read the article?

    5. Anonymous

      I doubt that’s going to happen .

      1. KenzieL

        I don’t think you read the article. The title was certainly misleading, but this story was just about one Snow White actor getting fired for something she did on social media. Not them getting rid of the character as a whole.

      2. Shannon R Johnson

        Does that mean that little girls can’t go in dressed as their favorite Disney princess as well???

        1. Courtney Ray

          The current rules for costumes is children under 12 are allowed to wear them. I believe the age cut off prevents a guest from being confused for a character/performer

    6. Waldo Faldo

      Disney signed her paychecks…they have the right to call the shots. That’s how the business world works.

    7. Sharon dyal

      They are americas playground! If they arent popular wouldnt b making movies, theme parks, etc. im sick people knocking them like desantis the nazis. I dont go but too many people do!

    8. Billions of dollar company they have employees rules.
      They are posted to employees and held accountable not to damage anyone else’s dreams.

    9. Chis

      Disney is awesome. Kids love it and adults love to feel like a kid again there in a safe environment. Some people love horror and thrill rides and I guess that’s fine for them, but Disney is for people that still crave the innocence and wonder of childhood even for those didn’t have a wonderful childhood. It’s a great place, and their standards are high, and that’s why people pay the high price for their product.

      1. Diva

        Yeah, a little too high priced.
        Disney World has been doing this since they opened in the 1970s. I had friends who worked for them.. I was too much of an independent thinker to work for Disney.

    10. Jade VR

      You know, we could say the same thing for you. Hope that someone comes in to your workplace, takes over your position, and you lose your job, ruining your business life
      Not very kind, is it? No, and that’s why I’d never wish that to happen. Saying what you did makes you sound like a truly disgusting person. Sure, let’s have thousands of employees lives ruined because you have an issue with their authorities rules. Think about that.

    11. Annisa

      Agreed!! It’s ridiculous what their rules entail… You might as well sell over your kidneys too.. smh…

  2. Steven k. Abraham

    I think Disney is very smart. They have

    1. R J Allen

      You give Disney executives too much credit. The company has been on the decline for several years.

  3. Kenalyn Moses

    What the hell with Disney?

  4. Richard Rizza

    So the world has to take a pass on fun because a few crybabies are all “WA WA we’re OFFENDED?” Just STOP it!

    1. Sharon dyal

      Thank you im sick of nazis knocking disney!

    2. KenzieL

      Did you even read the article? This is just about one girl getting fired; not them getting rid of Snow White. Some people’s reading comprehension needs improvement.

  5. Kelly

    I see Disneys point ! She knew the rules for the Cast. At the same time, she’s in her early 20’s, she going to Brag !
    Good move Disney !!

    1. Erik

      Yep. As far-fetched as it may seem, it’s like a Coca-Cola employee posting the recipe on social media. NDA’s and trade secrets are and should be feverishly protected. Hopefully she decides to learn from this rater than whining about it on her podcast.

      1. DJT luvsputin

        Some here I bet have had a problem with a prosecutor dating a lawyer on the same side of the case. There they don’t mind having workplace rules, but when it comes to Disney, it’s all of a sudden outrageous or even woke. Whatever works for their agenda. No one really gives a mouses ass about your dopey woke comments by the way.

        1. Al

          Thank you. My thoughts exactly!

      2. Pam

        Good riddance to her. Another example of entitlement youth..Grow up!

        1. Amanda

          Yeah. Boomers aren’t entitled at all.

      3. Ping Pong

        Employee signs a contract “I will not do ABC”, all perfectly legal. Then goes no to do “ABC”. Company terminates her contract for cause. Employee then goes cries on social media for rage points.
        What’s wrong with this picture?

      4. Amanda

        It’s literally nothing like that. She’s talking about the abuse at one point. I have had family in Cast. You have no idea. They expect you to be robots. You don’t get sick. You don’t take time off. You don’t miss shifts and how dare you if you tell the world how Disney Corp really treats its Cast Members. Characters are union BTW and separate from Disney and do not have to take Disney’s BS like you think. That’s WHY there is an investigation because she’s a union member. They cannot just kick her to the curb if she really did nothing wrong other than piss off some higher up execs.

        1. None

          This is true. 3 call offs within 3 months gets you fired, Doctors note or not.

          1. Robert

            You get an attendance point every time you call out. Your third callout in 30 days (or sixth in 90 days, ninth in 180 days, or twelfth in 365) causes the points you’ve allocated from those callouts to combine into a reprimand.

            3 reprimands to be terminated for attendance.

          2. Dick Hammer

            3 call offs in 3 months you deserve to be fired. I wouldn’t call that reliable. In my 40 years in the workplace I can count on both hands how many days I’ve missed. Youth today are ungrateful and entitled.

          3. John

            Nope. I have so many call offs and no call no shows and I’ve still yet to be fired or reprimanded from the Theme Park I work at. Disney is just filled with pathetic and sad executives which is why the shit company is declining.

    2. She foolishly posted video not even accepting blame for her actions.

  6. Rick Bistra

    Woke corporations are served notice. Disney, Target, Bud Lite, Planet Fitness are in trouble for fundamentalist Democrat woke and cancel culture odd beliefs.

  7. There’s a verbology for everything there and the cast members know it. One time, my sis was working and a nice person came to her to make a purchase. When my sis checked the cast members’ ID, she asked them if they were ‘The Big Cheese’ and they nodded yes. (They played Mickey!) All went well and was fun. Point is, wait until the gig is done. THEN brag. Keep the magic alive as long as possible! (And keep the job. It pays well.)

