Disney Implements Mandatory Upfront Fees: Guests Face $400 Charge for Premium Experiences

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A new mandatory policy is officially in effect at Walt Disney World and will affect thousands of guests. Here’s what you need to know.

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Disney World Policy Now Requires Guests to Pay Upfront for ‘Star Wars’ Experiences

The booking policies for the Savi’s Workshop Handbuilt Custom Lightsabers experience and the Droid Depot Build-a-Droid experience at the Walt Disney World Resort have recently changed.

Both of these popular upcharge experiences in Star Wars Land have transitioned from requiring a credit card guarantee to becoming pre-paid experiences.

Previously, guests had to provide a credit card guarantee when booking, with full payment due upon arrival at the location to commence the experience.

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With the shift to pre-paid bookings, guests will now be charged at the time of booking and only need to check in 5-10 minutes before their reservation time.

Despite this update, no product changes, add-ons, or pricing are associated with these experiences. The 24-hour cancellation policy also remains in effect, providing guests flexibility in their plans.

The combined fee of building a lightsaber and a droid comes to a total of:

  • Droid building experience: $120 plus an additional $50 for a backpack
  • lightsaber building experience: $220
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This means guests must pay $390 upfront to hold on to their reservation for these experiences at Galaxy’s Edge and elsewhere throughout Disney World.

For guests visiting Walt Disney World, the recent changes to the booking policies for the Savi’s Workshop Handbuilt Custom Lightsabers experience and the Droid Depot Build-a-Droid experience signify a shift in the reservation process.

With the transition to pre-paid bookings, guests must now pay for these experiences at the time of booking rather than upon arrival at the location.

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This change streamlines the reservation process, eliminating the need for a credit card guarantee and simplifying the check-in procedure.

Guests can expect a more efficient and convenient booking experience, knowing their reservation is secured in advance. Continuing the 24-hour cancellation policy also ensures that guests can adjust their plans if needed.

These updates aim to enhance the guest experience by providing greater convenience and certainty when booking these popular attractions at Walt Disney World.

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