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Trainer on orca at Miami Seaquarium

Credit: Isabelle Puaut via Flickr


  1. Eric T. Deem

    The sad thing that animal rights activists fail to REALIZE is that many children would fail to see many of these animals if we closed all the parks.

    1. Jennifer

      Do the animals lives not matter? There are many other ways to see the animals!

  2. Ytefolklogic

    And so what? The animals are not for your child’s entertainment. An encyclopedia or a book will suffice. Your logic is outrageously stupid. So, so your brat can see an orca being abused, suffering,starving in what equates to a bathtub is more important than the orca’s quality of life in the wild?
    Ugh. Insufferable human. You people make me sick. Typical.

  3. Debbie

    Someone……maybe the authorities……..should lick their doors and throw the humans out. Send in animal rescue teams and END THE TORMENT !!!!!
    why are they still open ????? Well , look who the governor is ?????

    1. Terri

      Don’t pull his chain, no telling what knee jerk reaction would take place.

    2. Blue

      What does the governor have to do with this? A Democrat run city issued the eviction order. As any landlord can tell you, if you’re going to issue an eviction notice you need to be ready to enforce it. Light on crime and tough on law abiding seems to be the motis operandi for the left. Place blame where it really should be instead of deflecting to your narrow-minded bigotry against your self-perceived mortal enemy.

  4. Debbie

    Ignorant bitch !
    Maybe kids would like to see unabused animals , or learn how to treat them correctly !
    why are they still open…..look who the governor is…….

  5. Jennifer

    Shut it down, end the animals nightmares once and for all.

    1. JoeNYWF64

      & disney’s animal kingdom & all zoos, pet shops & city shelters.

  6. Adam

    Time is up, get zoological society of America to find new reputable homes for the animals. Then foreclosure on the property then sell it.

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