    1. Amanda

      Disney doesn’t pay well LOL

  8. Tom McLaughlin

    The Woke opinion is just one of many and that Disney has founded and alouded it to silent so many is an absolutely sad sign of our times.

    1. Nia

      It hss nothing to do with woke

      1. Loveskeywest

        People who believe in conspiracy theories are t very well educated! If it is known that Disney is trafficking children, someone would do something it! The nonsense that you people believe is crazy! This girl is not allowed to tell anyone that she plays Snow White and you think they’re going to allow child trafficking?? I think they would fire the child trafficker too! 🤣

    2. DJT luvsputin

      You have a weak perception of the facts…

      1. Somaluna

        Move to Russia.

    3. Amanda

      Woke? Disney is a crony capitalist conglomerate monster. Would you like to try again without the fox news buzz word?

      1. Jim

        Woke is not a buzzword here. In the movie Lightyear, Buzz was gay. How is that not being woke and pushing an agenda. Disney was founded on kids being kids and parents getting to fell like kids again as they entered the Disney magic. Changing rides because someone found it offensive is also being woke. Pirates imitated what history showed as pirate life. Changing characters ethnicity is also woke. Create stories and entertainment which brings those cultures and races into the magical world of Disney. They’ve stopped doing this..

        1. Tia

          Well said!!!! Yes!!!

      2. Haha what’s wrong with children born in the last 20 years
        They need to shut up do their job.
        If they thinked they been wronged take it to the labor office EEOC

    4. KenzieL

      Did you read the article? This isn’t about anything “woke”. Disney fired a worker for posting something on social media. They’re not getting rid of Snow White.

  9. DL

    Disney needs to treat their cast members better. Period. This kind of stuff gives me pause when it comes to returning to Disney, far more than even the price increases and such. Ethical employment practices are a core value and I try not to support companies that act like this. Have the rules, but these instant no-warning firings are unacceptable in any job.

    1. KEn

      LOL, you would do the same to protect your company. As far as returning…Don’t, you won’t be missed.

      1. Amanda

        Not all humans are trash. Also if you don’t treat your employees like trash you have nothing to hide from.

      2. John

        Idk about you but I do not want employees showing up injured or with an infectious disease.

    2. Patrick Thompson

      I guess they do t want to drive their company while being asleep at the wheel. They have always been about progress, so that leaves the group stuck in the 50s behind to keep napping.

    3. KEn

      P.S. if your employee murdered someone then that no warning firing doesn’t apply then right?

    4. Pey

      My daughter worked there for the college program. They treat them exceptionally well. So well in fact that she considered going back for an extra semester. Everyone knows these rules. There are very few exceptions and there should not be.

    5. Diane

      Florida is a right to work state which allows ANY company to fire you without a reason. If she signed an NDA and violated that it’s usually an immediate fire from ANY company not just Disney.

      1. Amanda

        Except Characters are one of the few unions Republicans did not run out of the state. There is that. They have union rights.

    6. Tookie Lombardo

      Florida is a “right to work” state where you can quit as you like and be fired as the employer likes…no notice required by law.

    7. Amyb

      Buckee’s has a zero tolerance policy regarding cell phones. If you are seen using your cell phone while on the clock you will be dismissed.

    8. Get Serious

      You obviously don’t know Florida employment law.

  10. Jim

    It’s not just Disney. I gave a relative wo works fir Universal and they are the same way.

  11. Management at Disney that controls Cast Members is horrendous not counting the Clicks of Cast and Management that controls who does and who don’t.

  12. Bev

    Not a d fan for MANY reasons. Yes, knew about the rules, had a friend years ago who portrayed Goofy and Queen of Hearts. Sofia knew the rules too. Some folks come by their learning harder than others. Hopefully she’ll grow into her big girl panties and get on with her life.

  13. Sylvia

    Who are the fools who create these rules, leave Disney alone. If I am going to pay to go to a park with all my childhood memories then I will not go to Disney. Wake up fools our children will grow up with everything I was raised with.

  14. Dee

    This trouble maker is looking for her minute of fame.

  15. Dee H

    This trouble maker is looking for her minute of fame.

  16. Kevin

    I guess I missed the part in the article where it stated the reason why Snow White had been banned throughout the park.

  17. Lesgo brandon

    Make America straight and white again.

  18. Anonymous

    She got what she deserved Disney doesn’t play around with their employees . If she didn’t want such a high stress job then she shouldn’t have taken on a character role and anyways looking at her she doesn’t look the part of Snow White or Anna from Frozen

  19. Robbie porter

    my mind is always thinking over time .I’m reading between the lines .I’m hearing snow white touched me in a no no pace I’m using Disney.

  20. The One Who Knows

    Given the choice of watching a 127 part documentary on the dung beetle or an all expense paid trip to WDW…

    I’ll take the beetle everyday and twice on Sunday.

    End of Line.

  21. If Sofia feels she was wrongfully fired from Disney she should file a claim with the Florida EEOC.
    NO body cares what you may have done.
    Really you never explained what you have done but you sure have acted guilty

  22. Sara jones

    She knows the rules. Disney doesn’t play when it comes to the characters. That is classified. Break the rules you get fired. She was ruining the Disney Magic for children. No sympathy for her.

  23. Jay

    An eviction with 24 hours notice? Inhumane.

    But it’s corporate greed in a Mickey Mouse costume, so I guess it’s not illegal.

    Some people really are above the law.

