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Ron DeSantis speaking at a podium, with the united states flag.

Credit: DeSantis


  1. K.E.

    De Satan and his cronies have destroyed our beautiful state and should be pushed out of governance or leadership in any form. LEAVE our state we have had enough.

    1. Balinda

      I agree. DeSantis is a horrible example for the State of Florida. Ron is a hypocrite. I hate that we are stuck with him until 2026
      We need to vote as many of these people out of office as possible in 2024!
      Vote BLUE

      1. Ron Sampson

        I believe Ron Desantis has done an excellent job in Florida a lot of democratic states wish he was there to end the chaos across the country, he is NOT responsible for the actions of others. We’re glad he’s here in Florida to protect the people from exuberant amounts of refugees.

    2. Em

      Agreeable! The disgraceful disaster should’ve been removed a long time ago!

  2. Judy Lins

    These are his people and he hired them. It all falls back on him. The are self righteous and they want to preach to the rest of us as well as our children by removing books from Florida’s schools. While they act moral less themselves.

  3. Wokey Dwarf

    So much for traditional family values. Go red, you’re dead.

  4. Well for Disney sake, they can wait for the DeSantis to lose the governorship in 2026 and dissolve his shady Reedy Creek anchor on Disney Properties, as it has been running without issues for 50 years.
    New blood to take over the reigns and help the state of Florida, instead of the dictator type of leadership.

    1. Em

      Truth be told! 2026 will make Florida blue. 💙

      1. Paddie O'Furniture

        LOLOLOL! Time to step away from the bong.

        1. Jennie

          The governor is a big baby that threw a fit. He & his cronies preach morals, then don’t live by what they preach. Just go away.

      2. Sandra Price

        I hope someone will look into the bill he signed to keep his job. He tailored made that law because he knew he would fail in running for president. I just believe that Florida citizens should not pay DeSantan while he seeks other employment. I believe that Mr and Mr taxpayers citizens of Florida should decide if they want to pay him to find other employment. I’m out of the state and will remain out until November. Other wise I would be getting a partitions to have him removed him from office.

  5. Ibuddy66

    Can’t stand DeSantis. He’s literally Delores Umbridge. The man is unstable, hateful, and could care less about a single Floridian. He only cares about himself. Anyone who thinks he cares about your interests is sadly mistaken. I remember when politicians used to be in it for their country. Not anymore. It’s all about them now. Enough is enough. End Citizens United and get rid of their dark money.

    1. C. Novak


  6. Carol corbitt

    No one even mentioned his close relationship with Matt Gates, his main advisor after his election. Hii is a sex scandal continues to be investigated by Congress. DeSantis was also close to Ukrainian American Parnus who has criminal charges regarding Ukraine

  7. CH

    DeSantis needs to go
    He is destroying our state.

  8. Bjcase

    DeSantis is a scurge to our state. His temperament and values are wrong . He surrounds himself with low value people while raising the bar for citizens removing as many freedoms as possible.
    Now the taxpayers get to pay for his apology to Disney. He brakes the state constuition by spending funds to kidnap people without approval . Closed his eyes to Matt gates criminal actions .
    Wants no civilian oversite for law enforcement .
    Not a citizens kind of guy .

  9. GJC

    The buck stops where?
    DeSantis takes no responsibility for anything negative in Florida.He will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. He wants nothing to tarnish his high heel cowboy boots.

    1. John

      He is a Trump Mini Me in every way

  10. Nancy


  11. Robert

    As someone who was born in Glorida but now lives under N.J.’s King Murphy, I envy Florida. In New York state by comparison, an illegal immigrants squatter can take your home if you go on vacation, and it takes on average 22 months to get it back. The squatter can wreck the interior, run up high heating and a/c bills, and force the real owner to pay the squatter to go. Thank God that DeSantis signed a law protecting Floridians from nightmares like that.

  12. Sharon

    The Governor is trying to help our Party, but he is not checking the back grounds of those he appoints. Sex scandal Moms for Liberty Chairwoman. Fire her now.

  13. Julie

    Jennifer Pippin MFL Chapter Chair Indian River County. Go check out the MFL induan River public FB page. Her hate hurt DeSantis in Indian River County!

  14. Christine

    DeSantis is a bully and a moron. not to mention a dictator. Anyone who goes after the largest business in the state that brings in more revenue and employees The most people is an idiot. his banning books and requiring the state to only use one math book that he’s approved. He’s excluded many people from our diverse population here in Florida. His hiring of this conspiracy, theorist, Surgeon General and lax on gun control has done nothing but hurt Floridians. Leave

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