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A man dressed like a pirate with long hair and bandana holds a bottle, standing next to a woman with long hair, both on a tropical beach.

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  1. Edna J Smith

    Jhonny will probably never be in the same room with Amber Heard EVER AGAIN.

    1. Janicefarabee


  2. Cindy

    Pirates will not be the same without Johnny Depp. Dead in the water or boxoffice. No Depp No Pirates in my opinion

    1. Vicki Arwood

      Exactly! I won’t watch any reboots.
      #JohnnyDepp not in it I won’t watch.

      1. Joe jones

        Then don’t watch it. Geez, Johnny done a really great job with the movies. Nobody care if you don’t watch the movie or not. Johnny Depp, is a great artist,and actor. There are other movies. And if you’re so worried about reboots or Johnny . Write your own movie.

  3. TomHung

    I think it’s messed up to put make him work with his ex wife after all that crap went down. What is even the point of that?

    1. Kevin Land

      Probably to just to straight up rub it in her face about the B.S. she TRIED to do to his soul! OR so she can twist the knife she left in his back.
      Maybe they’d like to reconcile & get back together again…they were so good for each other. Yeah right! Like a ton of dynamite & a match!!! Or having both Biden & Trump as our leaders!

  4. Debbie

    Johnny needs to be the main character without Amber. He is the Captain that makes the movie what it always been. Stick with what makes the money and what will get viewers to watch. Johnny Depp is the key to a GREAT movie ..

    1. I am so done with Disney. They pre-judged Johnny guilty & did not say Sorry, how can we make it up? Then they really screw up Snow White & are getting ready to do the same with Bambi. But with Pirates it is so much worse. 5 films with huge success due to Johnny’s Captain as the reason for the success & Disney thinks they can replace him. Movie will Flop! Fail!

    2. Rob

      Johnny depp won trial in America bc it was PROVEN amber lied about the abuse… why didn’t the article author include that instead of wording everything to favor amber. Yet another example of the WOKE Disney, can’t even discuss a movie without throwing their opinion in there.

    3. Michele

      Does she die in move? And does he get to belittle her? I agree if no Johnny, I’m not watching.

  5. Al Rueda

    No need for Johnny Deep, Amber’s beauty is want it counts.

    1. Polina

      What counts, not what it counts. 🙂
      She admitted to sleeping with people in the industry. I’m surprised she’s even in this movie…

    2. Joe jones

      What beauty? Dude, there has to a limit to the simping.

  6. Jeanna

    Disney would be stupid to try to make a movie with those 2 together, but I doubt it would happen. And I personally think she’s a crappy actress and would not watch it if she was in it. Yes, she was added to my list after the trial. But she is a shameless, abusive, lying horrible actress. But in all fairness I had to look up who she was to begin with lol

  7. No Johnny Debb, no Pirates of the Caribbean. Further, me and ALL of my people have boycotted Disney and all other entities because of the treatment of Depp. He’s the best there is.
    And forget Amber heard. No one wants to watch a movie she’s in.

  8. Carol

    There is absolutely no way him and Amber will ever act with each other again, and for that I’m so happy. These are photo shopped from rum runner. There’s just too many similarities .

    1. Janicefarabee


    2. Andrea Angelina

      In my house no Johnny Depp no movie. Johnny does not need Disney to work but Disney needs Johnny for the Pirate movie. Disney is going to lose lots of money on this movie

  9. Shorty

    No Depp, no Pirates!! No other actor can match his for this role.

    1. Michele

      I love Johnny Depp’s movies and he is the one that makes the movies great to watch and he is the best actor always

  10. Shirley Rond

    I know first hand this would be a dester. Johnny created Jack Sparrow and he should have the final say . What and how this plays out. NO Amber Heard where is your head at. Only Jack if you want any success with 6 is a must have. Adding his is another insult. Right now he has much personal in his life and much needed brake.
    Give him the time.
    Thank you!

  11. Debra

    GREAT IDEA !! It would be like watching a fight between Mike Tyson the champ(aka Johnny Depp) and that other feminine earring ,skirt wearing, showboater (Jason something). It would be an instant….. knock out….. and Amber would fall flat on the screen face first on a sandy beach somewhere as a cast away… destined to eat seagull manure for lunch…everyday there after! I adore the work that Johnny Depp puts into his acting. I CANNOT IMAGINE
    THE WORLD WITHOUT JOHNNY DEPP PIRATE MOVIES. Johnny Depp stirs up the embers in my old life and inspires me to become active again in show business (at the age of 71) THANKYOU JOHNNY DEPP!

  12. No way. Johnny Depp is so done with her. Thank God

  13. Mo

    No Johnny Depp = NO Pirates. No actor can EVER replace Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow… it’s really simple. 🏴‍☠️

  14. JB

    Jenna Ortega as the daughter of Jack Sparrow would be amazing to see.

  15. Richard

    It is all about sex and drinking. Making a hero who is a drunk.

  16. No Johnny, No Pirates!!!
    Why can’t ANYONE get that through their thick skulls??!?

  17. Angela

    He is not working with his ex-wife That would never happen

  18. Chef

    I agree No Johnny No Pirates. If in other movies the kill off actors to get them off the cast then do the same to her character. Find a double and see ya. Hell they may not have killed Paul Walkers character but they found a way to do what was needed and kept his memory alive. Get rid of her and move on.