  24. Sara

    The video that Sophia posted that caused her to be fired is the second video in the article. I watched the whole video and saw her name Disney, by name, several times, criticize company policy, hint around that she played a character, and in the last few minutes, she promised to do an expose of “Disney’s dirty little secrets” of the college character program in her upcoming podcast series. Yeah, I would have fired her too.

    1. Joseph

      Maybe Disney should focus on how to help someone with a need for the das pass be able to get it… new policy starts May 20. We are a family of 6 and now only four of us can get a return time. Das still waits… just not in the line… so it hurts no one… just sad .. my kids are at the perfect age for the park but two of them have severe ADHD and can not stand in the long line.

      1. Jack

        Let it go. Let it goooooo.

      2. John

        Thankfully Disney is cracking down on you whiny system abusers.

      3. John

        How much is the “disability” check every month for the two?

    2. John

      She should be promoted to CEO.

    3. James

      Yeah, sara….fire her for exposing things that should be changed or improved. That is the spirit. Haha what a heart of gold you have. Fire anyone with criticism. Shame on you. And if Disney can’t deal with a little criticism then they have bigger problems. Just because you are apparently a Disney worshiper doesn’t mean they fire everyone who has a rational view of it.

      1. Tony

        The company has rules and policies just like every company. It’s not difficult to follow them. And if she has grievances, she should address that with management privately, and in person.

        1. Dm

          When you got hired you know the Rules all you have to do is follow them if you want to be a cast member at The WDW. It’s simple castmembers integrity follow rules.

  25. Awful Andrew

    Sounds like the “park prick policy police” need to know what a union and business agent could drop on them! Mistake or not management should be held accountable for wrongful termination when a contract was signed for a job and broken Employees should realize they have rights and not be stepped on like a bug for non issues and be offered review, training, probation or lateral movement before termination CWA $5 bucks per week! Sounds like room and board should be free like employees at hotels, restaurants and businesses around the grand canyon…… A theme park after closing is just a big desert full of (QWL) quality of work life issues

    1. Adaneshade

      Florida is an at will employment state. They can fire you for any reason and are not required to even give you a reason.

      1. Brandon

        Labor laws have entered the chat.

        1. alfred Mitchell

          Labor alaws do not trump At Will in states. You an still be fired without reason, just like you can quit a job without reason.

  26. San

    To the dumbasses that are praising Disney for firing the girl over not following rules or company policies, please show the decorum when you decide to bitch on Facebook when you get a ticket for going a mile over the speed limit or get written up/ reprimanded or fired for being a minute late for work because, you know, company rules.
    Stop sucki g Disney’s dick.

  27. Jay

    She was more than likely termed for social media violation and attendance. As most Cp are termed for attendance. Their point system sucks and they don’t care if you have a doctor’s note. You still missed work. 3 call outs in 30 days is a reprimand. 3 reprimand is a termination. Also, if you’re gonna post about your job maybe not attach all the hash tags on there. Js..

  28. Walter Lantz

    Disney blows.

    1. Phil Tasoni

      …and ABC and ESPN too.

  29. Truth Monkey

    I heard Disney is into human trafficking and children disappear there all the time.
    Wonder what happens to those poor kids. I pray for all of their souls.

    1. Spank You Very Much

      Snow White eats them. Obviously. Do your research.

    2. Silly

      You should check your source on that claim. Was it QANONSENSE?

    3. Mom

      Where did you hear this? Never heard if that.

    4. Spank You Very Much

      Snow White eats all the children who go missing, obviously. Do your research. *hard eye-roll*

    5. Informed Citizen

      It’s obvious what happened to those children. Snow White kidnapped them and baked them into pies. Do your research, people. *hard eye-roll*

    6. Michael

      You heard?
      Great proof.

      Just a bunch of Qanon BS

  30. craig

    She mesmerized my grand niece with her excellent performance…too bad for her and the children.

  31. John wright

    She broke the rules concerning Park entertainment employees exposing thier position. Disney must protect thier charactors, in this case Snow White. Its Disney’s money makers. The sick reprimand sounds more than harsh if true.

  32. Cara Harrison


    1. Silly

      Steal kids? Not likely. It sounds like QANONSENSE

      1. Marie

        You think Qanon really exists????🤣🤣🤣🐰🐰

        1. Michael

          MTQ sure thinks it does. And she should know.

    2. Kely

      Disney isn’t stealing kids. In the past there has been news that people who do human trafficking go to Disney, because it’s easier to hide kids. That’s why Disney staff comes into the rooms every day to do a maintenance check to make sure there’s no trafficking going on in the rooms.

      1. John

        LOL! That sounds more like groomer visits.

    3. Michael

      Again, quit posting your bs as fact.
      Your unsubstantiated BS if nothing more than hate speak.

      You belong in Fantasyland.

      You people are what’s making America sick.

    4. Manwell Hung

      Don’t you worry little lady. Gov. DeSantis is working on it as we post,

  33. Timothy Konieczny

    But yet Disney will let FAGGETS play as a Princess . Bunch of hypocritical Jackasses . I would NEVER take my child to a place where a male plays a female princess reading or talking to my child . May GOD have mercy on Disney for their lack of dignity . Walt Disney world role over in his grave . Disney is a Joke .

    1. Kungaloosh

      Your spelling and typing skills are a joke, but that surprises nobody here. Your lack of any real education is embarrassingly evident and carries over into your limited worldview. (For the record, this is what a properly typed sentence looks like.)

      1. John


        1. Kungaloosh

          Yes, he is very triggered, I agree. Maybe that’s the reason for the bad typing.

