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  1. They needed real activities, not staring at a tablet. They needed a pool deck with an outter space ceiling with dome. They needed rotational dining. They needed clubs. Childrens activity programs. They didn’t try hard enough to bring the success of the Disney Cruise Line to the Star Wars universe. Enough said!

    1. Tracy

      This tells me you did not go on the StarCruiser, because if you did, you would know that you were not “staring at a tablet”. You would know that there were dozens of missions (aka “activities”, intense interactions with characters, cast and crew, entertainment and so much to do that you could hardly even sleep. A pool is laughable. There was not time for clubs – you were fully immersed and engaged with other passengers and in the storyline. Children loved it and were never bored. There were constant activities. I went three times, once with children, and it was the best experience ever. The problem was it was not marketed correctly, not given enough time and then there are people like you who spread completely false information about what it was. Those of us who got to go were thoroughly enchanted and changed forever.

      1. Ryan J

        Weird flex throwing in that you went 3 times. This place was marketed for people like you that have way more money then they know what to do with. I make pretty good money, but for 40 hrs for the cost of 5-7 day vacation anywhere else is asking a lot. I love star wars but this was marketed for kids and new comers to the SW universe that like the Sequels. I like them ,but dont love them. I think marketing wise they made 4 mistakes. 1. They let too many influencers in and let them record way too much content. Some of the influencers pretty much recorded the whole thing and then talked at detail about the things they didnt record. This goes into point two. 2. They needed to do a rotation of diifferent scripted stories. Prequel and Original with slight variations of each story line. It would have brought in more people that would want to do all variations and also give original trilogy fans something. 3. Needed to be longer. I think one more day at the low end. 2 more days at the max. It averaged only 40 hrs you were there. Needed a downtime day mixed in there and then the space pool and club idea the guy above would have fit in. The time to cost ratio just doesnt sit right with people. 4. Roleplaying needed to mandatory. It was marketed as a larping experience, but nothing breaks immersion more then dude in a Hawaiian shirt, dad shorts, and sandles. Saw plenty of those on the influencer videos. If you got the money to afford this experience. You can afford to make a outfit that would fit in the SW universe.

  2. Pocho

    Failure: Based on Sequel Trilogy. You are better of going on a Disney Cruise than going to the any of the USA parks. Enough Said.

    1. I loved the concept artwork for this experience. The problem was the imagineers were not allowed to turn the concept into reality. Things had a plastic feeling.
      The price was too high for what you got. So priced it out of most fans affordability. The price for the experience three adults can drive from the UK to Europa park with 5 days in hotel and park tickets, then drive to Disneyland Paris, 6 nights stay in Disney hotel and park tickets along with ferry costs. Food, drinks, tolls and souvenirs of course are on top of that.
      Having a variety of different adventures would keep the whole experience fresh the same way star tours was upgraded to have multiple different starts and parts too it.
      Also it should be compulsory to be in character while aboard ship. With the option to hire costumes for a nominal fee say $25 per day.

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