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Mickey Mouse inside of Hollywood Studios at Disney World for an After Hours event.

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  1. Jacob Allen

    Hollywood Studios can’t lose the plot. We need Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

  2. Alicia

    The name was changed to Hollywood Studios to be a broader theme. As long as rides and shows relate to or make up a movie, then it isn’t losing the plot. They just need to keep Hollywood in mind.

  3. You're

    Wrong. The Hollywood them could be fantastic and a cohesive theme to hold everything together and give the park an enduring sense of identity, vs just pooping out rather lame themed lands randomly which will eventually have to be overhauled into something else random. People are nostalgic for a park that was better, not just that happen to be located in a past time point.

  4. Charles

    Wrong. It should maintain and create more of the Hollywood theme to give it a cohesive , enduring identity . Not Helter skelter IP lands left and right. Also, people are morons that’s why you need a leader in charge like in the past, not focus-groupism decision making.

  5. Kungaloosh

    Sounds like Disney is modeling itself more and more after Universal with each passing year.

    1. Shorty

      I totally agree!!

    2. Abby

      I also agree!

  6. I think it’s a great new direction and lots are depressed who are vocal, but I figure organizers can notice the happiness of participants. I think it would be good if people could opt to have interactive experiences and maybe even a 365 journal options where we can occasionally visit add photo moments with personal comments and be the star of videos where we become the actors. This reminds me of the good side of my USA Pococha experience and wish some videography artists there could have more opportunities to share their talent. Otherwise their having a big challenge there with collusion to break rules or else loose critical favor which ruins it for anyone participating following the rules all agree on, to cheer and encourage good things. 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Regardless of if Disney people drink or are vegan, I’m hoping since we’re all for having things as nice as possible for families that this message might help. Unfortunately, here, the ethical authorities I know of are all in the middle of the muddle, too and can’t even communicate much about this at all, so I’m forced to make my best bet on who to trust otherwise who may be able to help turn the tables. Thanks for the patience that I hope for.

    1. jon

      Up your dosage

    2. WTH are you rumbling on about?!!!

  7. Please remove the previous comment. I thought it was with a screen name to Disney.

    1. Kungaloosh

      Too late. Your comment is now forever immortalized.

  8. Chad Aponte

    Hollywood Studios is Fine just the way that it is. They put an Italian kitchen restaunt in Hollywood Studios that would be great.

  9. GregRZ

    Does it matter what the theme is as long as it’s good?

    Disney should make an Indiana Jones land. They can also do a Simpsons Land. Also an attraction featuring ALIENS.

    1. Kungaloosh

      I don’t believe Disney can do a Simpsons land as long as there’s already one at Universal.

      1. Jessie

        As long as uninversal has a contract for simpsons they are the only ones who can have them in there park. Its was the same with the marvel characters. Until the contract ended at universal they cant be at disney. One the contracts end since disney owns the rights to them they can do what they want and not renew those contracts with universal. That is what i have been told anyway. It would fun to habe more things from disneys tv series and live movies there.

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