    2. River

      Thanks for letting other park goers know you won’t be there. It will make their day that much more enjoyable.

      1. Scott

        Many employers watch social media and reprimand employees they have to protect their business.

      2. John


    3. John

      Oh Timmy take a course in logic and oh yeah, a basic writing course too..
      How does it feel to be a walking freak show? Dork.

  34. Hassenbensober

    Haven’t been to that place in years. And reai,who cares, people get fired every day. Grow up.

    1. Kelsey

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Disney should and can sue her. She is in direct violation of her contract with them. Evidence all over social media.

    2. Margaret

      Completely agree 100%! If she wants to bitch and complain about her job there is always another grateful and enthusiastic college actor or actress to take her place happily! If it was always fun, they wouldn’t call it work! Read all the policies and rules in your job description before posting crap on social media! It’s that simple! Grow up and use this as a learning experience not a vapid backlash against your employer who entrusted you in a highly public role. I’m surprised that cast members are allowed to refer to their roles at all! It’s basically like someone unmasking Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny! It destroys the magic for young children. I really hope she learns some humility and grace in all of this.

  35. John

    She needs a good spanking.

    1. Wokey Dwarf

      …and Rachel Zegler should do the honors, ideally with a Mickey-shaped paddle that leaves Mickey-shaped welts.

  36. Brad

    Disney has lost their way… cousin Walt would be disgusted at what they have become.

  37. DocCane

    Disney has always treated this level employee as disposable. There are thousands of college kids in Orlando and WDW wastes no time dumping one for another over anything.

    1. John

      As they should.

  38. Cpatterson

    She lost me with that obnoxious whispery clicking sound she made at the beginning of the video she hopes sounded cool. I skipped through some, but most of what I heard sounded like an entitled whiner who knew what she was getting into, as she said, but still wants to complain. Oh and you have a car but won’t drive because you’re self describing as “cheap”. Not a sympathetic character (pardon the pun) and yes I would have fired her as well. Those types of people always know the rules, understand the rules, agree to the rules but then think the rules don’t or shouldn’t apply to them.

  39. Carmelo Pappalardo

    As a former cast member
    (Brown Derby), I have amazing memories. Not perfect, but amazing. I would never have done this. She needed to be fired.

  40. Sharon

    I’m confused. So it’s OK to lie and say you are close friends with the character, but you cannot lie and say you really are that character?

    1. Sharon

      And I’m not saying she was right or wrong but that was confusing to say you can’t say you really are a character but you can say you are close friends with them.

    2. It’s a disclosure contract I work Both as a government and private contractor as well i use to work at WDW in the past you sign a disclosure contract. If you break it your terminated There no soft coating it I guess social media was more important than her contract with Disney

  41. Don Rumata

    2 months on the job. Late all the time. Has an issue working for a place that has operating standards and regulations. Goes against the rules just to be “different “ on social media. What am I missing here

  42. Debbie

    The reason she was fired is pretty obvious not only the photo on her Instagram but the entire video on her YouTube channel,
    She clearly wasn’t listening during traditions was she!
    There’s so man other cast members posting about living and working there whether it’s Cp , IP , entertainment or just regular cast members, but in all those videos I’ve never once seen anyone Diss the company as much as she did in both her videos, I’ve never once seen anyone working in entertainment post photos or videos of themselves while in costume online ,
    She needs to learn to keep her opinions to herself because Disney won’t take kindly to her badmouthing them online

  43. C Jones

    I’ve read the article and watched both her videos as well as her Instagram videos.

    If she was truly going to do a podcast about the DCP problem then she would have done just that.

    She wouldn’t have ever mentioned what dept she worked in. She wouldn’t have had Snow White on the wall behind her as a hint to who she was “Friends with” and she would never have posted videos of herself as Snow White on Instagram.

    It all seems like honestly she wasn’t happy being in the DCP and purposely set herself up to be terminated but then play it off as this is all just a “Shock”

    Sorry I see right through it all and after I watched Instagram, and her 2 videos no wonder she was fired. Personally she might even need to see a therapist if she isn’t already so that she could move on.

    If she was Happy working through DCP she would have followed their rules. She had been their 2 months, wasn’t happy and wanted to return to college or go home.

    She got what she asked for.

    Btw if she was also told not to go to the parks, downtown Disney etc how was it that she went with her bf after he came to pick her up w her 24 hr vacate.

    Doesn’t all add up.

  44. Staci Young

    I confess to the world that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior today and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I AM SAVED. Jesus Christ is Lord, He’s God’s son, He died for my sins and God rose him from the dead. He is alive! I AM A CHILD OF GOD. I have been baptized. I AM NOT ASHAMED! Amen!

    1. John


  45. Elizaveth

    As an xcm I find it funny that it seems Disney world is always having problems with their cast members or their rules and Disneyland in California they get very dismissive of the rules unless they’re just trying to pick on people and spend a couple weeks concentrating on people that sell tickets online or people that break the rules with the clothing but now that there really are hardly no rules in California basically cast members can do whatever they want which in one way is sad because when I worked there we had the rules but everybody knew why now they just kind of let people skate also California is a lot different than Florida in the sense of we don’t have the college program this big over there and there’s been so many problems with characters and they just don’t want to deal with that I think that since covid almost all the magic is gone out of both parks it’s sad a lot of the cast members say it the people that are annual pass holders say it

    1. Rafy

      Wow!!! Not one period or comma! Just stream of consciousness. Goodness!!

