News: Disney Makes Sweeping Change to all Attractions, Notice Now “Active”

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Turnstiles at the entrance of Disneyland Park

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Is it finally happening? Is Disney about to ban live streaming from the park?

One cast member has indicated that the end is here.

Mickey Mouse holding a camera in anger from 'Mickey Mouse' season 1 episode 8, Panda-Monium
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When guests go to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or nearly any theme park, it is nearly impossible to escape a camera. Whether you are in the back of a photo in front of Cinderella Castle or you are walking next to someone filming their child in Tomorrowland, cameras are everywhere. Disney even alerts guests that they consent to be on camera and in photos when they visit the parks by purchasing a ticket and walking through the gates.

While photography and video are allowed in the parks and nearly on every attraction, the live streaming and vlogging community have been on the receiving end of many complaints in the past. Some guests do not like the fact that a camera is being pointed at them while they are at Disney, and others do not like to hear the content creators talking while waiting in line. While these guests are not doing anything wrong or breaking the rules, it has still been a large point of contention among Disney fans on online forums and discussion sites.

Guests ride TRON
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At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, both Space Mountain and TRON Lightcycle/Run have prohibited filming unless the camera or phone is securely mounted to the guest or rider. Similarly, at Disneyland, filming on Incredicoaster and Goofy’s Sky School is banned unless properly mounted.

At Tokyo Disney Resort, the parks have banned filming entirely on attractions, especially live streaming. The company site notes, “Taking photos or videos are allowed; however, may not be permitted at certain facilities or locations. For details, please contact a Cast Member on the day of visit.
-Commercial photographing, any photographing that may inconvenience other Guests, or public transmission is not permitted.”

One guest who was live streaming at Disneyland Park shared that after they got off of the Jungle Cruise, they were handed a note in the Safari Sack ziplock bag that you can get before entering the ride. Skippers on the Jungle Cruise are known for their wit, and this note was certainly full of it, with a strong message behind it. On the note, we can see it reads, “no streaming, we only have rivers…” signed the World Famous Jungle Cruise.

Was Live Streaming the park and was handed this as I exited the Jungle Cruise, made my Day for sure

I Was handed this as I got off the Jungle Cruise by one of the Skippers
byu/JerrodDRagon inDisneyland

The live streamer seemed to take the note as a joke, which certainly would have been the intention, as Disney allows for live streaming and filming on the Jungle Cruise. That being said, it did touch on a point that others do not take so light-heartedly. The comment section of the post seemed to take the notice more seriously, asking, “Did you catch their drift or just continued on…?” and “So did you keep streaming or. . . How dense are some people?”

Monkey animatronics take over a white boat on the Jungle Cruise.
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There are some rules that do surround filming at the parks. The use of “commercial shooting, etc.” and shooting auxiliary equipment (excluding handy-sized grip attachments) is now completely prohibited. We have seen live streamers break this rule and get trespassed from the parks.

One streamer was told that filming with professional equipment was not allowed. The streamer refused to leave as he noted that there are tons of others filming in the park, which caused higher management, security, and cops to come and escort them off the property.

We also recently covered another guest who stated that their Rise of the Resistance experience was ruined due to a live streamer. 

“I got stuck behind a woman who was literally livestreaming her entire walk through the queue, into the pre-ride areas, and the full ride,” said u/Embarrassed_Ferret50 on Reddit. “So phone held up in the air and typing comments to the viewers at the same time. It completely took me out of the ride, and is obviously a completely selfish thing to do to prioritize your weird obsession with social media over anyone else’s comfort.

The final [cast member] who did the seatbelt checks took pity on me, and this woman’s ignoring of my request to put her phone away, and gently reminded the woman to keep the phone down in front of her face for the ride,” the guest explained. “But WHY is this acceptable? I feel for [cast members] and know they’re not meant to be babysitters, but I can’t imagine they think the behavior is ok.”

The truth is, it is acceptable, which is why the cast member did not ask the guest to put their camera away, but as we can see, there is a serious debate on whether it should be. At the Six Flags theme parks, filming is also prohibited on all attractions.

Failure to do so will have you escorted out of the theme parks. 

Do you think Disney should remove filming at attractions? 


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