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family on the caring for giants tour at animal kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Andrew Fontanez

    Animal Kingdom has an empty space that has been there and hasn’t been used since the park opened and the Imagineers could’ve easily placed Indiana Jones there instead of replacing Dinoland, we’re getting tired of them replacing existing areas it’s time for them to stop replacing and start expanding. They have deliberately forgotten that Walt Disney himself loved dinosaurs as much as we do and Disney deserves to have a dinosaur ride like Universal, if they get rid of dinosaur the Disney Parks will feel left out of not having a dinosaur ride, and Animal Kingdom deserves to keep it identity the park is supposed to be about all animals like Michael Eisner said during the grand opening in 1998

  2. Seth

    As long as there are actual animals being added in the new land I am good with it. It is called animal kingdom for a reason after all.

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