      1. RedHorseOne

        It’s too elitist, I guess 😂
        Up here, in Michigan, I sometimes nod off and dream of being a “coastal elite”. I bet they have all the fun.

  46. Mike

    It amazes me how people right away get angry at the company for firing her. There is a reason companies have contracts and rules and if you are not going to abide by them no matter how small the infraction then it is that persons fault.
    Young people now a days think it is free for all and that they are always in the right no matter what.

    1. For someone who wasn’t entirely happy with the job & keeps saying she’s fine, she goes to lengths to keep complaining. Too long of a video. Seems there might of been an anterior issue & the video was the excuse to terminate. She sounds a bit defiant. Cut your losses & keep on with your life plans.

    2. Cathy Crane

      Good for Disney! Long drawn out video. Too bad I bet she was a good one while it lasted.Theres rules in every job.

    3. Brian Rudi

      You are retarded Big Mike.

  47. John Price

    A poorly written piece about someone complaining about their job on social media. Ugh.

  48. E B

    It seems to me what she’s upset about is that she got dumped by Disney World before she had the opportunity to dump them.

  49. Wendy LO

    She’s young, a little overconfident, quite a bit immature. We all live and learn. I do believe broke she the rules (Snow White photo on the wall in the background ) intentionally. I always heard Disney likes to crack down on their employees and this proves it. My feelings are neutral here. She gave obvious hints and Disney took action. That’s life! You play, you pay. Right?

  50. WLO

    She’s young, a little overconfident, quite a bit immature. We all live and learn. I do believe broke she the rules (Snow White photo on the wall in the background ) intentionally. I always heard Disney likes to crack down on their employees and this proves it. My feelings are neutral here. She gave obvious hints and Disney took action. That’s life! You play, you pay. Right?

  51. Shirley

    Break the rules, pay the price.

  52. There are rules everywhere and they are there for a reason and today’s kids think that the rules are not for them and they can do whatever they want. Disney has every right to fire her and anyone else that breaks the rules.

    1. Judy

      What rule did she break?

      1. Brian Rudi

        She said Big Mike is “retarded”.

  53. Kevin

    Many companies prohibit employees identifying themselves as an employee and then commenting on the company. They can comment, if they don’t identify as an employee.

    This allows them to control the flow of information about the company from within its ranks.

  54. David

    While I found her video to be tough to watch I can’t help pointing out that WDW made the decision to completely discount her explanation. This is fundamentally a misunderstanding more so than a story about a young lady going out of her way to break the rules. Why is nuance so hard for some people?

    1. Dr. C

      Why is following the rules hard for you people?

      1. G

        Because the rules aren’t just, bootlicker?

    2. lujon

      Because nuance leads to lawsuits claiming a misogyny or racism or transphobia

      So they put in place policies and follow them to the letter no matter the circumstances because then they can say lawyers crafted the policy that comply with the law if you have a problem with that talk to your elected officials you can’t sue us because we’re doing what you said you wanted when you voted for politicians who passed these laws

  55. sam

    she was dumb and got fired for it the end

  56. Marcia

    She had me cringing when she said I’m just a girl…… and then they escorted me me off the property like I’m some kind of criminal. Come on now grow up.

  57. Laura

    Boy , if she doesn’t like working for disney world can’t wait to hear what she thinks about nursing and hosp. Corp.
    By they they don’t really care about Doctor notes or if your late due to transportation issues either. They won’t even investigate. Lol. Disney is pretty clear on their rules. The only thing I agree with is she should have had more time to move out.

  58. M

    Dumbass got fired for violating the contact (posting the pics on instagram) and breaking character. You violate a contract they have every right to fire you. it wad her own dumbass fault, not the company’s

  59. MJ

    You won’t be back… T2

  60. Jay

    Blow the whistle while you work?

  61. Joseph Boyce

    My son worked at Walt Disney World last year he was in marketing in the college program he also stayed on property like she has he got let go due to violating a company policy and they gave him 24 hours to get out of the housing so I agree they don’t play games

  62. MS

    This reminds me of a clip I saw on YouTube of Minnie Mouse smoking a cigarette at Disneyland. It was a dude dressed up as her and he took his mask off and was secretly smoking in a corner and some dude is just filming him from a distance laughing

    1. Air

      No, that was on the Vegas strip with someone in a crappy fake costume.

  63. Stephanie

    I knew that they had really strict rules for employees. What i didn’t realize that they had similar policies for patrons. Although I can understand reselling tickets or questionable things. I knew that DL was stricter than WDW…

    The last time I was at DL I was sadly disappointed and I believe in my heart both Walt and Roy would be too. Same for WDW. Which I was able to visit a couple of years ago and was also disheartened.

  64. Jen

    Just STOP talking!!! Evey bit of your life doesn’t have to be posted on social media! I’m an 80’s baby. My personal life is PRIVATE! I go to social media to post recipes, read about stupid stuff like this and watch videos. Keep your mouth shut. You’ll be better off in the end!

    1. Meh people are gross and desperate for attention now. It’s sickening really.

  65. Disney is NOT the happiest place on earth especially if you work there . As long as they’re woke I will never take my grandkids there.

    1. Angel

      I agree what hypocrites, allowing woke but not accepting a written doctor’s note!

    2. Mary

      I agree not taking anyone there or spending one dime .
      Kids grand kids or great grand kids .

    3. Stephanie

      Fine, don’t go. They’re still going to make money, with or without you or your grandkids.

    4. Michelle

      My ex husband worked there as a younger man , he called it ” working for the rat “.

  66. Brian Rudi

    You are retarded Big Mike.

