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Close-up image of a Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Rob Daley

    Harrison Ford is Iconic. You better not kill him off. Star wars was enough.

    Rob Daley

  2. Angela

    Yes he’s the best a should keep being indy

    1. Joel

      Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones…… There is no other….. You can’t improve on perfection…. It’s Harrison as Indy or nobody…. Messing with things people love is never a good idea…. Indiana Jones forever…. Harrison Ford for President!

    2. Debby

      There is no one that can replace Harrison Ford….don’t try!

  3. Angela

    Luv Harrison ford

  4. Philip Michael Reed

    Bless Harrison Ford. He is a great actor. Indiana Jones is a one of kind character. If he is willing to continue up until his end of life I say way to go. At least he is still around. Other actors we would love to see play their iconic roles are either in heaven or are not doing well. But at least Harrison Ford is willing to keep on going while he is Indiana Jones and nobody else.

  5. Deaner Williams

    Harrison Ford is a icon and I have been in love with him since the drag scene in American Graffiti and the first Star Wars. Should he return to movies I will be one of the first to buy a ticket and if not “Thank you Harrison Ford, Thank you😘

    1. Yes, Harrison Ford must continue to do a 6th, 7th and more!!!!!!!!!

  6. What about making it available for Ps4 some of us for one reason or the other can’t afford Xbox and only have equivalent of Apple PC though we pleaded for IBM the purchaser refused to get one.

  7. Harrison is great at any of the roles he has been in from American Grafitti on. My beef is not with his acting but with Disney not publishing this for Sony. Through the course of time I can’t afford an Xbox I am lucky to have a PS4

  8. Joel

    Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones…… There is no other….. You can’t improve on perfection…. It’s Harrison as Indy or nobody…. Messing with things people love is never a good idea…. Indiana Jones forever…. Harrison Ford for President!

    1. Absolutely!!!!!!!

  9. Anthony

    Also they better not put this woke B’s in the game like tuning Indiana Jones gay, or makeing him black or even worse a woman…. Or a man / woman 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Anthony

    I hope they make it 3rd person or at least be able to change the view. Like drake in uncharted… There are so many first person shooters as it is… I would like to see the character I’m playing….

  11. Keith

    No more, please. I couldn’t watch the last one. It stunk

  12. Roberta

    It’s too bad that money takes precedent over quality. Why do studios beat a cash cow to death rather than letting it go gracefully and with great memories. I would be happy to continue supporting the Indy franchise as long as the quality remains. The last two movies were barely acceptable If you can’t come up with scripts as wonderful as the first movies, it is time to quit.

  13. Jay

    If Kathleen Kennedy and Disney is involved then I’m not interested.

  14. Will

    Go woke, go broke.

  15. I certainly wasn’t going to get in line and pay movie theater ticket prices to see Dial of Destiny after that crap show Crystal Skull, so little wonder it bombed at the box office. I waited a few months to even watch Dial of Destiny for fear it would be just as bad.

    Heres a thought: how about instead of wasting more money on a crappy video game or another crappy movie, they actually spend some money on good writers and make a good movie? If not, then just let the character go and stop wasting my time.

  16. Bongo

    Ffs retire already.

  17. Ruth

    Harrison is the only Indiana Jones. Lots of people didn’t like the last one. I loved it. I just didn’t not like the girl who was in it.

  18. Jeremy

    Ford obviously made The films great, but I would like to see Indy turn into a James Bond type franchise. The first actor out of the gate will definitely have it rough. However I believe the franchise could be great with a fresh spin on it. Sadly Harrison is too old to continue making these movies

  19. Gunnar

    It just won’t be the same without Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I for one will not be buying any tickets to it if Jones isn’t starring in as Indy.

  20. Michelle



  21. Jack

    Indiana Jones is a great franchise. But Harrison Ford is too old now and youngsters these days are not really into archeology or WWII. Indy needs to pass the torch to a new generation. Ideally not a dumb reboot, but maybe Indy having a protégé. A good example to follow is Stallone passing the torch to a new younger boxer in the Creed movies.

  22. Alan

    A new reboot is required and for me I think Charlie hunam would be a great choice

  23. Jameskbarnesnes@gmail.com

    Yes. We always need good action movies about ancient treasures that were never found.

  24. Steve

    I feel like the way to make this work is a scemario where Indy is supposed to only guide or consult for a team of new young honchos in search of something with none of the old ties or characters, and as things go wrong he leads them not to success but survival, thus teaching them the lesson that “you dont always win and you dont have to like it” the lone survivor of the team carries forward as the new generation of Indy.

    1. Christine

      Never enough when it comes to Indiana Jones.

  25. Cindy

    I love the Indiana Jones movies. I own all of them but the last one which I haven’t seen. Harrison Ford is the one and only Indiana Jones. No one can replace him

  26. Jack Charles

    I did not think the last movie was bad at all, I enjoyed it. Maybe since the original movie came out around 40 years ago and the last around 15 years ago newer audiences may not know much about the franchise. Movies about exploration and adventure are way better than the action movies of late. Indiana Jones should continue in some way or another.

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