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Tokitae performing as Lolita at Miami Seaquarium

Credit: Leonardo DaSilva, Flickr


  1. Lisa zee

    I visited the Miami seaquirim when I was a child in the 1960’s and then again in late 1970’s. Everything seemed OK and the animals seemed alright. All the times were very enjoyable. It hurts that all this information has come to the surface now

    1. Dottie

      I don’t believe any of what’s been reported. Personally, I think this is a land grab. The park sits on some very valuable real estate, and I think some entity is looking to cash in. The employees, trainers, animal handlers, … appear to love and care for the park and its inhabitants.

      1. Brooklyn

        That’s what everyone thought about Sea World in Orlando. Do yourself a favor and watch the documentary, Black Fish. These places are no better than circuses and how they treated their animals

        1. Chriss

          Watch Lolita a Slave to Entertainment. You will never see them
          The same again.

        2. Kelly

          Exactly! It’s just cruel

      2. Tammy

        Have you even looked at the serial.photis of the conditions these creatures live(d) in?

        1. MayB

          I don’t think an animal with a 2 inch nail in it is well loved.
          Or, one with a severe eye issue with great pain and not given needed surgery, or a sick sea lion not being treated.
          Article said the order to take them came after multiple violations.
          Killing it just before the deadline for them to be taken sounds fishy to me. Seems likely that they didn’t want the body examined.
          Yes, I’m sure the people taking care of them there did appear to be loving and caring during the shows.
          But acting like they care & everyone looks happy, because it IS A SHOW!
          Maybe if you worked there or were part of the team the inspected it a lot of times, and saw what it was like behind the scenes you might have little hearts in your eyes about it.

      3. Danielle

        You are very naive. Have you not seen the pics? You think there made up?? Would u like to be kept in a tank with dirty water? Not only was it filthy but the size for a huge Orca was tiny. Imagine living in the same little house not being able to explore or leave.

        1. Danielle

          Different if it was clean and 4 times bigger than the tank was. But it was nasty!

        2. Ms

          CLOSE it down!!!! No more excuses. No more traumatizing,torturing animals! Seaquarium had multiple warnings& more than enough time to properly treat animals who are forced to be dependent on them .

      4. Sharon dyal

        Y dont u go sit n a cell thats small for years on end unable to walk, talk w peers, b free.

        1. 10s of thousands of human beings are locked in cells every damn day in FL. ,but everybody weeps for a big fish ! We have priorities 😜

      5. Rach

        You must be an employee

        1. Ron

          Close it down, land grab … even if so, the animals are in an abysmal state.

      6. Erica

        Dotti could not be more wrong!!! Just moved here to Miami from San Diego. I completely understand what a animal park should look like a d this is NOT it. I can only imagine the crap that goes on. This place is a pathetic excuse for animal sanctuary. Just set your eyes on this place and you will have a better understanding.

        1. Rob Red

          Don’t California our Florida. You left for a reason, don’t bring that crap here!

      7. BCR

        The death toll does not lie. Please take off your blinders. Look up Hugo….who committed suicide in the same tank as Toki, as Toki watched. And who was then left alone to wither and die in the smallest orca tank on the planet. Dolphins with nails, feeding rotten fish, withholding proper diets in order to force the animals to work for food. Geezus….not everything is a conspiracy theory. It is documented by previous employees, trainers, vets, the federal Government.

      8. Pamela Lewis

        You don’t appear to know much about wild animals that were meant to swim in the open ocean. I doubt you would thrive in a jail cell. Love???
        Land grab or not, these large mammals deserve better.

      9. Boston lala

        If this is a “land grab” situation, the people in those positions, that are getting their pockets lined are selfish, heartless, greedy POS that shouldn’t be in any office, political or otherwise.
        If this is not a “land grab”. A business like this, the handlers and trainers can’t just do whatever they deem necessary for these animals. A request or recommendation for any services must go through the chain of command for approval. And if it’s not in the best interest of the shareholders pockets it will be denied.
        “Maintenance is cheaper than replacement”

      10. Absolute Rubbish it’s a Land Grab… why do you think lolita died.. have you seen Drone footage of the Animal Prison? Lolita should have been allowed to go to a Sanctuary, Shame on anyone who visits, if they cared about the animals they wouldn’t be in such Small pools/tanks. Place needs closing asap

    2. Debbie

      Ditto, I grew up in Miami, it was one of my favorite places as a kid.

      1. Lisa

        Born in Miami, went to the sequarium in the 60s thru 90s numerous times. After I had kids I took them as well. Pathetic what the sequarium allowed to happen. It was a great place to visit. The mammals looked great back then. Sad what they let happen.

  2. It’s a horrible aquarium. I walked out before I went all the way in ,the animals were all sick looking. I travel to go to public aquariums. It is the worst one I ever went to. Land grab or not they did not know what they are doing

    1. Danielle


  3. Rye Zc

    Well the USDA wasn’t overly concerned during any of the many inspections when they saw the conditions there. OR THEY WOULD CERTAINLY HAVE DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT RIGHT?
    Just so I have this right, over many years the USDA did frequent inspections taking note of the problems with this place, but never did a freaking thing about it?
    Does that sound about right?