  67. Easy

    Well I would definitely have an attorney for any of my children that wants to work for them just in case they get fired for wrongful termination. If I was this lady I would report this matter to the EOCC and have them reported.

    1. Dave

      And you are what is wrong with this generation. Disney has rules; if you break the rules, you lose your job. She broke the rules, so she got fired. Why would an attorney have anything to do with this? Her generation wants to have everything their own way. They want to work somewhere, but not have to follow rules established by their employers. This one was pretty simple- Don’t post about your job. She couldn’t even handle that one simple rule, and you want to create litigation… unreal.

      1. Michelle

        I totally agree. I had 2 daughters that did the Disney College Program. They knew from the get go what the rules were. They enjoyed their time there, made many friends from all over, enjoyed the perks that came with the job, and now are able to use this experience in their resumes. Their job interviews have often included questions about that experience. Disney is known to do everything they can to cater to customer service. I feel it was a very positive experience for them both.

      2. Tanya

        It won’t matter, Florida is an “at will” state, which means you can be fired for any reason (good or bad) or no reason at all. That is perfectly legal here. Here is a snipit about it: Florida is an at-will state, which means that either the employer or the employee can end the employment relationship at any time without reason. This includes firing, demoting, hiring, promoting, and disciplining employees for almost any reason, or no reason at all. Florida does not recognize wrongful termination, and protected characteristics such as race, gender, national origin, and religion are not protected. However, there are some exceptions to at-will employment, such as public policy omission, which prohibits the firing of an employee for reporting illegal activity.

  68. James

    An ongoing investigation ha?? Lol Here’s something that doesn’t make sense to me. The left destroy statues and want to cancel people like John Wayne that lived in a different time and died long ago yet the left hasn’t canceled Disney??? Lol Hey lefties, are y’all aware of the fact that Walt Disney was a huge racist? Why isn’t Disney canceled. Kind of a double standard don’t you think?

  69. BG

    As Judge Judy once said, “They are the boss applesauce”.

  70. Isaiah

    One thing that isn’t common knowledge just yet, but hopefully soon will be, is that; in the State of California, there’s a clause in the employee contract that you have to sign that’s called the “At Will” clause. The idea begins this “At Will” clause is that it is meant to protect both the employers and the employees within the workplace. If ever for any reason at all you want to quit your job, well, as an employee, you can do so AT WILL. Same goes for the employers, if ever they have reason to fire an employee, they can do so AT WILL. Unfortunately, the reality is that this clause gets abused, terribly often, by employers believe it or not. The reason why is simply because; if an employer even so much as suspects you of doing something, they can fire you. Let’s say you were wrongfully accused of something, like stealing, and the company investigates and finds out that you in fact did NOT do what you’ve been accused of; in the State of California, the company still has the right to fire you for suspicion alone, even if that suspicion turns out to be false and you’re an innocent, hard working employee; they, the company, can still have you fired at will. This “At Will” clause is in every employment contract that you sign, whether you read it or not, it’s there. Always read the contracts, keep yourself informed, and remember that the people at work are NOT your friends. The people that you work alongside with at work are NOT your friends, I repeat. You can be fired at any time irrespective of your efforts, time, diligence, “excelling performance”, etc.etc.; it does not matter. This is the State of California. Unfortunately, this is Leftist Democrat-made policy, thank Gavin Newsom and the Leftists for this.

  71. Gwen

    Um I think what you intended to say: “There are rules in every job”?

  72. Timtruck

    Welcome to the entitlement crowd! They sign that they understand the rules and such as DIsney jobs, you sign a contract for.. then when the entitlement folks violate it, they cry and complain because tgey think they are entitled. Nope, you signed the contract! Sit the f**k dow, shut the f**k up and start acting like you are a real person who cant always get your way. Welcome to the real world, dummy!

  73. Timtruck

    Welcome to the entitlement crowd! They sign that they understand the rules and such as DIsney jobs, you sign a contract for.. then when the entitlement folks violate it, they cry and complain because tgey think they are entitled. Nope, you signed the contract! Sit your rear down, shut your mouth and start acting like you are a real person who cant always get your way. Welcome to the real world, dummy!

  74. Sandy

    Big corporations don’t give a damn about people. Your a piece of protoplasm with a heart beat. So if you blatantly break their rules they will kick your butt to the curb!
    Perhaps the movie the unhappy princess should be their next box office smash!

  75. Hep

    Disney has their rules and their employees must abide by them if they want to remain on the payroll plain and simple. But kind of funny that with all the wokeness that Disney has been embracing in their failed movies and other political affirmations now they’re reaping for what they sowed as their employees now think they should be entitled to as woke a treatment as they have been exposing for quite some time lately.

  76. Nancy

    Clear delineation between Generations- generations who are older compared to the Gen XYZ. Do not ask for instant gratification. Comply with rules set by others. If you don’t own it, don’t touch or change it. If you have nothing good to say for the betterment of humankind, keep it to yourself.

    Sophia, in life you have to understand there are boundaries. You have to work for success. You don’t push your fame around at the expense of others. Disney is a massive corporation and to maintain stability in all aspects, there are rules for all to follow. You choose to violate them. You were told at hiring on these policies. You choose to violate them. I know at least one person in your family works for employer who sets rules? Do they violate them just to get their way, publicity, fame, and other personal desires? I won’t know but you may certainly get some advice from them and others who don’t. If you want personal gain, do them at you own expense and not others. Follow rules and work for success the right way my dear young child!!