  19. Chef Jose

    I agree No Johnny No Pirates. If in other movies the kill off actors to get them off the cast then do the same to her character. Find a double and see ya. Hell they may not have killed Paul Walkers character but they found a way to do what was needed and kept his memory alive. Get rid of her and move on.

  20. yvonne

    I do not believe this post. They may be in the same movie, but I’m sure they will be filmed separately. No way he looks or talks to her again.

  21. Norma

    Pirates will not be the same without Johnny Depp. Dead in the water or boxoffice. No Depp No Pirates in my opinion…. Honestly, he WOULD NEVER BE IN THE DANCE ROOM WITH AMBER!!!

  22. Mike

    No Johnny no pirates dude he made the franchise

    1. I agree 100%

      1. No Depp…no go. Will not be in the collection!!!
        And no way
        Amber Terd is in this movie

    2. Fauthsrain

      I agree!! Johnny is a must have!!! Without him I won’t be watching the movie 🍿!!!

      1. Kat

        Absolutely yes, Johnny Depp… Without him no movie… I won’t be watching without Johnny… Or any movie for that matter with Disney name on it… No way Amber Heard heck no will I watch it with her in it… She try to destroy Johnny… Why would anyone want to give her a chance too start her grap all over again… No I won’t watch or even purchase it… Sorry Johnny, don’t let them do this to you… With that tramp… I’ll never forget the words of her webs of lies…

      2. Brie

        Omg! Fr! If Jonny Depp isn’t in the movie, I’m not watching it! It wouldn’t be the same.

    3. Shemeada J

      Disney just don’t get it. I like Margot Robbie. But not as the new Jack Sparrow female version. It’s just not the same.

  23. Constantine

    Why ,I cant stand her she is toxic😫🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🥳😷

  24. Sarah

    Don’t work with that phyco.did you learn nothing from your relationship with herand the trial?

  25. Robin Cloud Gangle

    No Johnny, No Pirates! Simple.

  26. Rolande

    Me too I will not watch the movie id Johnny Depp is not playing ! I think Amber was toxic and a liar

  27. Jamie

    She’s Disgusting. Can’t they just find a replacement for her?

    1. sandra mccallion

      Please John don’t dò this you’re going to be a fool if you do she destroyed you once she will again

  28. Shelly

    I saw she was in it and now I don’t know if I’ll even watch it. Who made the decision to cast that pycho ? They obviously know their past.come on really. There are thousands of actresses they could have picked from.

  29. Karla

    I will watch for Johnny and the Ortega amber heard she doesn’t fit the pirates franchise bring back Penelope Cruz tho

  30. Derek

    There’s no way Johnny’s that stupid to work with someone who ruined his life for years!!! This is a bullsh_t promo, i will never believe this unless Johnny himself say so!!! NO JOHNNY, NO WATCH!!! There’s no POTC movie without Johnny!!! Get it?!

  31. Jon

    Plug the lemon all you want, it was a waist of money without Johnny and will tank, then the people involved with the lemon need tar and feathered

  32. Melissa

    No way Johnny Depp will be in the same room with Amber heard. No way. He can’t put his eyes on her. That’s what he said in court.

  33. Lisa Page-Schmidt

    Since the very first Pirates movie, I’ve been loyal because of Johnny Depp bringing the character of Captain Jack Sparrow to life. There is NO replacing HIM or introducing a new actor or new character in that series or in that role!!! Especially, most definitely, absolutely, NOT NOT NOT Amber Heard!!!!!

  34. Mb

    I feel the same. No Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. As for Amber, she should be kept as far away from Depp as possible. She is a man-eater and deserves to be blacklisted by all film studios. I do not even like to see her in Aquaman now!


  36. Racheal

    Well,I honestly refuse to watch pirates with put johnny Depp. But no way I am watching anything with that woman in it.

  37. Dei Kimura

    Poisson d’Avril! (April Fool- or, “April fish” in French. It means the same. Mr. Depp is learning French).

  38. Sandra

    John if you do nobody will see this she’s a liar and gold digger you know this look what she did with all her lies about you

  39. Johnny and Amber first met is The Rum Diary and London Fields not Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. The only one’s fault was Gore Verbinski who directed 3 unsensible and complicated Pirates of the Caribbean and making Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth Swann betray Jack Sparrow who left him to the Kraken with his black pearl and should have been curse instead of part 1 especially his blood in her veins better then Bootstrap Bill’s blood in his son’s Will Turner. Verbinski directed Rango and the Lone Ranger he should be fired for not making any sense correctly directing 3 pirate movies against Johnny Depp I thought but he’s not the user of Will & Elizabeth he’s the user of the late Weatherby Swann & late James Norrington. Gore should be in the Judge’s court explaining why isn’t he making any sense like that. That goes for Keira Knightley she’s not focusing her words that are coming right out of her mouth when she’s not using her brain and changing the subject ever since I watched her women aid’s domestic violence 2009 she keeps playing dumb games.

  40. Johnno

    If any of you read the story you would know that Amber Heard being in the movie was made up by a fan!!! It’s NOT in any way a possibility!!!

  41. look johnny depp is good guy im also actor kid here im playing baldi in the baldis basics movie but its dont metter of amber heard did this she hate him after what he have done to her back in 2016

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