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A smiling Ron DeSantis superimposed on a background featuring the Disney castle and a vibrant rainbow flag.

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  1. Conservatives knew Ron was right. Where has Bill Maher been?

    1. Lisa

      Very true. When Liberals said DeSantis banned books, some books need to be banned from children’s libraries!! Liberals have lied about DeSantis for a long time.

  2. Andrew

    But he isn’t right. I’m confused how you (and Bill Maher) are mixing things up.

    DeSantis says there’s hidden, sexual messaging and content in Disney shows/movies. Then Bill Maher brings up “Quiet on the Seat” which has to do about the sexual harrasment behind the scenes. It has nothing to do with sexual messaging or content in programming at all.

    Not only that, but “Quiet on the Set” has to do specifically with Nickelodeon. The only connection Maher tried to make was him shrugging and going, “If it happened with Nickelodeon it might have happened with Disney! That’s all the proof I need! Disney is guilty!” Like, what?

    “Quiet on the Set” is about Nickelodeon.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      You are correct.

  3. Wait… DeSantis signed a law FORCING grade school children to learn COMMUNISM???
    I knew he was anti-American. This proves it. Get rid of the Commie plant!

    1. Lisa

      Have you ever thought that by learning about the evils of communism people would not fall victim to its lies?

    2. Chris

      I was raised when communist countries were all around us. We were taught about Stalin Lenin che guavra Castro and all of the world wide communist as part of the curriculum. These lessons were not hypothetical but going on in real time. Thanks to the teachers union and weak universities it’s all been removed from our curriculum. You libs are going to get to relearn it through painful experience. I don’t care about you. I feel bad for the children of the others who will suffer because of your ignorance.

  4. MDC

    This is not surprising Disney has always done this. They just don’t take responsibility for it.

  5. William Courson

    Bill Maher knows nothing about Disney, nothing about children, nothing about the sexualization of children, nothing about human growth and development.
    Come to think of it he knows very little about anything.
    He’s not funny, not particularly smart and not interesting. Snark is never an attractive quality, but not grown-up man at intolerable: I felt to understand why this pathetic blowhard is even given airtime.

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