    1. Larry

      I don’t really think she gives a shit after dealing with yet another corporate disaster that is Disney. You keep virtue signaling and lecturing your offspring into being serfs though Nancy.

  77. Who cares

    So you go online to blast your employer… I would fire you too.

    1. Christoph

      Not her employer. They fired her. I would talk about them to. Are you actually serious or do you just play an idiot on TV?

  78. Larry

    Disney can’t go bankrupt soon enough.

  79. Ken

    Snow white should not be suspended indefinitely just the person playing character. I watched Sophie’s video that got her terminated. Yes she went to far and most likely breached her contract. Disney should have kept this matter in house as other businesses of professional quality do. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  80. RJ

    It’s ironic that a place that relishes living in fantasies, dishes out realities so harshly.

    1. Bk

      I agree wholeheartedly with the first comment. It sounds so sagely/wise.

  81. Steve

    Working for the Rat…

  82. Jay

    She spent the entire video bashing the company, and describing how shitty an employee she is, and she is surprised that she got fired. This is laughable.

    1. A

      Also, if you look at the video in question, as well as others, she is clearly breaking rules!!

      She also said she didn’t like the company PRIOR to working there. Makes no sense to me.

  83. Rob

    Oh no! You mean if I break a rule I won’t have the privilege of paying astronomical prices for a day of standing in ridiculous long lines in 100 degree heat for a 3 minute ride or to buy food for triple what it should be or pay a hundred bucks for a t-shirt? Gee, whatever will I do?

  84. Christoph

    What a bunch of……unts. Disney really is a terrible company. People like to think of them as nice because of the movies. They are not. This is who they are.

  85. Maria

    My daughter did the Disney College Program (DCP) three times. She was not a character performer, but everyone involved in DCP is aware of the rules regarding posting on social media, whether it be NO backstage pictures, NO pictures that violate character integrity, etc. There are also clear cut policies regarding missing work (a point system that can be reduced with doctor’s notes if due to illness). It’s all clearly spelled out when they’re accepted into the program and during training, and they all sign agreements to adhere to the rules. They’re well aware of the consequences of violating them. I have zero sympathy for people who complain about being disciplined or terminated for violating the rules. Thousands upon thousands of college students apply for DCP and it’s a privilege to be accepted. It’s not just “I get to spend six months at Disney and get paid for it!” It’s long hours and hard work. But the experience lasts long after the program ends. Lifelong friendships are made, lessons are learned in working for a major corporation and for some, it’s living on their own for the first time and learning to cook, clean, grocery shop, etc. (they’re housed in apartments, not dorms with meal plans). Many, many people have said that having DCP on their resumes is an attention grabber and huge perk during job interviews. Be grateful and behave.

    1. Manny

      Totally agree! I have several colleagues that were former Disney employees. They are a very special group! Extremely professional, polite, and very put together! This kid needs to grow up and get a grip! I listened to probably 15 mins of her whining story! No sympathy here!

    2. G

      I have had a Mickey Mouse job – I worked at Disneyland when I was in college in the early 1980’s. We were all told the rules during our introduction training, yes, training. Specifically where you will be located. I had instruction in “feeling” fake bills, then eyeballing certain features for legitimacy.
      They were told everything upfront.

      Oh, very few ex-employees have successfully collected Unemployment Insurance. Most have been fired for cause.

      My mother worked for the Employment Development Department (the unemployment office, to the unfamiliar) in California from 1975-1990. She litigated many cases of “cause”. Nobody from Disney ever won their case.

    3. Jan

      I’m with you! Pay attention to all details when you’re signing up for a commitment- the rules are not “suggestions.” It is a tough world out there, and you should learn to navigate it with determination and heart. Like any job or intense training, “Your mama don’t work here.”

    4. Paula

      Very well said! Too many don’t think rules apply to them. It has become ridiculous. They are preparing them for the real world!

    5. britendarkk@hotmail.coml

      I kind of agree with your comments. I don’t understand why she would even be surprised that she got fired, knowing that she was very clearly breaking rules that are not hard to comprehend. Anyway…why did your daughter go through the program 3 times? I don’t know how the program works, so just curious…

  86. Dave G.

    Nothing new here. One of my first Secretaries when I first started working in Orlando in the early 1980’s used to be Minnie Mouse. She was based out of WDW but had traveled all over the World representing Disney. She was separated and getting a Divorce from her Husband when he was arrested possession of cocaine. She was immediately fired. So Disney’s policies, at least at the time, included their family’s and not just their individual Characters.

  87. Chris

    We all have choices to make and must live with the consequences of those choices.
    In today’s world of social media, many people are given a platform on which to stand and tell their story. Different people have different motivations for taking to social media to express themselves, to inform, educate, or entertain, to make money, etc. I will not speculate her motivation, however, she is clearly intelligent, well spoken, and very strategic in her approach.

    I come from the generation that was told “Suck it up buttercup.” We are also the generation that coddled our children in an attempt to save them from the challenges of life that we experienced growing up. We created this, and social media provides the platform.

    Ultimately, she knew exactly what she was doing from the start. She accepts no responsibility and continually blames others for everything, including her tardiness. Now, she is “internet famous,” whether that was the goal or not.

    1. DisneyCM042


      1. britendarkk@hotmail.coml

        Which part of her actions are “intelligent” and “strategic”?

  88. Blaze

    Seems like Disney thinks adults and teens should like childish fake stories…. Any kid young enough to not know it’s fake isn’t online anyway.

    America is just stupider and stupider everyday huh….

