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Disney World's Green Monorail pulling into a station inside Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Christopher Johnson

    I’m very disheartened to hear of the end of the WDW monorail. I understand completely the issues of repair parts not being available, but for me the monorail is one of, if not the, top attractions of Disney properties.
    Though I am not planning any upcoming visits to FL for political reasons, losing the monorail means one less reason to visit even if saner minds come into power again.

    1. SBrengard

      That’s okay. Florida does not want you or people that think like you. Keep away.

      1. fosfog

        Treat people with respect Steven, you do not speak for the state of Florida.

      2. nfos

        Treat people with respect Steven, you do not speak for the state of Florida.

        1. Donna

          I think that it’s aweful there won’t be a monorail in Disney. I really hope they make something else like train or something. I was born and raised in Florida and I remember going to Disney when they first opened. Very sad😞😞


        I am a fifth generation Floridan, are you? I love having the tourist here even with the traffic. No state tax, low sales tax, great weather. I have an idea, if you do not want them here, why don’t you leave?

        1. Your moms titz

          I farted

      4. Chris

        Imagine being such a lowlife that you have to spew hate on an article about the monorail? That must be a sorry existance.

        1. Who TF asked you?

      5. Angela

        No one wants to visit your dusty ass anyway

      6. No one asked your dusty ass

    2. Robert

      I can’t wait to go to Florida to enjoy those political views.

      1. Donald J Trump

        You are not Welcome here in the GREAT state of florida, Robert. Sad!

    3. A.K. McNeil

      Please stay away!!!! Liberals are like a virus. They show up, and destroy the area’s health…….

      1. Please come!!! Conservatives are like a fungal rot. They don’t really do anything other than slowly create decay and death…….

      2. Stop the liberal bullshit
        Not everything is political

    4. Nicholas Reale

      Oh please stop with the political commentary. Please don’t visit Florida go visit California so you can get robbed and watch the stores being robbed as an extra activity to your vacation.

    5. Lesco Brandon

      Let’s Go Brandon

    6. Marston Gould

      You can always visit Seattle. We still have ours!

  2. Dr. Joseph Costa

    Well turn the monrail into old time train cars for passengers to ride so parts are never an issue and us the existing track to fit the train cars to match to rail system now used. could set up train system to run between all the Disney properties as well as Disney hotels and have a main hub that can link air port to Disney property into a system that will resolve many of the issues currently having with traveling and ways to get from parks to parking and potential links to hotels and air port resolved it made into a train system that can resolve all the issues and also make the roads less traveled if using train system and in parks can use old fashion type cars for the nastalgia and for links to airport and hotels to parks being high speed trains to keep roads clear of much of the traffic and can add cars to carry more people at heavy times of traffic flow.


    I am sure by time it’s comes to that ,the shutting down the monorail system won’t be necessary and a replacement will be discovered.
    Like it has already been stated the monorail system is a vital to the parks and it’s just a great way to get around.

  4. Tom Mariner

    A HUGE mistake!!!!!!

    I have been going to WDW, staying in all three hotels in the magic circle. That ride is better than any in the parks — it IS WDW.

  5. Rroe

    The Disney Monorail system is an Iconic Symbol of Disney. Even when parts are worn and need to be replaced, there not rocket science and Disney needs to come up with a maintenance system. After all, Steam trains and there parts are no longer used, but Disney still operates the train system. Can’t just scrap something because of parts. These parts can be duplicated by any machinist.

  6. Mark

    To say Disney management is horrible us an understatement. The only ride Bob Iger enjoys are Fleece the Tourists and How Low can Bob go when it come to park upkeep and refurbishment. Many people come to Disney parks because they have wonderful memories as kids and the quality of the experience was next to none. Current Disney does not care about this. The parks are profitable and the proceeds are used to pad exex pockets and fund the rest of the company which is mismanaged and losing money. Disney list its way as one of the greatest businesses ever when Bob started buying anything and everything and turned it woke to make a run as US President. Bob failed at his presidential run now he is failing at managing and fixing what he broke. Disney needs a major management haul and that did not happen so the company and customers will continue to suffer. When customers suffer so does revenue profit and market sharee. This is Universals golden opportunity and they are seizing it.

  7. Eagle4life69

    The fact that no one seems to have read that this is the Monorail System in Vegas and not the one in Florida.

  8. Allen

    This is for the Las Vegas Tram. Florida and California Trams are not being closed.

    When you open your mouth and show off your IQ, it better be high enough to realize when its wrong. If you think you’re right and others are telling you otherwise, you chose poorly.

  9. Crystal

    Last time I was at wdw it broke down at the end of the night when park was closing. The lines were super long and that made the ferry line ridiculously super long. This was after I told my wife that the monorail is better and more modern than the ferry. We needed to get back to the hotel also because we were leaving the next morning and still had to pack. It seems to break down a lot. I’m just wondering why wed engineering can’t make parts.

  10. Hmmm...

    I don’t see an actual source in the article confirming that Disney’s monorails will be shutting down, just an assertion that it will be difficult to find replacement parts for them indefinitely which is true for any rare product. But is there any proof that Disney will not attempt to contract with a fabricator to acquire the needed parts, and will instead shut down all of their monorails?

  11. Matt

    Ok but is it gone forever or just shutting down for a replacement? Cuz Disney land has like like 7 updates while Florida has 2 I think? Either build a new one or go through a 3rd party like you did with the skyway cuz magic kingdom is kinda land locked so your going to have all these ppl taking a boat to magic kingdom from the parking lot and then your taking a huge incentive to stay at any of the hotels right there next to magic kingdom.

  12. Danny B

    Did some of you even read the story?? It’s about the Monorail system in Las Vegas. The WDW Monorail system is going nowhere, and parts are easily made by the MAPO machine shop, even with it being in the hands of Garner Holt.. who would never think of dismantling the Disney Monorail system.

  13. Andy

    Disney just spent millions of dollars replacing the monorail station at the Polynesian Resort and are adding a DVC tower there too as well as at the Grand Floridian. If they were planning on dismantling it, do you really think they would have made that huge investment?

  14. BigDragon

    I love the monorail, but retiring it makes sense if the plans to put a 5th gate where Magic Kingdom’s parking lot is are serious. I’ve heard parking garages would be built by the Contemporary, Bay Lake, Polynesian, and to replace the TTC. North of the TTC would be another resort. The monorail tracks are in the way of all of this. I think the tradeoff is worth it.

  15. Be sure to read the article. The monorail that is being dismantled is the one in Las Vegas.

  16. Website User

    I just recently talked to the company and they said that the monorail is here to stay and they have no plans to get rid of the monorail.

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