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Johnny Depp looking shocked as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Nice to see Johnny Depp Returning.

  2. Amanda

    I really hope he comes back as Captain Jack Sparrow, just to give those characters a proper goodbye. I think they could even potentiallycontinue the franchise eith a new cast after giving the original cast a proper send off. Could be interesting. Regardless, I think it’ll backfire spectacularly if they exclude Johnny Depp from the next Pirates movie.

    1. Liz

      I agree, I think if Disney tries to do a Pirates without JD the outcome will be another low producing movie that will just not get fans to buy, rent, or watch it…..Our family just does nothing Disney anymore, and my Grandmother and her friends bought original stock first time offered……we grew up Disney. No more thanks to their treatment of JD.

  3. Reminder

    They better not mess around and f–k with him ever again. And get used to it or the hell with them and still I want his whole life back who was taken away from him was Elizabeth who left jack to die from the kraken she should have realize she has his feelings.

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