    1. Brenda

      What are shows on TV, what are movies, why do people read novels? Go to sports events? For the enjoyment!

  89. Avery

    Who the really care if she uploaded a picture of herself dressed up this is a stupid rule. Nobody cares about the integrity of the role stop lying to your kids. Kids should know these characters are not real. Full make believe I will never spend money at Disney because it’s not the most magical place in the world. It’s a money pit designed to take and take while giving you memories that are a false perspective of reality

    1. Jessica

      Yet we lie to our kids that Santa is real when they are little and tell them the Easter bunny and tooth fairy are real and that’s ok I’m just saying let kids believe in magic while they can because they deserve that

  90. Pat

    Agree with Disney, a disgruntled employee fired after disregarding clear company rules, and obviously trying to see how far she can bend the rules has 0 sympathy. Good job Disney .

    1. Michelene

      Do you have a job .at Disney, ever. And she did have a sick note from a doctor and then Disney didn’t want to acknowledge it that is definitely wrong. Also the characters are a union and in the Parks there are union reps to help the cast member I hope she went to one if not they’re out there I had a great friend who did it for 4 years and saved many jobs. I will fill out comment sheets even complaint sheets of the park events or cast members all those gets stored in the cast members files if she had a lot of positives and a cast member union rep she might not have been fired put on probation maybe.

      1. Lex

        College Program Employees are not under union contract unfortunately. Only Full Time, Part Time and Seasonal and even then, not every department has a union. DCP is literally at the bottom of the barrel, yet Disney relys so much on them and under pays them.

        While, I do agree she tried to tow a line with the rules, I do feel like Disney greatly undervalues DCP

    2. ALL jobs have their own set of rules. Grow up, do your job, and quit acting like u r entitled to break the rules

  91. Jim Schleske

    Really, I don’t know why anyone among normal families chooses to go to Disney, unless it’s less awful than booking a Carnival Cruise Line cruise.

  92. Becky Bayne

    I was a cast member in 1992 (college program) and yes, we all know the rules ahead of time. They really pound it into your brain. No pictures backstage, no telling Disney “secrets”, and to this day I never have. Don’t want Disney to lose the magic for the guests. I feel like she shouldn’t have even hinted at anything. Maybe she was trying to get attention. Didn’t work out so well for her in the end if that was the case.

  93. Beth

    Well, bless your heart. You clearly think you are the victim and that the theme park was unprofessional. But don’t you see that you broke the rules? This is your fault! This is the real world, baby. Stop whining on line and see if you can get a real job with real responsibilities. Good luck! You’re going to need it.

    1. Cindy

      Beth…Bravo! The new generation are weak whiners. Grow up year 2000 generation. Thank you Beth for saying what we all are thinking!.😄

    2. Jackie

      Have to agree with most all comments, this young woman needs to grow up. She is the one who is being unprofessional. Today is all about social media. You can live without posting your whole life. Welcome to the real world. It is not all about you.

  94. Is this only at Walt Disney World or at Disneyland in California

  95. I live in Florida and would not waste my hard earned money on this pit hole. Magical place. Ha, ha
    Whole place smells like pee.

    People keep your money. For the same price you can go on a destination vacation without fakeness.

  96. JenniferRN247

    You literally leaned in and ‘whispered’
    “Screw you Disney HR.”
    Ya might want to go back and look at your video again, if you REALLY can’t understand why they might be pissed off.
    Just sayin….

  97. Marcus

    The show must go on!

  98. So by publishing this and all the information, you just continue to perpetuate the issue. And continue to ruin it for children who you know are on all types of social media.

  99. Linnie B

    I’m a Gramma of 9, and I’m so disappointed in Disney! How can I share the Wonderful Wonderment of who Disney was when I was a child, when I question the motives of who Disney is today? My grandkids haven’t even to been to Disneyland! Very sad!

  100. Jose Jalapeno

    She made it absolutely obvious she’s a character actor and created a simple trail to determine which specific one she plays. Just because she didn’t say the words “I play Snow White” doesn’t mean she didn’t tell the world she played Snow White in that video.

  101. Mike

    Like here in Florida it doesn’t matter where you live in Florida either the pay scale is controlled by Disney. Also I know with Disney World here in Florida they are always having a job fair. The reason is for every new hire Disney brings on they receive a kickback from the state of Florida. So for instance the first job fair of the year let’s say they hire 100 people well Disney has a 90 day probation period . So between your hire start date and 89th day of probation Disney may only keep 10 of the 100 people. So for those 10 permanent hires they received a state kickback. Well Disney sees it as though we still need more employees so they do another job fair and they keep doing that till they have enough employees. Then no more job fairs till the following year.

    1. Charles

      The Magic has left the Magic Kingdom. They have turned into the Woke Kingdom. Walt Disney is turning over in his grave.

  102. Experiment626

    So you can’t dress up as a Disney character unless you pay a few hundred dollars at the bippity boppity boutique?

  103. Michael

    I worked for Disney from 1996 until 2008, with a short lived attempt at a return during 2009. It was a long time before social media was at the level it currently is. A person would really have to think a few steps ahead, and if they’re wound up in all the various things that exist today….. it could become very difficult. I have wonderful memories and chaffing ones from my 12 plus years. It seems to be a very different place than it was. At the same time, I don’t think that it would be as difficult for me as many others in today’s world, because I’m not consumed and entrenched in current technology.

  104. Phillip

    This site is the closest I will ever get to Disney World or land. I don’t think Disney will ever see any of my money!!!

  105. Phillip

    What a waste. The “Universal” park is looking better every day!!!

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