    Well, if the USDA was any kind of a voice or protection for those creatures, THEY FAILED THEM MISERABLY!

    Shame on them.

    1. Danielle

      Very true!!!

    2. MayB

      Uh, this time read the article. It had been s cited for violations multiple times leading up to this.
      Multiple inspections.
      Issues were not taken care of after getting violations, because of that, there was no choice BUT to confiscate the animals.
      Would you rather they left them there like that?

  4. Phil

    Miami Seaquariam
    is a prison .
    The animals are treated like dirt.
    My visit there left me in tears.

    1. Kim Conklin

      Free Them…; They Are Earthlings…!!! ☆☆*

  5. Don

    Was there once and that was enough. The place was in horrible condition.

    1. Colen

      They should be closed down. They have had plenty of time to correct issues.

  6. Michelina

    Don’t know who to believe but I do know if it’s so how can anyone torture gods gift to us humans😢

  7. Max

    Close it down. Animals are not toys!!! They need to be free. All the brain dead people who like going to these parks should go to jail for supporting animal cruelty!

  8. This place is very unkept. Used to go as a kid and later with my niece when she was young. Nothing has changed at all. It is very sad the state these animals are in.

  9. Haley

    I think there’s a big difference between conservation and pure entertainment. I grew up around sea world and the push has always been toward conservation. Blackfish was a hit to them, but they furthered their conservation mission and brought it more rides. But absolutely, if animals are living in hell conditions, shut the place down.

  10. Jo Anders

    I think places like that should be banned from every country. Animals are not here to entertain us. They have the right to be free and not used for entertainment.

    1. Nia

      No , they be in danger in the wild

  11. Ms

    CLOSE it down!!!! No more excuses. No more traumatizing,torturing animals! Seaquarium had multiple warnings& more than enough time to properly treat animals who are forced to be dependent on them .

  12. MayB

    Uh, this time read the article. It had been s cited for violations multiple times leading up to this.
    Multiple inspections.
    Issues were not taken care of after getting violations, because of that, there was no choice BUT to confiscate the animals.
    Would you rather they left them there like that?

  13. It’s a crying shame for all the marine mammals at SeaWorld or any other environment of filth rape horrors beyond imagination.And drugged.Its horrible they MUDT be sent to sanctuary.Or even returned to the ocean.

    1. Jazz

      These animals can no longer survive out in the wild. They’ve been in captivity for too long. If they close down someone else would have to take care of them.

  14. Elmo

    These places are nothing but Whale jails. Whales are meant to be free and swim throughout the oceans and not be placed in a fish tank. DO NOT support ANY of these establishments.

  15. Maria

    Closed down,is heartbreaking the abuse and neglect those creatures had to endure so they can profit,is disgusting,they are God’s creation and this should not longer be allowed.

  16. Beata

    Thank you for writing this article .
    Very important informations . I’m only shocked that this is still legal in USA . I’m also surprised that people are so unaware and still go visit such places.
    It’s our responsibility to protect animals on this planet. What humanity did and do to those beautiful, God created, living, feeling and thinking animals it’s not acceptable.

    I hope the world is changing and people are realizing that animals must be treated with respect.

  17. Adam

    This place is privately owned. The local government finally stepped in.

    There are groups and places that do a good job in rescued and rehab. But there are some animals too damaged to return to wild or lack the skills need to live in wild.

    Places that do the best possible in Florida for injured wildlife. Those should be supported.

  18. BettinaBenson

    I had the best time there from the smiles walking in to the people who work there taking your picture abd making it into a book first went saw show everyone excited abd got a little wet with each splash people interested in each animal and looking on with interest I stayed by the stingrays alot of people did to try to get caught to get a toiuchsaw iguanas walking around saw other species of fish in water tanks and crossed small bridge to look at baby sharks and they had a climbing game fir kids to go on plus small park to play with sand and tables for adults to sit down while kids played trying to be very accommodating to everyone people so friendly abd last watched the dolphinsjump beautiful its a shame it has to close this is educational plus for all people that would never get a chance to be up and close to these animals people will surly miss this I know I will itcwill leave a great dent in Miamis Attractionsi hope they find the animals all good homes I know they will all sense their move because animals are very smart and people should think twice about closing it and find ways to keep it open and better treating animals safety

  19. Dale

    Been to the sea quarium untold amount of times. I’m 64 now and it’s became an embarrassment. Animals need unlimited care and resources. Aquarium ain’t providing. Sad. Close it down.

  20. M. Cohn

    This smells like a familiar pattern in Miami Dade County. The 70-year old Seaquarium sits on some of the most valuable real estate in South Florida.
    The end game here is to destroy a beloved tourist spot so greedy but well-connected developers can bulldoze the park to make a billion dollars selling luxury condos. All the other stuff is just a Big Sideshow to divert the public’s attention.


  21. John Shaljian

    I visited there in school too.
    For shame all who hurt animals, and hiding too it too. They will answer for it someday.

    1. Barbara Liggett

      Absolutely despicable human beings using innocent precious animals and mammals for our own sick entertainment. All establishments like this should be closed down immediately! I am ashamed to be human 😭😭.

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