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The Hogwarts Express at Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. Yes, I would love it! We just finished watching all the HP movies again! For like the 10th time! Love it! We have been on the one in Universal Studios many times and the real one would be incredible! Yes yes and yes! We would adore it!

  2. Scott

    Doesn’t seem to me that Rowlings opinion has had much of an effect on anything to do with Harry Potter. Just like yourself, she is entitled to her own opinions and should be able to voice them as she chooses; just like anyone else living in a country that has free speech or that can write an article making whatever claims they wish.

    1. Craig

      Sorry what hurtful speech has she been saying.

  3. Mike

    Your leftist agenda is showing. JKR expressing her opinion on girls only in girls sports is her her opinion and she is entitled to it. It does not have to conform to your opinion on the matter. That is what makes the world great, many different people can have many different opinion. She should not be cancelled for it (as if you can and she cares what you think about her).

  4. Jorge C.

    You leftist bias is showing. I stopped reading after your comment.

  5. I guess you won’t post my comment because I disagree with you. J. K. Rowling is a talented, successful writer and artist – she’s entitled to her opinion (which I believe is correct.) It has nothing to do with the article on the train.

  6. Why won’t you post my comment?

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