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  1. Heather

    Is it me or does she seem very selfish holding up everybody’s job She doesn’t even want to do the job.She’s been very vocal about that This does not look good to her fans.I was one of them but No not anymore 😕

    1. Me

      She isn’t holding anything up! The show is most definitely still shooting! How do I know? I am working on it! One thing this article got correct was we will be shooting until December this year….that is of course if my union (IATSE) does not strike. Ours and the Teamsters contract is up on July 31st. There is a strong possibility that we both could strike, shutting down productions again this summer.

      1. Spencer

        Do u think, since you’re working on the show, u can give MBB my number? U can tell her to txt me sometime at 717-420-4703

        1. Tom

          You’re delusional 😂

          1. Shannon kendorski

            Right 😂

    2. Tina

      Facts on that. Seems like she has gotten too big for her britches and thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. Quite frankly her attitude stinks and by the time this last season gets done, no one will care. I’m over it already.

      1. Abu

        I think she is a cyborg

    3. VECNA

      She has gotten a huge head. There is an event called Galaxy comic con and her ass even charges close to a grand for an autograph…that’s almost as much as Tim Curry but he has that right she does not.

      1. William

        You act like she hasn’t earned it. Acting can be grueling work, and I’m sure she’s been busting her ass working on season 5, so I’d say she’s allowed a vacation. How about you read the article instead of whining and making assumptions based on the title of the article.

    4. K arrow

      She went on vacation. Didn’t ou read the article?

    5. John

      Are you her? Do you know her side of the story? For one, how long do you think it takes to film a season? Two, other actors in Hollywood do the same thing. I love how this world likes to play the blame game.

    6. Kaitlyn

      She’s not holding up anything. You think they’re filming all day every day? It literally said in the article that it’s normal for the actors to have time off given to them. They’re people too, not robots that can constantly work. Get over yourself, you sound like a child

    7. Ion

      That show sux anyways

      1. Yamother

        Want a cookie?

    8. Adrianne

      You’re an idiot. Did you Read the article or just the headline? SMH… 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. beebee

    Does Insidethemagic know what “indefinite” means?

    1. Dave

      Jfc y’all act like you’ve never heard of the concept of vacation lmao. Wtf is this “you must work a full calendar year with no time off”

  3. Margaret West

    Hopefully since the cast is “over it” so to speak, that there will still be enough glory! After all, Will the Wise has a role to fulfill as leader, IMO.

  4. Kurt Ulysses

    I haven’t watched this show since season 3, I haven’t watched anything on Netflix. I don’t know the obsession these days with taking almost half a decade to release another season and then having like five to six episodes, Netflix used to not be this way, but with this show i dont get it. They film Criminal minds and Greys Anatomy ( which had triple the the episodes) in less than 9 months it just seems lazy.

    1. Tina


      1. Jenn

        Where did your headline come from? She refuses to return to set says the headline and then you spend the whole article walking back the statement. Explaining she isn’t far from set, that they aren’t all needed all the time. Etc.
        And no one in the comments has read it I guess. It’s their last season after starting at 10 or 12 years old. She’s ready to move onto other things with so much gratitude, literally all she said.

        1. Kate

          Exactly! I’m so sick of propaganda articles like this. Ruining peoples character and potentially career from spouting nonsense from twitter.
          Honestly most people with a brain knows all the writers and media strikes are the main cause for all these production delays.
          And everyone has a right to a vacation without people prying and talking trash

    2. S Nogg

      I’m sure you won’t post this because it seems I’ve been black balled here, but a majority of posters here have become whiny babies.

      You go on vacations; why can’t she.

      Good grief.

  5. MrTrex

    We should not beg her to continue filming season five of “stranger things”, after all we are not watching the movie because of her and with or without her stranger things will still be stranger things. All we care is that the movie should be acted and completed even if a boy stands as eleven all we want is entertainment.

    1. Cinthya Cruz

      Ummmm sorry but it’s not a movie, its a show, and yea, she kinda does make the whole show, without her, the show wouldn’t have gotten past season 1 without her…. idk, just saying. I’m eagerly waiting for season 5

  6. VECNA

    I love stranger things but f*ck Millie. She thinks she’s hot shit and she is not. Her job is acting and when you are paid to do a job than do it you don’t get to pause everyone’s job because you wanna go see Mickey mouse

  7. Wreckdum

    The kids will be 30 before the next season rolls out. The magic is gone. It’s been gone. Just stick a fork in it.

    1. Ion

      Yup they shoulda quit after season 2

  8. K arrow

    Will Byers wasn’t one of Eleven’s heroes. Will was trapped in the upside down

  9. Her ego is HUGE, despite the bait n switch of the article, she still remains one of the most uppity little gremlins in show business, and now she can’t even hide it, watching her interviews, even that horrible ‘damsel’ , her ego is in full display.. who knows if she’ll ever experience true pain, and fall back back to Earth one day..

  10. Nan

    It has been so long that I do not even care about it anymore. Too much drama and to long between seasons.

  11. No

    This website and many of the comments are complete trash.

  12. Thee BIG B0B0 (Gooey Davis)

    Yes it has taken TOO LONG for the final season to the point where most don’t give a shizznit about it anymore BUT!!………
    But as for Millie Bobby Brown…… it’s more like Millie Bobby YUM!

  13. Big whoop! This season has been delayed by actors and writers strikes for months! Who gives a crap if Millie wants to take a few days off to go to Disney. Is this really a story or an ad for Disney theme parks!

  14. MuTru

    One actor taking a break during shooting is not unusual, doesn’t create a “hiatus,” and certainly isn’t “indefinite” if they have a schedule set through December. Congrats on getting the name of the actor right, at least. Yay you.

    As for the rest of the hate aimed at MBB and accusations her ego is in play … your readiness to form opinions based on tissue-thin rumors and the post’s unfounded conclusions tell us more about you than about her.

  15. Joyce

    Write her character out if she doesn’t want to work. She can easily be replaced.

  16. JKP

    It NEVER seems to fail!! As soon as they get to a point to where they KNOW they are needed .. they refuse to do something unless they get paid more or whatever the excuse is!! It NEVER FAILS. Right when it could be an historical season.

  17. Chaneka

    No matter how long it takes them to finish filming season 5, I’m waiting, and will be ready to watch when it comes out. I was looking forward to watching it this year though. The cast members are getting noticeably older, so they shouldn’t take too much time.

  18. Katt

    I agree with Heather, MBB seems to have grown into a selfish girl after her success, I’m afraid

  19. Scott

    Cast will be to old anyway won’t be the same that is for me but wish them luck

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