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A stage of animatronic bears performing in a musical show, featuring a backdrop of pine trees and equipped with various musical instruments, under warm stage lighting.

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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  1. Judy

    Please!!!! Oriental Land Company, please, KEEP the Most beloved, most wonderful, and most loved attraction from Disney, of all-time!!!! Again, Please!! Keep Splash Mountain forever!!! It is truly, the most love, most popular Disney ride, of all-time!!! There is, and never was, anything wrong with “Song of the South” movie, It won an Academy Award!!! The movie is wonderful, inspirational, and shows all people as equal, and respectful. Splash Mountain is Disney’s most loved ride of ALL-TIME!!! The nonsense with the “Tianas” junk must stop here, in the USA!! They debuted that godawful piece of garbage, yesterday, and terrible!!! just worthless!!! Please, again, SAVE the most loved and iconic ride in Disney history!! And thank you for saving The Country Bear Jamboree, too!!!! This was the most wonderful musical show, they ever made. Please, I beg you to have some sense of right and wrong heare, which it seems like you do, already!!! The “new people”, at the Disney Company, are crazy, insane, and disrespectful of whats wonderful and meaningful, and what is not. I am aickened but the current “”Imagineers”, and yesterdays disaster with Tiana, is just the beginning. If you can just SAVE, for Disney-Historys’ sake, all that is loved and revered about Disneyland’s past, like a Disney museum, all of us, world-wide will be flocking to Tokyo, to experience again, what really matters about Disney, and Disney’s Past, that must be saved and maintained, forever!!! Thank you (Judy, former Disney Master Animator)

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