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  1. Dani

    Greedy! Disney has become so greedy. Kids enjoy this streaming service. Leave it alone

  2. Christine

    Disney + is right up there with Netflix for me. Ad free and tons of content. I hope the revamp doesn’t change that landscape for me . I have been a subscriber since the begining.

    1. Norm

      Disney is the only subscription I have. More than happy with it. I only wish they had the old House of Mouse series.

  3. Breanna

    Its really disheartening when these multimillion dollar companies decide that a little less jingle in their pocket is worth ruining a good service. Same happened at the parks too. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  4. Still Racer

    I gave up on Disney+ and Hulu, not enough new content. I’m keeping Netflix and Max!

  5. Dearldean

    I wish they would leave it alone. It’s good the way it is. I get to watch the movies. I like I’ve paid my years subscription. I don’t want Hulu and I don’t want e. S, p, n, but I do want all the Disney movies that I’ve been watching. Star Wars Marvel Comics. Those are my favorites and if they take those away, I will cancel.

    1. EhCanadian

      The problem is – it’s not sustainable. Disney+ is losing money, and there’s no path to make it profitable.

  6. Barry Furman

    I have been furious during the entire reign of Disney+ that Disney ignores the Baby Boomers who made the Walt Disney Company possible!
    I can’t believe still, that Walt Disney’s presence on the service is negligible. I had expected to see every episode of Disneyland, Walt Disney Presents, The Wonderful World of Color, etc.
    I’m glad they finally added the Zorro series, but I also would like to see all of the episodes of The 1955-era Mickey Mouse Club, not just five epsodes.
    It’s insulting to us baby boomers we have the money to spend for the streaming service and we are still a large in number and they don’t support us.

  7. EhCanadian

    Good! Disney+ is destroying Disney, and this could be the “out” Disney needs. Disney dumped their catalog onto Disney+ in a repeat of the 1980s when they dumped their catalog onto VHS. The result is the same – box office revenues collapsed because of cheap and plentiful home video! The solution in the 1980s was the “Disney Vault” of limiting home video releases and time them to not distract from theater releases. Transforming Disney+ to channels could give Disney control of which and when movies are shown, to not distract from future theater releases.

  8. Eileen Novack

    Would never pay for a service that has ads.

  9. Barb kell

    I live Disney + and small a bit panicky about loosing it

    1. Mark

      It took years for both Netflix and Amazon to turn a profit. Disney is also held back by its cable properties, which are affected by massive cord cutting. (ESPN+ seems to be surviving it a little better as more content is moved there).
      Barring panic moves or activist investors wanting to turn Disney into the next Sears or Kmart for a short term payout, Disney will be OK.

  10. Brandon

    As a subscriber from day 1 my family loves the service. My 4yr old niece loves coming over and watching Bluey and movies. My wife and I get to enjoy older movies we haven’t watched since the VCR era.

  11. Dan Richards

    I am surprised to see anyone still using it. Disney has gone so woke, it has turned a lot of people off. But they are not alone, I dumped my Netflix account when they stopped sending DVDs, as that was the only thing about them I used.. Just like Disney, they also went so woke, I quit watching their movies as well. I would rather watch my disks, than any of the streaming services, I can get better movies to watch that way.

    1. Anonymous

      Netflix still gained 13 million subscribers for 260 million

  12. Jeff

    Have Disney+ and paid year in advance. I enjoy the older content. Nostalgia is where it’s at for me. Like new stuff, but not into sports, or Star Wars. I know they are popular, but Star Wars, comics and sports just never really connected with me as a Disney thing. Want to see more Disney movies. Growing up, always liked the Wonderful World of Disney. Want to see more stuff like that. I enjoyed Pirates and a lot of the Animation from the 90s and early 2000s as my kids were growing up. I was born in the early 70’s and very much grew up in the 80s. Of course, I loved the Disney of then. But as bad as crowds are today and as seemingly poor some of the decisions in the parks seem to be, I still love Disney. I know the magic is still there. That takes money and a lot of it, the thought that the customer experience is more important than profits needs to be paramount above all else. Once that happens, I’d bet everything else will be as it should. I don’t think sports, comics, or Star Wars will ever get it to that place. If I’m wrong, that’s okay. The only other streaming service I have is Prime and the commercials are a bummer, but not the end. I did purchase Tomorrowland on Prime, how’d that get there?

  13. Jason

    I love Disney Plus!! I watch all the shows! They have all been great!! Don’t change anything!!

  14. Susan Shedlow

    I am very satisfied with Disney plus.i enjoy watching Marvel movies and television shows and star wars movies and television shows. Please leave Disney plus alone but add Indiana Jones movies.

  15. William W Stanley

    If Disney thinks it can have subscribers pay for access to their woke nonsense AND include ads in the programming, they’re crazier than it has appeared over the last year!

    There are several shows we like on Disney+ but we will give them up if it means paying for the content and watching ads.

  16. Carrie

    Love Dianey+
    Dont change a thing!

  17. Patrick

    If they start charging a subscription AND have ads, I’m out. This was my concern with these streaming services, content can just disappear. Time to start stocking up on 4k Blu-Rays of content I want to watch and save the monthly expense!

  18. Virginia

    The money spent on Dissney+ is a sunk cost. Disney should cut their losses. No need to throw good money after bad. The custo.er will pay for their folly.

