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Mickey mouse waving in front of a colorful ferris wheel with mickey mouse design at a disney theme park during dusk.

Credit: Disney / Canva


  1. Steamboat Willie

    Ah yes, my favorite Disneyland attraction:

    Anything Can Happen Land Concept Brownline Prints by Bruce Bushman Group of 13

    1. Jim McLean

      In one of the more recent additions to Disneyland (part of ToonTown, mid-1990s) there IS a “Mickey Mouse’s house”, which I beleve may have included Pluto’s doghouse.

      Also, “Steamboat Willie” was recreated — proudly & very “touchingly”, I thought, — as a prominent feature of the Nighttime “sound & light show” during that same time.

  2. Jim McLean

    That Nighttime show at Disneyland was/is called “FANTASMIC!” – originated in 1992 & featured boats [including Steamboat Willie’s] parading along the “Rivers of America”, as well as music, lasers, water/”mist screen” projections, and pyrotechnics.

    I recall it as a lovingly emotional tribute to Walt’s history with Mickey/ “Willie”.

    It was presented in lieu of Disneyland’s long-traditional Fireworks display (“Fantasy in The Sky”).

  3. Walt

    Shareholder revolt is over so of course Iger now backtracks.

  4. Chris

    Didn’t spend much time on selling off the property. I would imagine it was quite valuable and impossible to replace in that area. Would have been smarter to keep for future expansion if that was ever really going to happen. Maybe they needed the money for some reason. Taking money from the parks to pay for other mistakes. Been seeing a lot of that the last few years.

  5. Sylvie

    One of the lands I would like to see refurbished/reimagined is Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Seems like that land has been ignored. Would love to see the tracks fixed for people mover. Maybe a reimagined attraction to replace Finding Nemo and Autopia with Tron? Atlantis? other?

  6. Darrell S

    I would love to see The People Mover and The Skyway return! 2 of my favorite rides!

  7. Ladyredrider

    Anything can happen may actually be any THING you identify as land! Iger and the rest of Disney are more interested in wasting money on politics, liberal activism, immoral and unethical behaviors, and the destruction of the nuclear traditional family. Disney was for kids now its for queers! Yay! For Universal

  8. Mark

    Get rid of Iger he is messing up everything

  9. Manny

    I’m disappointed they sold land by Disneyland. The concept art was amazing. Personally they need to develop a couple of new lands to alleviate congestion. If course the original Disneyland will always be popular, but is limited to expansion there.
    What I would like to see is a land much like tomorrowland, but really steeped in imagination and near future reality. A mock up of manned colonies on mars and the moon. Exploring Jupiter and Europa. How about developing a concept of what a another earth like planet may look like. Future transportation concepts, ev, hydrogen. Like main Street, develop a future main Street.
    Also I know your imagineers have ideas of what Disneyland will look like at it’s 100 birthday. Why not show the public. Many of us will not be alive for that birthday, but I’m ready for the 75th birthday.
    I’ve been to the the 10th 15th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and the diamond birthdays. Unfortunately COVID and the new reservation system has stopped us from coming since then.

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