Fans Have Had Enough of Disney’s ‘Wish’

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An animated girl in a white and purple dress smiles as she gazes at a glowing, yellow fantastical creature. they are surrounded by a mystical, dark blue forest with glowing flowers and flitting white birds.

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It seems hard to believe, but it has been one hundred years since Walt and Roy Disney opened the Disney Brothers Studio — which would eventually become The Walt Disney Company. First, they changed the entertainment industry with the 1937 release of the first animated feature-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Then, in 1955, they changed the game once again with the opening of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

Snow White dancing with the seven dwarfs
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As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, Disney released its newest animated film, WishWish stars Ariana DeBose as Asha, a young girl who lives in the Kingdom of Rosas, the place where wishes really come true, thanks to King Magnifico. But Asha learns that the King is not who he appears to be, and she makes a wish on a star so she can help her people. Her wish is so powerful that Star actually comes down to help her take down the evil king.

A man and a young girl in medieval attire marvel at a glowing orb he is levitating in a castle-like setting from Disney's Wish movie. The girl looks amazed and eager, while the man appears
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Sadly, Wish did not perform the way Disney was hoping when it was released in November 2023. The film did not perform well in theaters, but audiences were loving it when it was finally released on Disney+ on April 3. The movie also has an 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is loving it.

In fact, one Redditor voiced just how much of an issue they had with the film — specifically with its songs.

Asha (Ariana Debose) with her friends in shock.
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Reddit user WrongLadder recently asked if anyone else had a big problem with the grammar used in the songs. The Redditor admitted that they didn’t like the movie in general, and even called it “soulless” and “cookie-cutter”.

I can’t remember the last time I as a Disney fan had my heart broken more than by Wish. What should have been an emotional, heartfelt tribute to 100 years instead was the most generic, soulless, cookie-cutter product they’ve put out in years.

Biggest offender is the soundtrack. What happened here? How did we go from Encanto to this? I’ll tell you: they hired the lass who writes for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to do a poor man’s Lin Manuel impersonation. No disrespect to Julia Michaels, I’m sure she’s lovely and was thrilled to get the gig; but was Alan Menken busy? The Anderson-Lopezes? Lin himself?

So what we have is an OST trying desperately to reverse engineer a We Don’t Talk About Bruno, and all the songs sound like generic Top 40 fodder as a consequence. What really irks me is the appalling grammar in every (EVERY) song, that somehow made it through multiple levels of testing. I don’t want to accuse Michaels of illiteracy, but come on, now:

Photo from Disney's 'Wish'.
Credit: Disney

But they did not stop there. They then proceeded to go through nearly every song in the movie and break down what was wrong with each.

‘Welcome to Rosas’

‘You can turn all your wanting to wishing no what-ifs and no wonders.’ I can’t even begin to parse that word salad.

‘He’s just like us, with a twist.’ What a profoundly nothing statement.

‘At All Costs’

Aside from the immediate sin that this one was written for the superior draft with the Starboy romance; ‘felt this, no I haven’t.’ I beg your pardon?

‘You pull me in like some kind of wind.’ ‘Here and now, I swear on my response.’ ‘Promise as one does.’ These are all nonsensical and meaningless.

‘This Wish’

Features the biggest example in the entire picture. ‘I throw caution to every warning sign.’ This has already been mercilessly picked apart, but I’ll do it again; ‘throwing caution to the wind’ and ‘ignore the warning signs’ are two different idioms. You cannot combine them, they contradict one another and cancel out the intent of the line.

Also: ‘if I could just be pointed in any given direction.’ Think about that for too long, and your brain will hurt. She’s asking for directionless direction.

‘I’m A Star’

Has some of the most bizarre word choices in the movie. ‘Effortless and eloquent dancers.’ Eloquence refers to speech, Julia.

‘Here’s a little fun allegory, that gets me excitatory,’ then proceeds to not state an allegory – and if you’re ever using the word ‘excitatory’, it is a sign you are stretching for a rhyme.

‘When it comes to the universe, we’re all shareholders.’ I bet Disney wishes we all were, eh?

And then, of course: ‘watch out world, here I are.’ If you need me to explain why that’s atrocious grammar and wouldn’t even pass muster in the fifth grade, I’m lost for words.

‘This Is The Thanks I Get?’

Not going to spend much time on this one because it annoys me. It sucks, it’s a shambles of a villain song and it should not have survived the initial pitch. ‘I let you live here for free, and I don’t even charge you rent.’ I too love redundant sentences!

‘Come on, that’s a high percent!’ I think you mean ‘percentage’, Julia.

‘Knowing What We Know Now’

‘The lengths he’ll go, there’s no amount.’ This one really baffles me. Did she mean to write ‘there’s no lengths he won’t go to’? Because at present the meaning of this line is that he won’t go to ANY lengths.

‘I’ve seen too many bad things that I can’t keep count.’ Again, F minus, Julia. You want either ‘that I can’t keep count of,’ or ‘I’ve seen so many bad things that I can’t keep count.’

I appreciate it sounds like I’m ranting, but I can’t be the only one who noticed these. It’s really concerning that these all got approved. Anyone got any other thoughts to share, or examples I missed?

Asha (Ariana DeBose) stands amidst colorful butterflies in 'Wish'
Credit: Disney

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Many fans agreed that they were disappointed with Wish and didn’t think that it lived up to the reputation that Disney has when it comes to its animated films.

I knew that people generally thought poorly of it, but I went to see ti [sic] with an open mind. I was disappointed. None of the pieces of the film fit together. Music style, animation style, setting and story all didn’t fit together. It almost felt like the entire thing was created by committee. There was no central, cohesive vision to tie everything together. I’ll admit I didn’t notice the grammar, but it’s probably because the music was so out-of-place. It’s sad because there were many talented people that did good work for their individual components, but the pieces just don’t fit together.

Asha (Ariana DeBose) kneels down next to her goat in 'Wish'
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But not everyone hated Wish! In fact, they thought that a lot of Disney movies had songs that gave a lot of exposition. They just felt that Disney was going through a period of getting a lot more criticism. Plus, many of Disney’s animated films are based on classic fairytales, while Wish is an original Disney story.

This is the first disney movie in a long time my hubby actually enjoyed! The kids have been raving about it and we have had the soundtrack on rotation for months 😅

For me it’s the simplicity of it, the child friendliness… encanto was so heavy and delved into so much intergenerational trauma etc it’s no wonder adults could relate so deeply to it… but disney was created to be magical for kids no matter what they are going through…the redundant sentences and poor word choice has actually had the benefit of opening conversation with the kids…

Is it the greatest disney movie with the best songs ever… no… but it is light hearted, magical family time… and actually a good story line…

Asha (Ariana DeBose) stands looking shocked in 'Wish'
Credit: Disney

In addition to Ariana DeBose, Wish also stars Chris Pine as King Magnifico, Alan Tudyk as Valentino, Angelique Cabral as Queen Amaya, and Jennifer Kumiyama as Dahlia, Asha’s best friend. Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice wrote the music and lyrics, while Jennifer Lee, Allison Moore, and Chris Buck wrote the script. Wish was directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn.

Wish is currently available to stream on Disney+.

Did you have a problem with the music and lyrics in Wish? Let us know in the comments!

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