  19. I love Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney+.

  20. I always love Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney+.

  21. I love futures Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney+.

  22. I always love futures Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney+.

  23. No do not shut down Disney+.😢

  24. Jacqueline Wieser

    Why , would you stop streaming! 1990 type TV why?
    The awsome part of streaming is you can watch what you want when you want and as much as you want !
    Why would anyone want to go back to random programming full of things you would never watch ! Why would you think this is going to be
    a good idea?

    1. GSL

      I love my Disney + Hulu service, but I dislike the recent change that no longer shows me A-Z movies and makes me choose a genre. If they start changing more, or moving shows,movies, etc. THEN I ***WILL*** cancel the service and go back to torrents.

    2. Robyn

      It doesn’t say they’re going that?

  25. Chris

    Disney is just wretched nowadays. Nobody wants to watch a family cartoon about a girl menstruating for the first time

    1. Gsl

      Girls who are in that category may want to watch such a movie. No one FORCED *you* to watch it. Probably thought you’d see some “strange”, pervert.

      1. Tony

        Shut up liberal. You can’t even define a woman.

        1. Spiderman

          Disney+ hasn’t turned a profit since it launched. They’re currently losing around $4B a year. They spent $500 million on 3 marvel shows alone. It makes no sense to continue.

          1. Anonymous


  26. anon

    annoyed with disney+

    I have the Hulu bundle and feel the merger is a waste since now I have two apps to scroll through and look at the same shows that look disappointung

  27. Jacob Allen

    Everything on Disney+, including Disney Channel stuff, Disney XD stuff and Disney Junior stuff needs DVD and Blu-ray releases in the United States. All the films that were in the theaters and that didn’t get their theatrical releases need to be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States, and all the Disney+ Original films need DVD and Blu-ray releases in the United States as well.

    1. We use Disney Plus for everyone and everything. Please don’t shut it down. Disney Makes billions of dollars daily, parks and merch.

  28. Helene A Mueller

    I like Disney + with Hulu, don’t change, you should be making enough money to just leave it alone, if you change it and I have to buy additional, I will drop my Disney+, don’t out price me in this like you did with Disney land and Disney world

    1. Erica

      I agree with you!

  29. Terry

    So you’re going to pay for Disney+ then have to pay for one of the genre channels ????

  30. Melissa Fugate

    Don’t shut down Disney plus

  31. Don’t your dare to shutdown Disney Plus.

  32. M

    Since I dropped the separate Disney+ and Hulu accounts and subscribed to the combo, I am thoroughly disappointed in all that Hulu has to offer …but you can’t watch because the Disney Hulu Merger has blocked/dropped the content. My friends with Hulu can watch things that I can’t. It’s not great.

  33. Peggie

    I dropped Disney+. I only had it for the Star Wars stuff my son wanted to watch but he said the 3rd season sucked and he wasn’t watching it anymore so it’s gone. I don’t miss it

  34. DaveC

    Disney is too focused on making content for a demographic that doesnt actually exist. They turn their back on the legacy fans in hopes to cultivate a new kind of fan base for their programs, but have failed miserably. Disney purchases social media bots to feign online support (not on Twitter/X anymore tho, thanks Elon!) but sales number prove Disney’s dismal shows like She-Hulk have ZERO viewership and are losing money. Let Disney+ die.

  35. Please don’t shut it down.

  36. Maisie Randall

    I love Disney plus! I use it all the time for my kids and for me. Plus greys, station 19 and 911 are going onto there. Don’t shut it! We love it.

  37. Stephen A

    I purchased the first bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ I have never gotten the ESPN app to ever work as an app always having to verify it through my cable provider. As streaming services go that portion of the bundle has been the biggest disappointment along with two years of no new content. Hate the HULU stream since it has more comercial interruptions than broadcast TV and i pay for it. It was for that reason I pay the higher no add Disney+ fee.

  38. Billy

    I canceled Disney+ the last rate hike. I was worried my kids would miss it, but nobody has noticed. Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed much Disney content in a long time. I had stopped paying for their movies and waited for them to show up on Disney+, but lately a lot of them on Disney+ have felt not even worth the time to watch. I won’t miss Disney+.

  39. RoseMarie S Luevano

    I have a daughter that is special needs adult, she loves her Disney, so what will she do without her Disney. This family is big on Disney, But they do not care about their customers, just thinking about their profit

  40. Anonymous

    I wish you would leave Disney plus alone and separate it back from Hulu not merge the two because I don’t like the merge I think Disney plus was perfect the way it was stop taking shows off because people that don’t have cable can’t watch what you guys are removing off of Disney plus if it’s not available . There’s no need to be removing all of the really good stuff off of Disney Plus and there’s no need for Hulu to be connected to Disney plus having them separated was great reseparate them .

  41. Dee

    I am an adult male in his 50s with adult children. I like programming that appeals to my generation. I like edgy dramas, comedies, and action movies and shows. They have edgy language, violence and adult themes. I understand that Disney has always been about programming for children, Which is fine if that is the demographic you’re going for, but my viewing needs are not being met, and that is why I cancelled.

  42. Dee

    One final thought: I am so over the streaming stuff. HBO used to be awesome until they were bought out; Disney only caters to children; showtime is dead. And now networks are taking back their programming. All of this has led to mediocrity in the streaming world. Back when netflix first started, everything was all under one roof and it worked. Now you have to join three or more streaming services to get adequate coverage for movies and television shows.

  43. Im very happy with it I just hope they don’t shut it down on me

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