Government Leak Reveals Massive 230,000-Foot Roller Coaster Plans Coming to Disney Park

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Left: aerial view of a Disney park entrance with a Mickey Mouse floral arrangement inside Shanghai Disneyland. Right: a young woman laughing joyfully on a roller coaster.

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A leaked government document has just revealed a pretty big roller coaster is coming to a Disney park soon, with an official announcement coming in about one week.

A nighttime scene of a large, illuminated Disney castle with blue and purple lights, surrounded by small buildings. Fireworks explode above the castle, casting a glow in the night sky inside Shanghai Disneyland.
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A Disney Leak: Shanghai Disneyland to Receive 5.6 Acre Roller Coaster as Building Permits Reveal Excitement

Shanghai Disneyland, spanning 963 acres, is a prominent theme park in Shanghai, China, marking its grand opening on June 16, 2016. Recognized as the most extensive Magic Kingdom globally and the most expansive international resort under the Walt Disney banner, the park constitutes a pivotal component of the Shanghai Disney Resort.

Operated jointly by Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and the Shanghai Shendi Group, it represents a collaborative effort to deliver magical experiences to visitors worldwide. As of March 10, 2024, Shanghai Disney Resort has unveiled plans for a significant expansion, including enhancements to the theme park and a new 400-room hotel.

Furthermore, the resort has disclosed preliminary construction designs for an upcoming theme park area, marking an exciting phase of development and growth for the popular destination. A new permit file has leaked online and showcases a giant roller coaster that is planned to come to the park soon.

Colorful, whimsical street in Shanghai Disneyland, styled like Zootopia with vibrant buildings, quirky sculptures, and playful architectural elements. Bright sky and empty path suggest a lively yet serene setting.
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BREAKING: According to the permits filed by Shanghai Disneyland, we have learned some new info regarding the ROLLER COASTER project planned for this park: 1. This expansion will utilize 5.26 acres of land 2. An official announcement from Disney is expected to come on May 2

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According to @themeparkhoizons on X, a new permit has been filed by the Disney park in Shanghai and appears to show a 21,307 square metered (229346.64 square-foot) roller coaster planned for the theme park soon. If speculations can be made, it seems that the coaster is coming to a location close to the “Crazy Animal City area,” which, based on this information, could mean the newly built Zootopia land that arrived in December of 2023.

Two Zootopia character figures resembling a fox and a rabbit, dressed as police officers, are displayed with themed props and luggage in a dimly lit, colorful setting at Shanghai Disneyland.
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The new roller coaster is expected to take over around 6 acres of land, which is pretty big in terms of coasters, making this news exciting for fans and lovers of Shanghai Disneyland. This new roller coaster will offer visitors thrilling experiences and further enhance the overall entertainment value of Shanghai Disneyland.

“Zootopia,” also called the City of Zootopia, debuts as a captivating themed land within Shanghai Disneyland, welcoming visitors since its grand opening on December 20, 2023. Situated within the enchanting confines of the Shanghai Disney Resort, this meticulously crafted area boasts immersive theming and cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unparalleled experience.

The strategic placement of the land holds significance in its narrative, aligning seamlessly with Shanghai Disney’s overarching ethos of “Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese,” thus contributing to the locale’s distinctive ambiance and meticulous design.

What are your thoughts on this new Shanghai Disneyland roller coaster coming soon to the theme park?

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